Sunset for the C-Tax?


3 August 2011

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If the Green/Labor Coalition manages to force their carbon dioxide tax upon us, we must insist that it has a Sunset Clause which is triggered by global cooling.


Natural climate change is the way of the world, and warm periods and cold periods will inevitably keep coming. When the next cold period makes fools of the global warming alarmists, Australia should not be saddled forever with the world's biggest tax and trading scam based on hot air. (And in the cold, our struggling plants will need every bit of carbon dioxide plant food in the atmosphere.)


This whole tax extravaganza has nothing to do with "carbon" or "pollution". It is based on the foolish theory that man's production of life-sustaining carbon dioxide will cause dangerous global warming and we need a C-Tax to stop it.


However no one has produced evidence that carbon dioxide has caused any significant warming. What's more, carbon dioxide production is rising strongly but world temperature has been stable for the last 13 years. Right now sea surface temperatures are falling sharply.


"Climate" is generally defined as an average of 30 years of weather. Therefore the C-Tax should be scrapped immediately if the global temperature falls below the 30 year average temperature, indicating the start of global cooling.


As the sun has gone quiet, and Queensland has just had its coldest autumn for at least 60 years, this looks likely to happen soon.




For people interested in checking into whether there is any basis for the above statements see:


For more info on global temperatures (no warming for 13 years) and falling sea surface temperatures see:


To see how the global temperature in May 2011 is the same as it was 30 years ago, in 1981:


And new evidence from NASA satellite data shows that climate models are wildly in error:


Queensland autumn 2011 the coldest for at least 60 years:


The ominously quiet sun:






German Energy Fantasyland


Since the days of the Nazis, a green canker has been growing in the body of German politics. And before most other places in the world, Green coalitions have governed Germany, producing an energy Fantasyland.


The Green stupidities on energy policy are going to bear bitter fruit for German consumers and businesses in the near future.


Naturally the German Greens hate coal, and nationalisation destroyed their coal industry anyway. But at least they had nuclear power and Russian gas.


But Greens hate nuclear power also, so they rejoiced mightily when the Japanese tsunami caused problems in a Japanese nuclear power station. Tens of thousands were killed by the tsunami. To date none have been reported as killed by the crippled nuclear station, but the Greens have launched a worldwide fear campaign which allowed the German Greens to close several nuclear stations and agree to close the rest.


All other Europeans have a domestic source of cheap reliable electricity – for example, coal in Poland, gas in Russia, nuclear in France, hydro in Scandinavia and geothermal in Iceland. Even UK, now fearful of its foolish adventure with wind, has embarked on a crash nuclear program. Denied all of these sensible energy sources, Germany is headed for blackouts in the first severe winter.


German engineers are as good as any in the world, and their Power Network Agency warned recently that Germany faced power shortages NEXT WINTER, unless more reserve power generation capacity was available.


A tiny ray of reality has penetrated Fantasyland and two very un-green decisions were recommended:

·         One mothballed nuclear plant should be restarted.

·         Subsidies should be offered for a crash program to construct new coal and gas power stations.


If the Green fools now controlling Australia manage to close Yallourn and Hazelwood coal fired power stations, we have no feasible nuclear, hydro or geothermal capacity. All we have to keep the lights on will be a crash program to construct gas fired power. Even this effort will be hampered and made much more costly if we insist that each gas plant is forced to carry and mollycoddle a few wind toys as well.


Soon Germany will NOT have the most stupid energy policy in the world.




Reported in CCNet 15/7/2011 from


The Convoys of No Confidence

Something beautiful is unfolding. From all over Australia, people whose businesses and jobs are being driven into the ground by spectacular government mismanagement are gathering to drive from the corners of the continent to converge on Canberra.

Read more –


There are now 11 different convoys going to Canberra; there will be one near you. To keep up to date on how to join see:



No C-Tax - Return to Sender


The Green/Labor Coalition is going to waste $4 million of tax payers' money to send all of us a "Sales Brochure" with propaganda on their C-Tax.


Just take a thick black pen, write "NO C-Tax" across the brochure, put it (or part of it if it is too large) in a new envelope, stick on a stamp and mail it to:

The Honourable Greg Combet, M.P.

Minister for Climate Change
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Please do this.

John Izzard originated this idea and it is spreading like wildfire. Fan the wind and let them reap the whirlwind.


Authorised by Viv Forbes


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