Cowboy & Engineer

I am a cowboy at heart and an engineer so I could come home and play cowboys and indians again and change sides by my free will.

God Bless Montana and the USA to keep us free of forced compliance to someone elses bullshit.

Jack Venrick

Rollins, Montana


John W. Venrick (Dad) home with his new born son Jack.
Dad is on leave from the 30th Army Engineer
Topographic Battalion. He served in
the North Aftrica and Pacific fronts 1943 - 1946.

Jack and Dad - His first full Forest Ranger District,
Helena Montana National Forest 1949-52


Born to ride free, Helena National Forest Fire Guard Station 1950


Jack on the horse, Dorothy (Mom) in middle on rail and
her brother and his wife on either side 1950


All dressed up visiting friends in Missoula Montana,
coming down to the big city from Lincoln Ranger Station 1951


Lincoln Montana Ranger Station, Mom & Dad on right,
Uncle Lloyd & Cousin Barbara, Jack & his bike 1950


The Lone Ranger Rides Again, John W. Venrick (Dad),
Lincoln District Helena Montana National Forest, Cabin Creek 1951


Dad in his favorite uniform, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Forest Service,
Mom (Dorothy) and son Jack
Ranger Station, Sheridan, Montana 1958

Science Fair Project, Sophomore, 1958, Sheridan, Montana,
Repulsion Coil Demonstrating Lenz's Law


Jack and 1961 MGA, Chrome Knock Off Hubs, Twin SU's, Wing Tip Shoes,
Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana 1961- 66
"Faster Cars, Younger Women, Older Whiskey"


Spelunking Montana Caves, three of us got into that little "Batmobile", 1961 MGA


Jack, Dorothy & John Venrick Lone Mountain Chapel Montana 1960

Mom passed to higher ground August 6, 2010 at 4PM


Montana State University, B. S. Electrical Engineering, 1966 Bozeman, Montana


Jack's BSEE Dipolma 1966



Jacks Jag

Traded the 1961 MGA to a fellow Boeing Engineer and
took over his payments to a Jaguar XKE 4.2 Coupe & Roadster


Jack Venrick MSAS

This is Three Degrees in One.

1. A Masters in Industrial Engineering (Major)

2. A Masters in Business Administration (Minor)

3. A Masters in Applied Science (Total)





30 years of my life out of 56 years when I retired January 1, 2000


Jacks Ranch Bar JRV Sweet Sanctuary of Freedom for 38 years


Dad passed away from Alzheimers. Looking backward from when it became severe,
we could connect the dots of his behavior changes from his heart attack at 55.
This is some 17 years of progressive degenerative subtle decline.
Alzheimers is a terrible disease for the family member who has
it and for the family who cares for them.


God's Country, Rollins, Montana over looking
Flathead Lake, Mission & Swan Mountains.



Jack Venrick Montana Early Settler Certificate



Jack Venrick Pioneer Family Wisconsin State

Pioneer Family Wisconsin State
Pioneer Family Montana State
Pioneer Family Nebraska State (in work)


Dave Ng

Ode To My Friend Dave Ng - The Visit

December 24, 1942 to January 7, 2019

Dave and his motorcycle Bozeman MT June 1966 Photo
Wayne, Dave, Jack and John Bozeman MT 2011 Photo
Wayne, Dave, Jack and John Close Up Bozeman MT 2011 Photo


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