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Sent: Thursday, October 07, 2010 9:25 AM
Subject: Alert - your property rights at risk

Dear fellow patriots in Thurston County and across the State,

I am sending this to all because you will have to deal with this in your area.  Watch for words like "Critical Areas Ordinance" ... "Growth Management" ... "Sustainable Development" ... "Smart Growth"  which are all part of something called Agenda 21 (a.k.a. Sustainable Development.)  Agenda 21 was unveiled in 1992 during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development commonly know as the Rio Earth Summit and it threatens your property rights.  See www.freedomadvocates.org for more info.

A friend forwarded the following information to me a few days ago and I think is important for us to show up.  Much of what I do for a living has to do with regulations.  Believe me, this is serious business.  Because of "Critical Areas" and similar administrative rules many homeowners have LOST THE USE OF MOST OF THEIR PROPERTY!  Each new batch of regulations they pass comes with more and more restrictions.

How bad it it?  I have one customer (I design septic systems) who cannot use 90% of his property (about 5 acres) because of such restrictive rules.  He was told all he could do is walk across the property - no more.  Another homeowner was told he couldn't even stand on parts of his own property!  Customers tell met that bureaucrats are saying things like "You just think you own your property, but the government owns your property."  I've got lots of horror stories, but suffice it to say these issues are real and they effect you.  When your neighbor looses his property rights, you loose yours as well.

Don't think this effects you or your kids?  Think again.  It has been documented that a State Agency wants to prevent you from rebuilding your home should it burn down if your home is within 200 feet of a shoreline.  Their STATED GOAL is to REMOVE EXISTING HOMES from the shoreline by attrition (by preventing rebuilding).  Whether or not this sort of outrage can be avoided is entirely up to you and whether or not you get involved.

Yours truly, Ken Morse OTP organizer 360-923-1080
Here is the info - please show up at one of these meetings, listen and ask the tough questions...

          You probably are aware (or maybe not) but the county has finished its rewrite of the critical area ordinance.  You may recall a few years back when this thing reared its ugly head - 700 people showed up at the public hearing at the fairgrounds forcing the planning department back to the drawing table.
           At the time they had increased setbacks to 200' from water and even had a provision that said if you remodeled or rebuilt (like after a fire) a home currently on water, you had to conform to the new setbacks. Don't know how folks would qualify for homeowners insurance under those rules but heck, what do the planners care.
            I haven't read the new rules but have been told they are very similar.  The thing we need now is people to show up at the hearings so they know that people care.  The hearing dates/locations are below.
       Thursday, October 7 from 5-9 pm at the Thurston County Fairgrounds
       Tuesday, October 12 from 5-9 pm at the Rainier Sportsman Club
       Monday, October 18 from 5-9 pm at the Thurston County Courthouse