Hello All,

I have excellent news about our legal contract which we had been negotiating up until this week.  Some of the plaintiffs did not want to sign on because although attorney's fees had been waived, the contract stated plaintiffs were responsible for court costs, which in a case like this could go into the hundreds of thousands with experts witnesses, etc.  The law firm has now agreed to not only relieve plaintiffs of attorney fees but ALL fees and costs associated with this suit including expert witnesses, court filing costs, etc.  The contract has been corrected, so this should no longer be a stumbling block with plaintiffs.

If anyone knows of anyone in SoCal Edison territory who has suffered health effects from smart meters or smart grid and would like to be included in this law suit, please have them get in touch with me asap.

Here is some recent coverage from our local news paper, The Topanga Messenger on the recent hearings in Los Angeles on smart meters...