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All I know about allodial title is on my site at this page https://www.freedomforallseasons.org/FreedomToOwnLandWithAllodialRights.dwt.asp.  The Banksters, Liewyers and government types have hollowed out the rightful allodial title of all the natural born Americans into Swiss cheese.  The few who can thread their property to a homestead patent and bring it forward have a higher standing than those who don't in some cases like Rails To Trails takings. 
However, I tell anyone who thinks they can fight it out in the corrupt court system in America to take their money and go to Vegas or Reno or their closest Indian casino where the odds are better they may win.
Nobody can take your land by taking your land patent if you own the land.  Conversely a land patent is worthless if you have conveyed or your property is liened or entangled or held by the banks or government via tax liens, et al.  Very few people have  land which threads to homestead land patent. However any government type or nongovernment group can take anyone's land if they have more money and suing power than you.  The courts have no high standards to decide law, that has been mutated out of the system or better said was never in.  It is still the kings laws and courts dressed up to make it look like de jure law but it is in fact de facto laws based on deception and tyranny.
 Land ownership is a trail of tears of the conning out of our unalienable rights via easements, mineral rights,  regulation, zoning, taxes, usury, you name it.  These are all illegitimate takings which go against the highest fundamental and founding laws of the land, i.e. the Laws of Nature and Nature's God, the Declaration of Independence and the success and spirit of the first American Revolution. 
Please check out all the pages on my site which address these issues directly or indirectly.  All takings of property are connected and bundle together into roots running to trees of taking which do not grow in America, i.e. we are being conned out of our private and public property by global elite crooks.  Check out the attached presentation.  If you do not have Word 2007 or higher link here https://www.freedomforallseasons.org/FreedomFromDefactoLaws.asp and go to the top  box in the page and select the format you prefer.
I am not an attorney or a lawyer nor would I ever be but I have taken law.  Academia and the Bar associations have corrupted the highest laws of the land into progressive positivism which is a relative man made (think sharks) law which is a changing code based on prior case decisions by the corrupt courts, i.e. it is political "law", i.e. junk law for political agenda, bought and paid for by your blood, sweat and tears.
Jack Venrick
PS  How did you get my name and email, I see you are not on my distribution?  May I add you to my occasional outgoing?
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Hello Jack,

I was wondering if it's possible to claim the land patent of properties you don't own?!? If so, please enlighten me to this process, because it would be kind of scary if you "own" a property and not the land patent, and someone who knows about this can come along and claim it... So please let me know A.S.A.P., thanks...