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To: Frank M Penwell
Subject: Global to National to Local Park Takings


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To: Frank M Penwell

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Hi All,

                We just had a Coordination meeting with the BLM in San Juan County, regarding a possible National Monument/Conservation designation.  Some answers we got from the BLM in that meeting do not fit with what we have heard from others.  Does anyone have documents (or testimonials from others) or other information that show what has happened to private property near National Monuments / National Conservation  areas?   For example, we have been told that private property owners that own land on the Olympic Peninsula near Crescent Lake cannot sell  or will their land to anyone but a blood relative, but we do not have any facts or testimony to substantiate that claim?  I would like to gather facts of what has happened in other National Monument/Conservation areas before our next Coordination meeting at the end of May.