The Convoys are Rolling

Meet them in Canberra for

Two Days of Protest


20 August 2011

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Protest in Canberra against the Carbon Tax,

Demand an Election, Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd August.



The Katherine Times reports on one of the first convoys to hit the road:

Convoy rolls through on way to Canberra


18 Aug, 2011 09:17 AM

A Convoy of more than 100 vehicles - including road trains, campervans and utes - rolled into Katherine last night to show their support for the Convoy of no Confidence, a convoy heading to Canberra to raise a voice against recent government decisions.

Rashida Khan, who led a trail of vehicles from Darwin to Katherine yesterday, said she was on her way to Canberra to speak up for "some of the toughest people" she knows, who "have been pushed to the edge by the decision to ban live export".

The 23-year-old animal nutritionist, who comes from a background of cattle and land management, said she was "stunned" by the support the Convoy of no Confidence had received along the way from Darwin to Katherine.

"Eight road trains followed us out of Noonamah, we had a chopper in the air, freightliners on the road and lots of cars.

"We had grey nomads and people in cars and vans join us along the way, giving us the thumbs up, honk their horns, wave and cheer.

"And we were absolutely overwhelmed to see so many cars and followers turn out in Katherine, with their utes decorated."


We are emerging from the Coldest Period of the last 10,000 years - thank goodness for the modern warming era.


"We live in the coldest period of the last 10.000 years", says  glaciologist, Jørgen Peder Steffensen who takes us back in time to the Greenland ice cores and reveals the secrets from the past. See a short video:





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