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Subject: Common Law, Foreclosure, IRS and more.  Learn the LAW
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If you have an interest in learning how to use the LAW, not legalese, this seminar is fore you.  Bring pencils notebooks and recorders.  You will be learning how to fill out necessary forms and documents and to protect yourself from the legalese we are being smothered with.  This is a learning and hands-on class.
We are holding a three day seminar here in Lakewood, Colorado over May 23, 24, and 25.  For more information go to  and find out more about it.  This is more than foreclosure and to see more of what will be taught go to an English site,   This is called  “It’s An Illusion” with John Harris.  What is happening here is exactly the same in Britain and in every country that used to be Free.

We have a better chance of helping ourselves when we know the difference between Law and legal.  No comparison.  I believe there is a way to even unseat the unlawful judges that are incarcerating so many people for nothing but more money.  Perhaps you can make this seminar but either way, would you please pass this down your mailing list?   Seating is limited to 120 and reservations need to be made quickly.  All information is listed on the Pandora’s Box site.
Postal money orders, leaving the Pay to line blank, need to be sent to:
R.R Pheigh
1612-2nd Ave, SW #172
Cullman, Alabama 35055
Patricia Butler
275 Garrison Street
Lakewood, Colorado 80226





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