The Five Point Plan

to kill the Australian economy

with High Cost Electricity


25 July 2011

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Please Pass On.


Pretend you were determined to embark on a crash program to increase the price of electricity in order to deter consumers and businesses from using it. Here is a five point plan for achieving that sort of destruction:


First, pay millions in compensation to force closure of reliable coal fired power stations producing cheap electricity.


Second, spend millions more in subsidies to bribe promoters to erect forests of imported wind turbines that produce no electricity for 75% of the time. Then pay again to have them switched off when the wind is too strong or if they produce more power than the network needs at that time.


Third, spend more millions to build a spider web of roads and transmission lines to connect every single turbine to the national grid. These costly facilities are only used for 25% of the time.


Fourth, spend yet more millions to build new gas fired backup generators to keep the lights on when the wind stops. Then pay again to switch off the gas any time the wind happens to blow at the right speed for the turbines.


Finally, force any remaining coal or gas power stations to buy carbon ration permits from merchant banks.


Climate will still change no matter how many wind temples we build to the Global Warming god.


When we have pauperised ourselves by wasting our savings to inflict unreliable high cost electricity on our industries and our people, we will have no resources left to cope with the inevitable natural disasters that will still occur.



This five point plan is what passes for rational energy policy from the Green/Labor Coalition now in control of the Australian Parliament.



Plain Talk on the Carbon Tax


Not content with their free publicists in the ABC, the government has now hired the commercial airwaves to try to sell another lemon – their Carbon Tax. Here is the antidote for their poisonous propaganda. Please spread it around:



Taking the Wind out of Wind Energy


For years, it's been an article of faith among advocates of renewables that increased use of wind energy can provide a cost-effective method of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The reality: wind energy's carbon dioxide-cutting benefits are vastly overstated. Furthermore, if wind energy does help reduce carbon emissions, those reductions are too expensive to be used on any kind of scale.

Those are the findings of an exhaustive new study, released by Bentek Energy, a Colorado-based energy analytics firm. Rather than rely on computer models that use theoretical emissions the authors analysed actual emissions data from electric generation plants serving about 110 million customers, or about one-third of the U.S. population. Their conclusion:





"The wind energy business is the electricity sector's equivalent of the corn ethanol scam: it's an over-subsidized industry that depends wholly on taxpayer dollars to remain solvent while providing an inferior product to consumers that does little, if anything, to reduce our need for hydrocarbons or cut carbon dioxide emissions."





The Global Warming Tipping Point?


See how the Global Warming Crisis escalates every month:



The Convoys of No Confidence


This Green Government, assisted by its friends in the ABC, seem determined to destroy Australia's primary industries. The most dramatic recent example was the overnight destruction of the live cattle exports from Northern Australia. They also wage an incessant war on live sheep exports. The most underhand blow was an unremarked clause in the plans revealed on Carbon Sunday which will end all logging in native forests. The most cynical campaign is being orchestrated by the Greens against the natural gas industry. It is mainly the green war on coal and nuclear power that is driving a worldwide boom in gas fired electricity generation – every wind farm will need gas backup, and gas will do the heavy lifting. Greens are also waging a war on our fishermen, and on the development rights of every landowner with a block on the beach. And their carbon tax will hit every road train, tractor, and truck in the land.


Everywhere, real people producing the real things that keep Australia warm and well fed have had enough. One truckie in Northern Territory announced a Convoy of No Confidence to head for Canberra. Within days this has escalated to Eight Convoys of No Confidence.


For info on times and routes see:


"Stick with the Science – it is all Peer Reviewed."


Have a quick look here to see the long list of Scientists supporting the Global Warming Scare:


And for a very balanced presentation on "Why the Global Warming Agenda is Wrong", see




Lord Monckton wins Press Club debate

 He persuaded 9% more Australians to his view that

‘Concerns about Global Warming are exaggerated’


Despite negative publicity surrounding Lord Monckton’s visit to Australia, the results of a special Roy Morgan Reactor test immediately after the Press Club debate show that Lord Monckton won the debate and persuaded a substantial 9% of Australians to his view that ‘Concerns about Global Warming are exaggerated’.




To see the debate click the link below:




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