Book Review: The Constitution That Never Was by Ralph Boryszewski

    Ralph Boryszewski is an old curmudgeon. He is also an old cop. He
sounds to me like the type of cop that was once called a *peace officer,*
rather than *law enforcement officer.* His examination of the
Constitution, as the CONstruction of the title might indicate to you, is
rather unconventional. And, to my view, right on target. In his opinion,
the body of the Constitution is a con job perpetrated on the American
    It is Mr. Boryszewski's opinion that the Constitution is null and
void on its face, and has never had a shred of authority, from its
inception by a rogue convention to the massive abuses carried out under
its auspices today. To begin with, Mr. Boryszewski doesn't like lawyers--
and I am being gentle. Ralph isn't. To the best of my knowledge, the only
lawyer to escape his wrath is Lysander Spooner, who is about as far
removed from *lawyerism* as any lawyer I have ever heard of. You may be
more familiar with Mr. Spooner for his reputation as an *anarchist.*
    You are probably aware that the Constitutional Convention was
heavily dominated by lawyers, and was adamantly opposed to ANY inclusion
of a Bill of Rights, particularly one introducing the document and thus
shackling the demon-child being birthed-- central, *federal* government.
The Bill of Rights which was eventually *appended* to the Constitution is
composed of *articles.* These articles, as Ralph points out, don't AMEND
any portion of the body of the Constitution. The closest they come is to
RESTRICT congress in their ability to pass laws by declaring the rights
of the OWNERS of the country, the people.
    Ralph points out that the Constitution is an agreement among the
states; the Bill of Rights is a statement OF THE PEOPLE, setting ground
rules for behavior of the federal government AND the states which formed.
it. It is his assertion that the Bill of Rights is separate and complete
within itself, NOT A PART OF the Constitution at all. He asserts that the
Constitution is inferior to the Bill of Rights, and if you examine
closely our present situation, it would certainly appear from their
actions that the oaths taken by our elected officials and judges and *law
enforcement officers* to uphold and defend the Constitution certainly
excludes the provisions and limitations upon government set forth in the
Bill of Rights.
    Ralph asserts that lawyers planned it this way; he asserts that
there is NO separation of powers, since lawyers, who owe fealty to the
courts, wrote it; lawyers served in the legislatures which approved it;
lawyers serve in the legislatures, state and federal, which write laws
under its *authority.* He points out that U.S. Attorneys, and the
Attorney General, are sworn to the courts. Therefore, the bar
associations, the trade union for the lawyers, are actually in control of
the judicial, the legislative, and the executive branches of government.
Thus, there is NO separation of powers.
    He points out that under the *rules of the courts,* all
indictments must be signed by a U.S. Attorney, thus removing any
possibility of the people exercising their control upon the courts, or
for that matter upon the legislative or the executive branches. He points
out that other *rules* have been implemented which attempt to enforce the
judge's interpretation of *the law* upon juries, thus usurping their
authority and DUTY to judge the facts and the law in determining
    Ralph points out that there is no provision in the Constitution
for an oath to be taken by congresscritters, and an *unsworn*
congresscritter is only a pretender, completely without authority to
legislate. This was noted much earlier in history. In fact, it was noted
by the FIRST congress convening under the *authority* of the
    The response was to legislate, to pass a bill, defining an oath
to allow them to take their office and function. This pseudo-legislation
was duly signed by *the father of our country,* George Washington. Then,
while the Bill of Rights was still *under construction,* other bills were
voted upon and passed by this congress of no authority (made up largely
of lawyers) which allowed the courts to set up a structure which made a
mockery of the notion that the people WERE the country, the OWNERS, and
    The ills and corruption of our nation is apparent to the most
casual observer. The cure is simple-- grand and petit (trial) juries,
made up of *we, the people,* need only to be aware of, and to assert
their inherent authority. However, these juries are so filtered that the
few people who are aware of their sovereignty, and thus their authority,
and thus their power are excluded.
    It only takes the knowledge, and then the assertion, of our
rightful authority to return this nation to a proper course. This
requires courage as well as knowledge. I am sad to say that our people
are sadly lacking in both.
    I have only barely skimmed some of the contents of this fine
work. I strongly urge you to contact Ralph Boryszewski at The Foundation
for Rights, P.O. Box 17699, Rochester, New York, 14617, to obtain a copy
of this truly revolutionary and eye-opening book for yourself. It is
published by the author, and a contribution to cover the cost of the
book(s) is certainly in order. Do it today. The nation you will save
through the information contained in this book IS YOUR OWN!

William Michael Kemp