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For the first time since the Carbon Sense Coalition was formed, we are asking for your help. Please read on.


Viv Forbes



Carbon Sense


Opposing pollution of the atmosphere and the mind. 


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Press On

(but give us some tools)


Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.

Genius will not: unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts.

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

The slogan “Press On” has solved and always will solve

the problems of the human race.

US President Calvin Coolidge


Our Challenge


Some people think that the global warming scam is finished, that the Ration-N-Tax Scheme is dead, and that there is no further threat to our jobs, our economy and our energy supplies. Unfortunately there is no reason to relax. Public opinion has changed but the politicians have not.


Britons recently had a chance to vote on the “Oh so Green” Labour Party of Gordon Brown. They entered the polling booths holding their noses, pleased to get rid of one lot, but with no enthusiasm for the other lot. The “Conservative” Coalition governing Britain is also deep green, and in love with the Climate Change agenda of green taxes, subsidies and mandates.


Over in USA, their Ration-N-Tax Scheme passed the lower house and was rebadged and recently re-presented to a suspicious Senate as “The American Power Act”. And the US Senate has just confirmed the right of their EPA to class carbon dioxide as a pollutant. As in much of the world, politicians are out of step with the public, who have other priorities:



Across the Tasman, Kiwi’s changed governments but got the same carbon demonization policies.


Here in Australia, we can expect Penny Wong’s discredited Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme to be rebadged as something like “The Power Conservation and Clean Energy Bill” (or something equally trendy). It will be supported by the wets in the Liberal Party, but it will still have a heart of carbon taxes and rationing. (Do you want a world where a bureaucrat could turn off your electrical appliances from a switch in his office?)


And the UN? Because it’s wayward offspring, the IPCC, is now tarnished goods, the international jet set need a new vehicle to justify their monthly jaunts at our expense to various hardship locations like Rio, Kyoto, Bali, Copenhagen, Paris and Bonn (travelling on bicycles and sailing ships of course). We can expect things like an “IPCC for Nature”, which will try to impose global government, world taxation, wealth re-distribution and a new international bureaucracy to “protect the natural world”. As polar bears are thriving, the new buzz word may be “bio-diversity”. This will be a WWF/Greenpeace look-alike with one important difference – it will be funded with money conscripted from Western taxpayers.


And everywhere, politicians whose taxation, welfare, health and monetary policies are unsustainable will keep lecturing and commanding us to become “sustainable”.


We can expect little help. The mainstream media, especially the government media, will remain committed to bureaucratism, climatism and doomism. Corporate opposition will be bought off with subsidies or exemptions or cowed into submission by draconian tax threats.


The only persistent, consistent and uncompromising criticism of the whole Global Warming Agenda is coming from a few independent individuals, politicians and groups like the Carbon Sense Coalition.





Some people think our efforts have been worthwhile. Our mail list grows continually. Here is a sample of comments received in the last few months. In the same time we had about 3 hostile or disbelieving comments and just a few messages of “Unsubscribe”.




·         The Australian bureaucracy is doing for the Australian business the same thing which Soviet bureaucracy had done for our business in twenties: it strangled it. Funny - the famous Marxist slogan "Workers of all countries, unite!" was never realized, but then bureaucracies of all countries do unite quite successfully! With many thanks for the excellent article.
R, Saint-Petersburg, Russia






·         Well done Viv your efforts have no doubt contributed to Rudd's back flips on ETS.
KB, Brisbane, Qld










Even the Federal Parliament Has Noticed

In Parliament recently, the Independent MP for Lyne, Mr Rob Oakeshott, was bemoaning the fact that both the Rudd government and the Abbott opposition had gone soft on Emissions Trading and carbon taxes. He complained about:

“the 180-degree flips that have occurred within the last six months that have the community confused”.

He went looking for the reason for the back flips and reported (Hansard 27 May 2010):

“I take this opportunity to raise the issue of the smoking guns that I have seen over the last six months. I smelt a rat in the shift that I saw and what looked to be — to their credit — a very well organised and very well-funded campaign from the likes of Jo Nova and Viv Forbes. There is more going on in those stories than meet the eye and they have seen the two major parties scat on the issue of action on climate change and on an affordable and secure energy supply for our future. The shifts that we have seen from both sides have created an unstable energy market and are a great disappointment. Again, I think there are a whole range of interests other than the national interest at play in the political process in this place that point to further smoking guns.”

Well, Carbon Sense is now officially “very well organised and very well-funded”. We all know that Hansard only reports the truth, which gives us two challenges – “get organised, and get funded”. 


As one of our Kiwi friends (who are also accused of being “well funded”) said recently:

“I would be most grateful if someone in the Coalition could direct me to one of those who are financing the "deniers" - I am in desperate need of some investment!”

It is now three years since, in mid 2007, a small group of Australians decided to form the Carbon Sense Coalition. Just 49 individuals, including representatives from USA, UK, New Zealand and Hong Kong made up the list of founders. No one offered support or financing for our efforts.


Since then we have set up a web site, prepared numerous submissions to government enquiries, written letters and articles, issued media releases, had interviews for newspapers, radio and TV, attended conferences in Brisbane, Melbourne and New York, given telephone evidence to a New Zealand Parliamentary Enquiry in Wellington and appeared before an Australian Senate Enquiry in Rockhampton. Have a look at our web site:


We now have a membership/mail list of over 1500 people, and many of them resend our messages so we have no idea how many people are on our mail lists. This work has been done by a very small group of largely unpaid people.


We have never levied or asked for a membership fee, nor actively sought subscriptions for our newsletters and research, but we have received 43 voluntary donations, mostly one off, in the 3 years of our existence. Unfortunately, none came from Big Oil or Big Coal. Big Gas criticised us, and Big Wind and Big Government both hope we will disappear.


We receive no money from any government body – in fact Carbon Sense Pty Ltd, our operating company, is NOT a tax exempt foundation and is NOT in receipt of any government handouts. It sends money to the government. It is an ordinary private company which pays GST and all regular taxes on all subscriptions received. Nor are we supported by the big corporates – they are too busy currying favour with governments for better deals, exemptions or subsidies. They cannot afford the risk of association with people who keep saying “But the Emperor has no Clothes”.


Unfortunately, this business makes a loss.



So, Who Pays?


Someone always pays. When the bills for internet, web site, printing and computing come in, someone pays. When travel costs are incurred, someone pays. When time is spent on research and writing, other income earning activities are neglected. When time is spent answering hundreds of emails, then someone else has to be hired to help out on other work being neglected. When reference books are needed, someone pays. To date 43 people carried the load, with most of the financial and work burden falling on just seven people.




They say “Freedom is its own reward”.

Unfortunately, Freedom is not free.

Please pay your share.




What Help do we need?


Our main aim is to spread “Carbon Sense”, but most mainstream media are still locked in carbon demonization. So our most helpful supporters are those who act as our private news distribution network. We have no idea how big our network is, but we are continually amazed at its worldwide reach and speed. If everyone grows their contact lists, so will our influence grow.


We also appreciate the small team who act as unpaid editors and reviewers of things we publish.  We also have people who take time to research things. Usually these jobs are done at high speed to tight deadlines. We always appreciate new volunteer editors and researchers.


And of course we appreciate financial support.


The cleanest financing mechanism is via an annual membership subscription for the “Carbon Sense” Newsletter. You decide what our work is worth, and we will accept the verdict. Current plans are to have a once yearly reminder to supporters.  Others may prefer monthly contributions. For donations greater than $100 we will provide a tax receipt if requested. Large or small donations are very welcome but our resources cannot cope with sending regular reminders and receipts for many small donations.


Payments can be by mail to our address below, via the donate button on our web site, or we can provide bank details.

However, we do not want anyone to think we do not want you unless you pay. Remember we are in the business of spreading ideas. All are welcome.

Any support, financial, editing, research or spreading the word, will be greatly appreciated and will encourage our resolve.



Viv Forbes





“Carbon Sense” is a newsletter produced by the Carbon Sense Coalition, an Australian based organisation which opposes waste of resources, opposes pollution, and promotes the rational and sustainable use of carbon energy and carbon food.

Please spread “Carbon Sense” around.

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Literary, financial or other contributions to help our cause are welcomed.


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