To all Washington State Senators:
We are well aware that a close election shines a penetrating light on the election process that is full of warts, inconsistencies, outright fraud and vote manipulation.  King County, containing not only a huge percentage of the state population, but also a hot bed of liberal Democrats, uses their large percentage to sway elections the way they want them to go by whatever means, usually Democrat.  After all, our grand and glorious U. S. Representative, one Jim (Baghdad) McDermott, won 80% of the vote in the 7th District, against a very viable candidate.  That's just how liberal most of Seattle and urban King County is.  Mr. McDermott is an absolute embarrasement to Washington State and should be impeached for traitorouos actions in Iraq and criminal acts regarding illegal possession of private and privileged communications and their release to the media for political gain.
This same, out-of-control County (the City of Seattle really) gave us their interpretation of your Growth Management Act (GMA) by giving the rural landowner the proverbial ordinance shaft by passing the draconian Critical Area Ordinance (CAO).   Now rural landowners are mad-as-hell and are going to defeat the CAO, one way or another, or simply ignore it all together.  I know Democrat voters who have turned into Republicans, over this one issue alone.
What most of you don't know is that a war is brewing by, real, constitutional republic Americans and we are tired and angry over being pushed around by liberal Democrats, and their give-away liberal, social-environmental policies.  Christine Gregoire is just one more of these polticians that will use our tax money to buy votes with "pig trough" give-away schemes, Seattle being just one big giant pig trough.  Well pigs at the government trough should have no right to vote for politicians that will keep their mouths deep in that trough, at the expense of the taxpayer.
In fact, the only true, fair and equitable way to resolve this very close gubenatorial election is to hold another full, state-wide election, in spite of the $4 Million cost.  We urge every single Senator to call for such an election even though we know full well no Democrat will do so.  For you see, government is all about raw political power, it is hardly ever about principle, as the following image reflects.  The picture contains our first and current president, the King County executive and the Democrat Council member that aided and abetted environmental lobbyists in passing the CAO.  We can't thank you Democrat legislators enough for what you have done to the landowners of this state by passing and strengthening the GMA.  You all must be proud. 
But have no fear.  Your confiscation of our property by ordinance is coming to an end.  Washington's clone to Oregon's Ballot Measure 37 will go on the ballot next November.  Then environmental protection will be driven backward 30 years and none to soon for most of us.  Perhaps once again, the Constitution will then become the Supreme Law of the Land, as was designed by the framers of this once great country.
Ron Ewart
Fall City, WA
425 222-9482