Sent: Saturday, May 10, 2008 4:28 PM
Subject: Environmentalism Causing Food Shortages

Environmentalism Causing Food Shortages, and Death Globally
"Most environmentalists now insist that producing ethanol is worse, not better for the environment"
NBC News recently reported what Rush Limbaugh and many others have been saying for some time now: The push for biofuels — in particular, ethanol — is a major factor in higher food prices. These high prices hurt not only Americans, but consumers worldwide, and they are also helping to cause food shortages around the world.

This year roughly one-forth of the U.S. corn crop will go to make biofuels. Next year? As much as one-third will go for fuel, not food.

The impact is huge. Corn, is part because of other government subsidy and regulation, has become an ever-bigger part of the food supply. When prices go up, it’s trouble — especially for the poor.

But it’s worse than that. Ethanol is a big scam. Tough talk? No, just the facts, ma’am. Ethanol has been sold as a way to energy independence, as environmentally friendly, and as good for our economy. Three strikes.

Ethanol doesn’t have much effect on foreign oil because it initially substitutes for more expensive domestic oil. Moreover, most environmentalists now insist that producing ethanol is worse, not better for the environment.

And ethanol is not good for the economy. If it provided real economic benefits, its use wouldn’t have to be mandated, nor its production subsidized to the tune of $1 a gallon.

Soaking the taxpayers to wreck the environment and to increase hunger — with no gain in energy independence — well that just doesn’t make any sense.
Over past decades many other countries have gotten their grains from the US, but now the U.S. is helping to starve third world countries. How do we feel about aiding death, in place of feeding the hungry, just to run our cars. Is this supposed to make us feel better?
Does our new Green Agenda and our aim for energy independence, now make us the new murderers of the world?
Who is getting rich, while killing the masses off with their wealth? You be the judge and follow the money.
The Global Warming scammers are making themselves wealthy Green Barons. Those that buy into their lies are also part and parcel to the deaths of a million, and maybe many more. How does saving the environment make you feel now?
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Part of this report taken from Paul Jacob's Common Sense.....  Feed a Subsidy, Starve a . . . 
Paul is a fine writer and authors some very good articles at the Sam Adams Alliance.