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From: Frank M Penwell
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Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2012 9:32 PM
Subject: FW: AG Opinion Regarding wetland scientists - Request for formal AGO: Wetlands identification

Hi All,

                The below request is of high importance for protecting property rights, and I am in hopes that many of you can send in a written comment, and that you will encourage engineers that you know to send in  written comments.

                 As I am not an engineer, I am going to send in a few stories of those who have paid dearly due to sub standard wetland delineations.

Thanks for your support and help,



From: Ed Kilduff [mailto:ed.kilduff@me.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2012 11:23 AM
To: Dave Onkels; Jon Simpson; Mike Carlson; Frank M Penwell; Rick Forschler; Preston Drew
Cc: Steve Neugebauer; Belluomini Steve
Subject: Fwd: AG Opinion Regarding wetland scientists - Request for formal AGO: Wetlands identification


Hi Dave, John, Rick, Frank, Mike, Preston ... need your help (again) on the wetlands stuff.


You may or may no know, but an important question has been submitted to the AG regarding who can do wetlands delineations.  Unfortunately, it is meeting resistance from (of all people) engineers.  It looks like some wetland-scientist-friendly engineers may be leading engineer opposition.


If there is anything you can do to counter the objections of some engineers, I would very much appreciate it.  If you know any engineers who would speak in favor of what we are trying to do ... please ask them to help.  But YOUR voice is important too.  I feel it is important for the AG's office to hear from people concerned about science, individual rights, business, and property.  Please send your own comments to the AG directly.  Address your email to Jeffrey Even, the Deputy Solicitor General.  Time is critical.




~ Thanks, Ed K.


THIS IS WHAT YOU CAN SAY  (if you are looking for something to say) - 


"Wetlands are waters of the US, and hydrogeology is the study of the waters of the earth, including their occurrence and distribution.  Therefore, wetland delineation is the practice of hydrogeology.  Having this work done by licensed individuals is good for individual rights, for science, for property owners, and for business.  Also, it's the law."


Thanks again ... and please forward.  We need everyone's help (again).