To all Washington State property rights supporters;


Incorrect classification of wetlands and other critical areas annually costs property owners millions of dollars.  Even though state law requires that wetlands determinations be done by licensed geologists, it has become accepted practice in most quarters to allow people with as little as 72 hours of training to perform reviews.  As a result we now have a system that regularly produces incorrect determinations by people with little accountability.  State law needs to be enforced to end this situation!


This Tuesday the Geologist Licensing Board will meet and has this issue on its agenda.  We need people to attend to impress on the Board that it needs to take measures to help enforce the law.  Please consider attending to voice this concern.


Geologist Licensing Board Meeting

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

South Puget Sound Community Center

Hawks Prairie Center

Room 118

1401 Marvin Rd. NE

Olympia WA



Jeff Wright


Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights

Mobile: 425-503-6456