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Subject: Fort Discovery - New Videos Uploaded!

Dear family, friends, citizens and business associates:


Jeffco101 Major Topic During Public Comment at BOCC


Bill Miller ask BOCC to Consider Stopping Public Comment


                   Watch Bill Miller Video - Bill Miller - Stopping Public Comment


PDN Reports Dalzell Won't Seek Re-election...

                        Read PDN article - Jefferson County prosecutor not running for a fourth term


First, Fischbach, then HE Berteig, Now Dalzell, Who's Next...SSNW may be contagious


Other News:


        Jeffco101 takes #1 spot when searching on Google for Jefferson County Washington 959 videos uploaded, 27,691 videos watched by concerned citizen!

        DOE to hold Public Comment tonight on 150' proposed shoreline set-backs (see below)

        SSNW hearing moved to May 10, due to criminal case, Jefferson County attempting to hold SSNW to 19 employees and restricting law enforcement officers from shooting at its gun ranges...does Jefferson County regulate who can shoot at the Jefferson County Sportsmen Club?

        Need ammunition?  SSNW is an approved Winchester dealer info@ssnwhq.com  "SSNW helping citizens shoot more for less"

        Interested in learning how to do Public Records Request?  Contact Jeffco101 at Jeffco101@yahoo.com


Whats going on in Jefferson County?  Watch Jeffco101 and find out. 


New Videos Uploaded:


        April 19, 2010, Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners - Public Comment (click on link below)

Tom Thiersch - County Contracting

Jim Fritz - Port Townsend Wildlife vs. Old Growth Forest

Larry Carter - Grants

Joe D'Amico - Jeffco101/George Yount/Business Licenses

George Yount - Jeffco101/Joe D'Amico

Mike Belenski - Jeffco101/George Yount

Jim Tracy - Jeffco101/George Yount - Video of the Week!

Bill Miller - Stopping Public Comment


Upcoming Meetings/Events:


          April 20, 2010, Dept. of Ecology (DOE) SMP Public Hearing, 1700, Open House, 1900 (7pm) Public Comment,  Fort Worden    Commons;          Cant attend the hearing?
Send written comments to Mr. Jeffree Stewart, Regional Planner for DOE Email: jeff.stewart@ecy.wa.gov

            April 21, 2010, Board Budget Committee Meeting, 1st Floor Conf. Room, 0830 hrs, Jefferson County Courthouse 


          April 26, 2010, 0900 hrs, Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) Meeting; View the Agenda


0901   - Public Comment                    (up to 30 minutes);

            - Commissioners Briefing       (time and duration indeterminate);

            - Regular Agenda                    (time and duration indeterminate);

            - Recess to lunch;

1330   - County Administrator Briefing (duration indeterminate).


          May 28, 2010, Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts, Port Angeles;

          August 14, 2010, Fort Discovery Picnic, 1200 hrs, USN SAR Helicopter, 56th US Army Band, Airlift NW, USN EOD Bangor, US Border Patrol, SSNW ATFP Boat, Jefferson County Fire           District #5, Clallam County Fire Dist #3, Jefferson County Sheriff's Department and Costco. 


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Joe D'Amico, Editor