Basics are:

1. Government (Senators; Congressmen; Governors, etc. in the loop) have promoted budget reports to the public and budget reports primarily show where tax income is taken and then applied. Also a budget report is designed around a one year projection. With government doing this they have created the impression they survive off of tax income. And yes the state treasurer and legislators know this more or less based on their degree of involvement with the investment funds and enterprise operations.

2. The true accounting is the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report). The CAFR shows gross income for the whole picture. Tax; investment; and enterprise. Additionally it is not showing "for the year" but the end result of decades of growth. When a CAFR is completely digested in many cases a local government is bringing in more each year from investment income then tax income. Keep in mind what taxation is, it is a revenue source just as investment and enterprise income is also.

3. There has been an organized blackout by government; the syndicated media; education and both political parties over the last 65 years NOT to mention the CAFR and to only mention the selectively created budget reports due to the money and power behind the wealth shown in the CAFRs. Substantial wealth that has allowed for the systematic takeover by investment of the banks; insurance companies; fortune 500 companies, ect., done a little bit by little bit each year over decades to where collective government has more ownership and wealth generation than Russia ever dreamed about in the 30's and 40's. Keep in mind the reason you have a void in your comprehension per this issue over your lifetime is due to the maintained blackout orchestrated due to the money involved. You were not meant to know. If the public knew this was going on they would have stopped it 50 years ago. But being that the orchestration was so effective collective government HAS taken it all over by investment and the blackout continues.

4. What I bring forward per the TRF (Tax  Retirement Funds) is that just in like as a government pension fund pays a salary and benefits at retirement TRF funds can be established to pay (replacement revenue source for taxation)  any local government's expenses and thus taxation can be phased out and eliminated.This will not be easy being that the collective power base established by government acting as a "corporate" fine tuned watch at this time through their takeover of it all over the last century makes the Roman empire look like kids selling lemonade on the street corner in comparison. Also being run by attorneys doting the "I's" and crossing the "T's" to walk with massive cash now and at the same time locking in the productivity value of the next seven generations as the public is masterfully entertained in La -La land for distraction value designed to maintain the void in comprehension for the public not to have a cognitive thought as to the basics I brought forward above and done so again DUE TO THE MONEY AND CONTROL INVOLVED.

The above are the four points that are as simplistic and clear as I can make it.

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From:  "Cathy"
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Date:  Wed, December 1, 2010 1:11 pm
To:  "Walter Burien" <>

I find your website VERY interesting and not sure I understand it clearly.  I want to share the info, but not until I understand it myself. 
How would you challange state legislators on the issue?  Shouldn't they know this information?  Would the state treasurer know this? 



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