To:     NARLO Members, Rural landowners, Government Types, Interested Parties and the News Media
From: Ron Ewart, President, National Association of Rural Landowners
FOR:  All recipients, but especially those in King County and Washington State

There are five (5) axioms facing rural landowners all across America today.
1.    Protecting the environment at any and all costs to you has become the norm with government and radical environmental groups, even if such protection directly violates constitutional safeguards.
2.    The more laws government passes to protect the environment on the backs of rural landowners, without due process or fair-market compensation, the more rural landowners will become lawbreakers.
3.    The more rural lawbreakers there are, the more government will move to create a police state to enforce environmental protection laws.
4.    The more laws the government creates and the increase in enforcement to assure compliance with those laws, (read police state) the more employees the government will hire and the more of your tax money they will spend, to make sure you follow their laws, even if those laws are patently unconstitutional.
5.    You are funding your own enslavement with your tax dollars!
Case in point.  The King County Executive (a Democrat) and the seven (7) Democrats on the previous 13-member King County Council, drove a draconian land use ordinance down our collective rural throats on October 26, 2004.  It was entitled the Critical Areas Ordinance, or CAO and it reeked of radical environmentalism, even though the County said it was mandated to pass it to comply with Washington State's Growth Management Act (GMA), a lie.  It was so overreaching, so dictatorial, that rural landowners started to ignore it wholesale.  Buildings were being built, trees were being cut down, ditches were being dug and land was being cleared without permits and the practice is growing.  Those that are caught become victims of overt and abusive government enforcement actions.  This rebellious action by rural landowners was perfectly predictable.  Squeeze someone hard enough (especially a rural American) and they rebel.  But what if government really squeezes too hard?  What wail rural landowners do then?  We know what they would have done 100 years ago.
In any event, sensing that this draconian law (CAO) was not being strictly adhered to by normally law-abiding citizens, the King County Council inserted in their state legislative agenda for 2007 to lobby the legislature for a new law that would allow "civil" search warrants.  Please note that this new law would be in direct violation of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  But even though these politicians swear on oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the state in which they reside, they immediately start to violate that solemn oath the minute they sit down on their official politician's chair.  Our Founding Fathers would have called such action treason and seditious.
What this new "civil" search warrant law means to the rural landowner, is if you exclude a code enforcement officer from entering your property on grounds of trespass (which you have every constitutional right to do) to search for and trump up environmental code violations, the government can go to a judge and get a "civil" search warrant to come on your property and enforce land use code, real or imagined.  There will be no trial, you will not be able to face your accusers, you will be found guilty and you will pay the price they levy.   If you don't capitulate, they then elevate the offense to "criminal".
Under U. S. and State Constitutions, a search warrant can only be granted for a "criminal" offense and search warrants aren't permitted for "civil" offenses.   But to make sure that you comply with their radical environmental protection laws, they will violate their oath of office and turn the Constitutions on their heads.  Because in today's world, environmental law trumps constitutional law.
We just informed you in recent messages of two egregious Bills (HB 1355 and HB 1087 out of thousands they are considering) that your legislature, your so-called elected representatives, are about to perpetrate on you, their enslaved constituents.  For those of you getting this message that are not in Washington State, in every state and local government across this land, this same type of usurpation of your rights is taking place, while you do nothing.
So folks, you either rebel and fight back against this unconstitutional travesty, or you just might as well assume the Islamic praying position and let them shove their laws right up your exposed posterior.  Because if you don't fight back, well then you deserve everything you are getting.
All around you the "enemy" lurks and they are stealing your rights, confiscating your land and using your tax money against you in violation of our constitutions.  They are doing it under the "color" of law, without constitutional authority.  Perhaps we have become a nation of masochists and we like being "flogged", or in more colloquial terms, being "reamed".
Freedom or enslavement?  It's your choice.  Freedom requires sacrifice, enslavement requires that you do absolutely nothing.  The shackles are already in place.  You just can't feel them yet, but you will.  Some already have and they have paid a severe price.  Soon it will be your turn because with the millions of laws your government has passed and continues to pass, you are bound to have violated one or more of them.  And make no mistake, when they find out, in the government's distorted eyes, you will be found GUILTY as charged.
The more laws the politicians pass, the more they will turn innocent citizens into law breakers. 
Our country is based on the rule of law.  If the rule of law breaks down because government has passed too many laws, chaos ensues.  Baghdad is an all-too-graphic example of extreme chaos.  Our government has divided us up and conquered us.  Soon we will be attacking each other instead of the enemy that has enslaved us, just like in Baghdad.
Ron Ewart, President
P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027
425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848
(Fax No. 425 222-4743)

The National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) is a non-profit corporation, duly licensed in the State of Washington.  It was formed in response to draconian land use ordinances that were passed by King County in Washington State (Seattle) in the late Fall of 2004, after vociferous opposition from rural landowners.  NARLO's mission is to begin the long process of restoring, preserving and protecting Constitutional property rights and returning this country to a Constitutional Republic.  Government has done a great job of dividing us up into little battle groups where we are essentially impotent at a national level.  We will change all that with the noisy voices and the vast wealth tied up in the land of the American rural landowner.  The land is our power, if we will just use that power, before we lose it.  We welcome donations and volunteers who believe as we do, that government abuses against rural landowners have gone on for far too long and a day of reckoning is at hand.  To learn more, visit our website at
President Roosevelt, in his 1933 inaugural address said, “…. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.  I maintain that the only thing we have to fear is unbridled government.  The only way unbridled government can exist is if WE THE PEOPLE allow it.  Unfortunately, we have