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Green Energy Folly


Election Day Advice

by Viv Forbes & Helpers

21 August 2013


Keywords: Green energy, wind power, solar power, renewable energy targets, global warming, computer model failures, oceans warming, election advice, how-to-vote, Labor, Greens, LNP, no-carbon-tax-party.


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Green Energy is Part of the Past, not Fuel for the Future

The growing failure of green energy in Europe should warn Australia to abandon bi-partisan policies dictating targets, mandates and subsidies for “green” energy.


I grew up at the end of the last green energy era – solar energy powered our growing crops and dried the washing, but it was weak in winter and ceased under clouds and at night; wind energy pumped water, but only when the wind blew; draft horses powered farm machinery, but they had to be fed whether they were working or not; wood gave us home heating and cooking, but it consumed energy to collect and chop it up; kids walked to school or rode bikes or ponies and ladies took the horse and sulky.


Our only help from carbon energy was kerosene for the kitchen lamp and coke used to smelt and forge the metals for farm tools and machinery.


We also practiced “sustainability” – we purchased little, and most of the farm produce was consumed on the farm by family, farm labourers and draft horses.


We were rescued from this life of sustained labour by carbon energy – a kerosene-powered tractor, a petrol-powered truck, and coal-powered electricity for lighting, heating, cooking, refrigeration, milking machines and pumps. The horses and farm labour were no longer needed and, for once, the farm produced a decent surplus of food for the growing cities.


Wind, solar, wood and muscle power are tools of the past and they work no better now than they did then. Forcing people to use these ancient technologies will just return us to laborious poverty on the farms and hunger in the cities.


Green energy should not be forced on consumers - those who want it should pay for it.


Green energy will eventually be abandoned, but the cost rises for each day’s delay.


For those who would like to read more about the green energy disaster in Europe:





Green Energy Twins are Parasitic Power Producers

The green energy twins, wind and solar, are parasitic power producers. They cannot produce continuous predictable electricity without sucking backup from their hosts - real power plants using coal, gas, nuclear, hydro or geothermal energy.


They start their freeloading life by attaching themselves to an electricity network built and paid for by their hosts. They seldom contribute to the capital or maintenance cost of the transmission network, and they force consumers to subsidise the feed-in price received for their unreliable output.


From day one, the green energy parasites force their hosts to support them with electricity during the frequent periods when they produce no power. At times, in cold still weather, wind farms drain power from the network to keep the turbines from freezing. And in hot weather, solar panel performance is degraded.


All green energy plants in a region tend to produce their peak power at the same time, and then all produce nothing at the same time. This disruptive surging creates serious network instability and forces fluctuating output in backup facilities.


Because of this continuous need for backup, not one unit of real power can be closed. This causes periodic overcapacity in the network. All plants then generate lower revenue and profits and both producers and consumers bear the cost of supporting the parasites.


Problems already loom in Europe where coal, gas and nuclear plants face closure because their revenue stream is weakened by overcapacity and interrupted by solar/wind surges.


Green energy has a low capacity factor, intermittent operation, more access and transmission costs and creates operational inefficiencies in back-up plants. It is a destructive and stunningly expensive way to achieve a miniscule overall reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, even if that were a sensible aim. It is a system designed by delirious politicians not prudent power engineers, and its main achievement is to harvest subsidies not energy.


If all green energy welfare was removed, the parasite power producers would die. And unless it is removed, the hosts and the customers will be continuously weakened.


(For those interested to read of Germany’s emerging power crisis:


Abolish Renewable Energy Targets

Australia’s Renewable Energy Target Scheme is an incredibly bad idea. Coercing and bribing people to waste community savings on unpredictable and unreliable solar and wind electricity should end immediately.


There is nothing smart about trying to run a 21st century industrial society using “green energy” to generate electricity. It is costly, diffuse, intermittent and needs 100% backup capacity.


Solar power excels in growing trees, grass and crops and can be useful for heating water or providing electricity in remote locations providing there is also a back-up diesel generator or a bank of batteries in the shed.


Wind power can also be useful in applications where its capricious performance does not matter, such as pumping water to a tank or storage dam.


The green energy financial disaster developing in Europe shows that Australia should stop promoting green energy to limit further damage to consumers and businesses with soaring electricity costs and declining reliability of supply.


The dismal European green record includes bankrupt companies, spiralling electricity prices, industry closures and relocations, financial crises, unstable power supply, environmental uglification, bird slaughter, property devaluation and . . . increasing coal usage.


We must abolish all renewable energy targets, subsidies, mandates and price support.


People who feel green energy suits their needs or beliefs should remain free to invest in it. But our whole society should not be forced to gamble with something as important as our future energy supply.


Not so bright lights.

So-called “renewable” energy is not clean, renewable, reliable, affordable or sustainable. See more:



Gambling Australia’s future on sunbeams and sea breezes:


“The Oceans Ate my Global Warming”

The global warming alarmists have a growing problem – there is no global warming. They worry about how to explain why their climate models failed to forecast the current plateau in global temperatures


It is some failure.


Of the 73 computer climate models created over the last 34 years, not one has got the temperature forecasts right – every model, in every year, has the forecast for global temperature too high with the errors increasing as the years progress.


So the modellers were forced to invent an excuse – “the heat is hiding in the deep oceans”.


There are problems with this explanation.


Solar radiation heats the land surface. Much of this heat is soon transferred upwards into the atmosphere by conduction, convection and radiation.


Solar radiation also heats the surface of the oceans. But when water is heated, evaporation increases, and that heat is also carried upwards by the rising water vapour, thus taking heat from the oceans.


Moreover, warm water generally floats on top of colder water, so how does hot surface water descend to hide in the deep ocean?


In very special situations, very saline warm water could theoretically be dense enough to sink into cooler fresher water, taking some heat with it. However, extensive measurement of ocean temperatures shows no evidence of this unusual process occurring - always warmer water sits above denser colder water. The cold water sinks and it is relatively warm water which is forced to the surface.


The deep oceans are warmed by geothermal and volcanic heat, but mankind has no influence on their temperature.


“The oceans ate my global warming” is just another attempt to excuse the total failure of every computer model supporting the man-made climate scare.


This spectacular failure shows that the theory that carbon dioxide controls global temperatures is wrong.


More reading:

73 climate models are all wrong:

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Nothing unusual in Ocean heating:




Election Day – “Put every Labor/Green candidate last”.

Two facts stand out as guiding beacons in this election:


  1. It was Labor PM Kevin Rudd, supported by the Greens, who gleefully committed all Australians to the costly, unnecessary and now totally discredited Kyoto Agreement (Dec 2007). And it was Senator Penny Wong, a minister in both Rudd governments, who pushed her costly complex and now discredited Emissions Trading Scheme through the same parliament in 2009.

  2. It was Labor PM Julia Gillard leading a Labor/Green coalition in July 2011 who introduced the now discredited carbon tax.


Therefore the first rule for anyone supporting a return to Carbon Sense is this:


Put every Labor/Green Candidate last.


Three other facts are relevant:


  1. There is only one party in this election totally focussed on the abolition of the whole mess of laws, taxes, subsidies, mandates and grants supporting the whole global warming industry – the No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics Party. Leon Ashby leads that party and is leading their Senate Team in South Australia. Leon has a chance of winning a Senate Seat, so please vote for him in South Australia, and send his party some funds to print election posters. See: https://theclimatescepticsparty.blogspot.com.au/2013/08/the-best-chance-to-remove-greens-from.html

  2. The National Party, particularly Barnaby Joyce and Ron Boswell, have been effective and outspoken critics of most of the global warming tax agenda. Support them.

  3. The Liberal Party has a split personality. Dr Denis Jensen and several others are opposed to the carbon tax industry. But Malcolm Turnbull and Greg Hunt are climate alarmists and would probably be ministers in a new Coalition government. They and other liberals support damaging, wasteful and unnecessary policies such as Renewable Energy Targets and Carbon Capture and Storage. This prevents us from an uncritical endorsement of the LNP. Do not vote for warmist liberals – our Parliament would be better without them.


The Senate ballot paper will be daunting. The easy option is to follow the how-to-vote from the LNP and you will help them, warts and all. At least that should tip the carbon-taxing ALP/Green coalition out of office.


We do not recommend that option. Use the power of the preferential voting system to send a real message to Parliament. Look carefully at all parties and candidates on offer and rank them, starting with number 1, and numbering all squares. Take care – you must number every square for your vote to be valid. Even if your number 1 does not get elected, the votes that go their way will be noted, and your vote will flow onto your number 2, and so on until someone accumulates a winning margin. Your vote is never wasted and never goes to someone you detest.


We have not tried to investigate all candidates or all parties, especially as there are so many new parties. So when you start numbering, stick to those you know to be opposed to the silly war on carbon dioxide, the gas of life. Make sure you do NOT number any ALP/Green candidate before you number all the known climate sceptics AND the LNP. Put all Greens dead last. If none of the good minor candidates get enough votes or preferences to win, at least your vote will not accidentally help a Green to get elected.


Here is our rough ranking of parties whose climate policies we know something about:


1.    OPPOSED TO THE CARBON TAX and THE EMISSIONS TRADING SCHEME and hostile to most of the wasteful climate industry bureaucracy:

No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics Party

LDP – Liberal Democratic Party

DLP – Democratic Labor Party

Family First

One Nation

2.    OPPOSED TO THE CARBON TAX and THE EMISSIONS TRADING SCHEME but supporting some other pet scheme that will benefit their supporters at our expense (like “Direct Action”):

National Party

Liberal Party


3.    NOT SURE of these, but probably hostile to at least some of the carbon tax climate agenda:

Katters Australia Party

Shooters and Fishers

Fishing and Lifestyle
Motoring Enthusiasts

Building Australia

Country Alliance
Australian Christians

4.    PUT ALL THE REST LATER, in whatever order you like, unless you know that their policies on carbon are sensible. Make sure every Green candidate, every climate zealot and every global warming alarmist in every party is at the bottom of your numbered preference list and is sent to the wilderness.


Don’t waste time or energy arguing with dedicated greens or sending them material. They must all be replaced. Throw our Carbon Sense seeds in fertile fields, not in the barren desert.






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