INTRODUCTION: John Quade is a well-known actor. He appeared in more than 120 feature films, television shows, including Roots, many others which you may remember... The Sting. And John uses his talents to communicate to audiences in real-life dramas. Give a real hand of applause if you will to John Quade; so good to have him at Preparedness Expo.


Thank you. Good evening ... good evening to the resident-alien-subject-slaves. Queen Hillary and her co-queen Billary send greetings from Clintonia. Turn out the lights, the new Camelot has arrived.

I've often wondered what does it feel like to be raped? You know, I've seen Hollywood's idea of it; but, ... and I've even ... you know for money ... done that once or twice myself: But I don't mean in that sense. I'm talking about being raped where it counts the most ; intellectually, and spiritually, and in your property, in your person, in your children, and in everything you think you own. There's been a great deal of confusion in recent years concerning what the nature of the American system is. It always bothered me when I, you know, I'd here these yayhoos, you know, come out and talk about democracy and all these kinds of things and I'm not the brightest man in the world, alright, but I never pledged allegiance to any democracy: And I never understood what they were talking about. Because when I read the philosophers- Montesque, Rousseau, Voltaire, the enlightenment thinkers; when I read Plato, and Aristotle; when I read all of these great minds and everything I see that they nowhere discuss democracy in any sense that we know it today. And so when I begin to look at the current state of what we call the United States of America and compare it to democracy; I see no resemblence to what democracy really is because democracy is vox populi vox dei ... the will of the people is god ... right? Fifty one people vote on a question, out of a hundred, it's law. Now they can change their mind the next day, and vote the other way, and that becomes just as valid a law as it was the first day. In the kind of democracy I see, on Monday it's illegal to murder ..., on Tuesday there's extenuating circumstances of course, now well on Wednesday there could be some ... you see there's some psychological problems here because of the upbringing, on Thursday the victim is accused of the crime, and on Friday it becomes legal to murder. Now that's what I see as a modern democracy, but then again that doesn't have anything to do with politics. Now if anybody in this room is not confused by this time as to what I'm talking about, then you come up here and make this speech, because everyone is supposed to be confused at this point. Because speaking out of both sides of our mouth is the classical modern way of the politicians; when they talk about Constitutional rights, they mean none of the rights given to us in the blood, sweat, and tears of the fathers when they gave us the Constitution. They mean none of those rights; they mean 14th Amendment privileges that can be given or taken away. Now wait a minute ... rights, priviliges ... what's the difference? Very simply, rights come from God, priviliges come from man; choose this day whom you will serve. Choose this day under what kind of system you would prefer to live. Most people today when they talk about rights, they mean it really in the terms of the right to ..."sue that turkey for everything he's got. I mean he ran over my brand new patent leather shoes." Well that's a crime ... "I'm gonna sue that turkey for everything" ...of course the attorney ends up with it all you see. And then the guy comes back after he's gone through this long process, and he says ..."my rights have been violated by the attorney except that I can't sue him." Well you idiot, you sign a contract with an attorney and you're automatically declared non compes mentis - and he says ..."non what?". I said non ... uh ...

uh ... not mentally competent. And he says ... "what? ... well my rights have been taken away again!". Do you really know what your rights are? Do you know the difference between rights and priviliges? Does anybody really know in America today and are these worth fighting for much less dying for? Well, let's put it this way; the fathers of our country understood the distinction. And we're supposed to stand on their shoulders. If they felt that it was worth dying for, then perhaps we ought to reevaluate our current stance. A guy was asking me the other night - a very good of mine who's been the battle with me for quite a while now - he said, "John, why don't we have any great leaders anymore?". Because we don't deserve them! Lord Bishop Cranmer said in the thirteenth century, "It takes a strong people to maintain a good society. Only a weak people can begat an evil society." Lord Bishop Cranmer's voice from the grave then stands as an indictment against every single one of us today. And everyone's talking about rights when in reality there's no person that I know of in this room who has any ... at least not according to the Constitution. You may have 14th Amendment rights, but those are all priviliges granted by Congress. A privilige is something that can be granted and taken away at the whim of the grantor see? Now how many citizens do we have here in the place now? [voice from the audience] - " What kind?". Oh I love that ... you twit ...shut up this is my speech. [laughter from audience]. I'm supposed to make that distinction alright! Well now he's blown it, he's got the cat out of the bag. I know coming to a perparedness expo I should have known there might be at least one or two of them here. No what this dude back here in the back is talking about is really very simple. When I came out and said good evening and greetings to the resident-alien-subject-slaves I didn't intend it to be humorous; because in point of fact at law you have no standing as a Citizen of a State, and you have certainly no standing at law as a Citizen of the united States. And you say, "but how can that be?". The answer's really very simple, if you have a contract with any form of civil government it's an adhesion contract in which you give up by implication all Constitutional protections. You change your status, give up your rights and accept priviliges which the politician can give and take away from you. I had a friend of mine the other day got burned by the IRS, and he says"... John, what was I gonna do ... what was I gonna do man these guys are beating down my door, they're threatening me and everything else and just you know and my lawyer said obey - do what they tell me ... that's the only way I can get out of it". I said what privilige or benefit or immunity were you drawing that gave the IRS some kind of jurisdiction. And he said "... I don't know what you're talking about!". Then I said then you deserve to pay. And he said, "alright you explain it to me". And I said - you got a Social Security Card in your pocket? And he said, "yeah everybody does". I don't. And he says, "you don't?". And I said - no ... I'm not going to take any benefit, privilige, or opportunity from the government. And he says, "You mean federal government." And I said - no the state government, or the federal government, or the county or the city government: Only if you do that do they have jurisdiction; only if you do that do you give up your rights and accept in swap for priviliges. And he says, "Yeah, right, I suppose you ain't got no driver's license neither." I said wait a minute ... as a matter of fact ... I don't. And he says, "Wait a minute, wait a hold it, wait a hold it"; and he jumps up off the couch and goes running outside and runs out to my truck ... my van, you know, and he squats down behind it and he says, "You ain't got no license plates on your truck John!". I said-really? ... I didn't know that! And he run up to the driver's side of the truck and he looks in, you know, looking for the sun visor- he's gonna pull it down you see because that's where the registration's supposed to be, see, is up there on the sun visor. And he looks in there ... and he "... John didn't ... your vehicle ... it's not registered?". And I said - no I have quiet title on all of my property; I'm a Citizen at law: The God of scripture is my authority. And he says, "Aw come on John, don't mix any of this ... religion ... in law." And I said look let me explain something to you. I said now this is gonna get a little philosophical and I know you're a public school graduate of two years at UCLA - [laughter from audience] no comment - two years at UCLA - and ... and thus there's a certain degree of intellectual ... well to be more genteel about it - he suffers from advanced epistimelogical myopia. But anyway ... I may explain that to you later ... I love it ... but anyway he said ... he said , "What are you trying to tell me John?" And I said - what I'm trying to tell you partner is that you've opted for benefits, priviliges, and opportunities instead of rights that come from God: And that all law is religious. The only difference between systems of law is the gods of the dominant religion wherin the law originated. Thus, any change in law is an expressed or implied change in religion. All thoughts religious. All thought creates its own system of law. And if it's illegal to murder on Monday and legal on Friday, then obviously we've got some kind of relativism here that kind of changes and shifts with... fluid with the time, you know, and everything else ... but there's no fixed standard. So why even talk about law? Why even talk about rights? Well I don't know why anyone else talks about law and rights and the Constitution, but I can give you my reasons: Because of guys like Randy Weaver. Because of friends of mine ... came back in a body bag from Nam ... and never understood why they died. Because of those at Iwo Jima, the Ardennes Forest, the charge up San Juan Hill, at Getteysburg, and Valley Forge, and Plymouth Rock. This is the heritage and the tradition that we have been given; and in it was law - the law of God. And we gave it up and sold our birthright for a mess of pottage: And if it continues, our children are not only already resident-alien-subject-slaves, they will all grovel and have their property arbitrarily taken at the whim of any two-bit petty bureaucrat who can't decide which wrist he wants to inflect with; who can't decide which young child out there he wants as his personal plaything for a week or two. I had a friend of mine one time got very hostile because he said, "John you're talking about imposing religion and Christianity in law. You're supposed to render unto Ceasar those things that are Ceasar's and the things that are God's to God." And I said you're a little confused my friend because in this system we are Ceasar! The people are the supreme law of the land! Governments exist by consent of the governed, and by the power of God they will stay there and Bill Clinton and his queen will inflict their judgements upon us because we deserve them. Has anybody ever turned over a voter's registration card and actually read the back of it? What does it say? You must be a resident of the United States. Do you know what United States they're talking about? Do you know what resident means? Do you know what domicile means and how it applies in oppositon to resident? A resident of the United States ... people ... is someone who signed a Social Security agreement, gotten their driver's license, and then by registering to vote has pledged their property for the error of politicians. In other words, they place a lien on your physical person and all your property when you go down to register to vote, but then we've got to do our public duty. Now I don't know how many of you knew that or not, but the bottom line again is accept any benefit, privilige, or opportunity and you lose your rights and then accept priviliges when you enter into your adhesion contracts - call it Social Security - which apparantly Americans would rather have than the security of God's providence. Guys get all over my case because I don't have a driver's license. They say, "John suppose everybody runs around without a driver's license." I said fine, they'd own property for a change. "What do you mean ... I own property ... my car's paid for out there; I own that!" I said really? Well bring your title over here ... I want ... and let me look at it; I want to see somebody that really owns a car. So he brings his title over to me, you know, and he brings this pretty little pink thing over and lays it there on the table and says ... "there it is". Ah Bob ... ah ... this is pink first ... ah ... it's not a legal document. And I said across the top of it...what does it say? "Certificate of title." Certificate of title ... Bob ... is not the title. The title to your car, when you first bought it new, you voluntarily gave up your title when the automobile dealer said, "We'll be glad to ... right here ... just sign right here ... and we'll take care of all the paperwork of registering your property with the state ... right there ... just a little small fee." And what you just did was you signed away title to your car ... to the state ... which the state holds as surety for your compliance to the motor vehicle code. Isn't it nice? Huh? Isn't it lovely? And he said, "Wait a minute; you mean to tell me I worked for five years to pay for that damned station wagon out there and you're telling me I don't own it?" Well ... um ... I'll tell you what; you got about a half hour? Go in here and sit down and read these court decisions and the statutes. Well, people like that only learn the hard way ... you see?. Like the gentleman I was talking to out on the convention floor out here who's been battling the IRS for years ... IRS liens for years. He doesn't realize that he gave up his property, and apparantly the pain level is not high enough that he's willing to take some kind of drastic action like revoking his Social Security card. Now, are rights really worth dying for? Can anyone answer that question? [voice from the audience] - "Sure!"... [another voice] - "Yes!"... [another voice] - "Yes!". Are they worth dying for? [another voice]- "They're worth it ...yes!". Is there that much uncertainity in the crowd? In the audience? No ... I mean ... you know ... when Henry stands in the house of Burgesses and he says, "I know not what course other men may take, but as for me give me liberty or give me death."; he's merely paraphrasing the scriptures in which Joshua says, "Do as you will, but as for me and my house we will follow the Lord." Well again we're right back in religion again! Well that's where we get our rights from people ... is from God. It's not a premise, it's not a theory, it's not a hypothesis - it's an actual, provable, historical fact. And I couldn't care less what the university professors are going to tell you, I couldn't care less what the politicians are going to tell you, if you're willing to go back and spend a little bit of time ... look at the original sources ... you'll find out for yourself that 64 percent of the Constitution is either reasoned directly from statements made in Deuteronomy or from commentaries on the book of Deuteronomy. That was proven in the seven year study done by the University of Houston done almost ten years ago. They couldn't believe it. Couldn't believe it ...15,284 sources! You know I mean... I've had friends of mine talk all the time about how ... "You know, God had a hand in the Constitution." But you say how and in what way? "Well, you know the founding fathers were Christians." But how and in what way? What's the connection between the bible and the Constitution? The connection is the common law. "The common law?... hah! yeah John ... that's where ... that's where a man and a woman kind of ... you know they like ... live together a little bit without the benefit of the preacher having said words over them ... right?" No, common law marriage is a marriage at law in which you sought no benefits, priviliges, or opportunities from the state. Common law marriages ... all marriages in this country down to the later ... latter 1880's early 1900's were common law marriages ... pastor still said the words, but the pastor issued a certificate of marriage - not a marriage license. No, marriage licenses only came in when people of different races wanted to marry. Now, what is the significance? Roberts vs. Roberts, a United States Supreme Court decision, will tell you that when you go down and apply for a marriage license the state becomes a third party to your marriage. And that my friends is why the state can come in and take your children, take your property, can adjudicate in the matters of your divorce in event that such a thing happens; because you voluntarily signed it away. You got a license from men. And you gave up the right to a conjugal relationship at law. Now that doesn't make any sense to me; why would anybody in their right mind do anything like that? Clearly we're not in our right minds are we? Everything's got to have a license attached to it, and that means every time you get a license you lose a right. And you do it voluntarily; unknowingly maybe, but you do it voluntarily. And that's the fundamental problem, utter and total ignorance of what's going on in the process; and we're ignorant in the second place because we're ignorant of scripture in the first place. And now I'm going to burn a few people's ears, because I spent 20 years of my life reading and studying the scriptures. And I spent over $80,000 in buying source materials. I've got 7,000 titles in my library, and I don't have any fiction in my library. And the Lord gave me the privilige of studying over 18 years. And I finally came around to a knowledge and a realization that the common law is biblical law applied; and I say that only because I can establish beyond question that the common law itself was derived from the applications of canon and biblical law by the Christain churches in England in the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th centuries. That's where the common law comes from. Because Christians had the ... the uncommon temerity to actually want to live the way the bible told them to. That's where the common law came from. That same law is the law they brought to this country. The Constitution, people, in case any of you are confused ... or university professors ... the Constitution of the united States is an instrument of common law procedure. "But I thought common law was just ..." Get out of here. [laughter from audience]. Alexis de Toqueville in Democracy in America, he comes to this country in the 1830's ... you know ... to do some studying ... research for the French judicial and prison system. And he's traveling all over the colonies and he goes out west and everything else ... and you can ... and you read his narrative in ... in Democracy in America ... and at one point in the book he said, "I nowhere see the federal power. For in America, all men are self-governing." He says, "I can go into the most remote cabin in the smokey mountains of Kentucky"... and he says ..."if I find nothing else on the fireplace, I find a copy of the King James Bible and the collected works of William Shakespeare; and all Americans are fluent in both; and all men above the age of eighteen are lawyers." You see in America you couldn't plead ignorance of the law as no excuse because you had a copy of it on the mantlepiece ... it was called the bible. But today's Christain, you start talking about law and actually living according to God's law ... you know. The first thing you hear is what? "Oh legalism John, you got to be careful man - that's heap bad stuff." Well first of all they don't understand the definition of legalism; which is the belief that you can have salvation by works and that not of grace or faith, and secondly they don't understand the fact that our whole history is based on men willing to shed blood and die to maintain the sanctity of God's law in opposition to all others. Now, invariably, you confront the modern Christain with the fact that his first law is God's law and he will invariably say ,"We live under grace John, don't you know, we don't live under law." Then will you please have the common decency to admit to me that you are utterly lawless. What are you saying? You have set grace against law. Think people, the opposite of grace is no grace; and you are dead in your sins. The opposite of law is lawlessness. They have set up a false dichotomy; and the Christain churches are preaching this ... filth ... across this country. And they have effectively taken the entire Christain population of this nation and removed them from the battle. How many of you will die tonight? How many? What does it take people? "Oh John don't worry about it ... don't worry about it, the Lord's coming back next Wednesday at 12:15 ... no ... no it's 12:22." I won't debate the point with you people but I will say that that whole system of thought was condemned as a heresy in the second century by men much wiser than me. It was condemned by the great reformers. And that whole system of thought has effectively removed the Christain church from the battle. And the pastors have ... they've compounded their sins by opting for a privilige called tax exemption in a 501C3! Now, do you know what that effectively means? Ecclesiastical jurisdiction is gone people ... it's gone ... you signed it away when you got your 501C3's. Ecclesiastical jurisdiction ... what's that? Do you remember Manual Noriega? Where'd he go hide? Why? Because he knew that the most powerful army in the world would not dare step across the borders of the Ecclesiastical jurisdiction established by the church in which Manuel Noriega hid out. Until 1913, 14, 15, every Christian church in this country had that same power. It's grounds and property were utterly sancrosanct. And you want to know something else? Every member of every church who's names appeared on the roll of that church came under the protection of the Ecclesiastical government and had the same rights, priviliges, and immunities of the church. What did that mean? Well it meant allodial title to property for one thing. Ever heard of allodial title? A ... l ... l ... o ... d ... i ... a ... l? You know what that means? Look it up in Black's Law Dictionary: Allodial Title - property held in one's own absolute right without fees and duties payable to any lord or superior. Does that mean no property taxes? Now, see in England ... people ... only the king could hold allodial title to property. Everyone else paid feudal duties: They had tenure granted by the king which could be given or taken away according on how well you ... supported the king and his program. The Congress ... after the war ... the colonial war and the Constitution, the Congress passed - in one twenty year span - thirteen laws guaranteeing allodial title to every man, woman, and child. Now perhaps you understand why every man's home was his castle in America. Because he had the same perogatives and rights as the king. Now how many people today have the same perogatives and rights? ... lets see all these kings. Ah ... is there anybody here that ... ? Hello serfs. Resident-alien-subjects-slaves-and serfs. You can't get quiet title to your automobile, you can't get allodial title to your land, and you paid all that price people ... including the taxes ... and remember the rule is if you pay taxes on it you don't own it ... somebody else does. You're paying all of this out and you wonder why and how is it going to end ... when is it going to? The government isn't going to voluntarily give back anything! Hans says in a 1947 court decision, "You must be a belligerent claimant in person to assert your Constitutional rights or you have none." There isn't a man, woman, or child in this room who if he doesn't assert ... excuse me .... assert his rights ... uh ... do you honestly expect the court to help you maintain the law? Why should they? There aren't any courts of law. You heard me right; there isn't any court of law left in the United States. Why? Because the United States is in bankruptcy and receivership; it's under martial law and vice admiralty and thus, every court in the United States is an administrative tribunal under admiralty, martial law, commerce, bankruptcy, and receivership. And thus we don't have anyone to blame but ourselves. And the conservatives, with their intellectual stupidity, who are always concerned with seizing the moment - seizing the agenda ... and everything else have since 1868 utterly botched the job of even understanding where's history's going. I think some of the guys have probably already talked about what happened with the 14th Amendment. I'm going to rehash it just a minute before I close. The 14th Amendment of these united States was passed in 1868; it was the first civil rights act. Now, of course, in order to get it onto the floor of the senate, they had to unconstitutionally unseat several senators. And all of this is a matter of public record. It's not my opinion, you can read the Congressional Record where it's all been rehashed. You can read court decisions where it's been rehashed and everything else. They go through it. Everybody knows that the 14th Amendment was unconstitutionally passed, and that all of the southern states were held under gunpoint to gurarantee their signatures ... the signature of their legislators. You see, the entire 14th Amendment was a fraud - perpetrated at gunpoint on the American people. Now the historians, and the boys out there in Hollywood ... and the girls ... I guess ... too ... ah ... and other various individuals in the media - will all tell us that the 14th Amendment gave citizenship to black people, and the American dream is now possible for them. Biggest damned lie that ever came down the pike. Because what the 14th Amendment did ... it gave citizenship not as a right, but as a privilige to non-whites. Read Title 42 section 1981 sometime. Go to your local library and pull it down and read it; you'll get the whole story in there. And all these liberals, neo-Marxists, left-wing, and pseudo-compassionate conservatives who are so concerned about the rights of minorities in this country are liars. They are vipers, they are theives, robbers, and rapists of the worst sort. Because what the Congress could have done in 1868 was very simply said the rights, priviliges, and immunities of the common law shall not be denied to any person on account of race. But then if they had done that, they would have given black people and every other minority in this country Citizenship as a right of birth and not a privilige. Now why is it important? Because in American law only priviliges can be taxed! Rights cannot be taxed; only priviliges, benefits, or opportunities can be taxed. Hundreds of court cases to substantiate that. The only trick for the Congress was ..."okay, lets see ... we've got all the ... ah ... negroids, and we've got all of the orientals, and some of these South Sea island tribes, and we've got the indians taken care of ... how do we get them whites out there man?" "That's the next thing we got to do ... get the whites." "Get the whites to do what?" "To voluntarily give up their rights, that's what." Because they can't take them away from you. "Ah ... piece of cake ... piece of cake ... the problem's all taken care of." "Let's see, the United States government owes it and every American is entitled to Social Security ... everyone is entitled to Social Security." "And it isn't going to cost you that much, one percent ... percent and a half maybe ... two percent." It wasn't the fact that it only cost you one and a half or two percent, and the fact that you deserve or don't deserve Social Security wasn't the problem; it was a contract, people, ... a contract. And as soon as the white people in this country signed their lives, liberties, and properties over to the federal government, through the 1938 Social Security Tax Act, it was over and done with. The new world order had already arrived, it had all the power it needed. It had all the legislative history it needed, and it had the full cooperation of the American people. It was already here. Because you would not have this man known as Jesus Christ to rule over you; you preferred the providence of a politician to the law of God. And as to whether anyone here will step outside the hall here tonight, or whether in here he would pledge his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor; that's not a question I can ask. And it's not a demand I can make of anyone. As to whether liberty is worth dying for, I'm not sure there are enough Americans that are committed ... or even understand what it is. But I know what happened at Lexington and Concorde. And they apparantly believed that it was worth it. Because Hancock and Adams sneak into the home of Jonas Clark, the night before the British came down the road through Lexington to Concorde to seize the arms and powder there, and they snuck into pastor Clark's house because they wanted a couple of questions answered: "Will they stand; do they know their Christian duty?" You see the theology of John Knox was very well taught in America, and pastor Clark affirmed to the fact that they all knew their John Knox. And Knox very simply said, "No Christian can engage in aggressive warfare: The only kind of warfare in which a Christian can engage in is defense of a just cause, and then only after his blood has been shed." Pastor Clark assured them that they understood Knox fully. The next morning, the British come marching down the road to Concorde. And the 70-odd men stood there on the green at Lexington. And the history books don't often tell you this, but it was the green in front of the Lexington Congregational Church. And the commander of the grenadiers ordered them to disperse and they did not. And they all stood there with their weapons at ease. Three times he ordered them to disperse. Then he ordered his men to assume the position; and they cut them down. Our fathers then returned one volley, and retired from the field. And to this day, the historians don't understand why that happened. I have never seen a Hollywood portrayal of that event that can tell you why it happened. For all of us who know our Christian history, it happened very simply because they preferred to die for the rights of God than the priviliges of men, but they had to first voluntarily shed their blood and allow their lives to be taken. So they stood their on the green at Lexington and they wet it with their blood; and gave up their life. And a woman standing by pastor Clark as he watched from across the road, when the British had done their deed and marched on down the road she ran up to the pastor and she grabbed his sleeve and tore it off. And she says, "There Jonas Clark, are you satisfied with what your preaching has done?" And he looked at her and he only had one answer, "Aye madam ... I am not sorry; for on this day the world will mark the birth of liberty." Where are the men of today with the mettle of Jonas Clark? As a friend of mine asked me, "Where are the leaders?". And I had to tell him because we don't deserve them. We don't deserve them because we don't have the steel in our backbone. And we may call ourselves patriots, call ourselves Christians, and call ourselves a lot of other things. But by our fruits are we known. Profession is worthless. James says, "Show me your works, and then I will say you have faith." We in America have been blessed more than any other nation on the face of this planet. To whom much is given, much is required. Every man, woman, and child in this country bears the responsibility for the blood of the infants and the elderly; for the property that has been seized, for the destruction of human life through drugs. We all bear the same responsibility. And unless we are willing ... unless we are willing to choose which God we are going to serve and serve him faithfully, then we deserve every possible evil and corruption that could possibly befall a nation. Christians you are going to have to stand up and accept responsibility. You're going to have to be self-governing men who are willing to say, "To God's law and no further." Christian wives, you are going to have to stand beside the man. Support him wherein he leads to Jesus Christ, gently resist him where he does not; and remind him. You're going to have to bring up your children in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord specifically in terms of law. By what standard will you govern your lives? If it won't be God's law, by whose? That's our calling. That is what we must do; we must go back to the law. David says in the Psalms, "How I love the law." He goes through this whole dissertation and ends it by saying, "How I love the law." And no one today do I hear saying that. I don't hear anyone singing Onward Christian Soldiers anymore. And we used to sing that song because we were a church on the march ... against which the gates of hell shall not prevail. The bottom line is, people, that we will either voluntarily repent of our sins, come back to God's law; or we shall be condemned out of our mouths to suffer the fate of all those who have gone before us and didn't change. You see? And you look at the decline of the American system and wonder where it went. And to restore it, you needn't look no further than the scriptures that God has given us. And remember, you either stand or fall. You either ... are either the Christian and the patriot, worthy of carrying the burden - or you are worthless, you're chaff, you're tares. And it doesn't take a lot of men. It didn't take Gideon very many men, and it won't take us a lot of men. Because there's plenty of people out there today who are standing in the gap. Remember people, we didn't have any military in 1742 when the French fleet set out to raze the colony, but we went into the streets in sackcloth and ashes; and we fasted and prayed, and God delivers ... delivered us. And he will do so again if we repent, seek his face and pray, and cling to the law.

I thank you all very much for allowing me to come here tonight.