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Subject: Drawing The Line In The Sand…Don’t Tread On Me, Rise of the Republic

Drawing The Line In The Sand...Don't Tread On Me, Rise of the Republic

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Most people in the united States are familiar with the Constitution, but how many of us really understand it?  Did you know it contains expressed protections for both individuals and state governments against a tyrannical, over-reaching central (Federal) government?  Don't Tread On Me, the new release by the producer/director team that brought us Camp FEMA, takes the viewer on a quest for enlightenment about the protections our Founding Fathers intended for our new country and its citizens.  It is an eye-opener that exposes the viewer to the facts about the 9th and 10th Amendments to our Constitution, why they are so important in maintaining our freedoms, and so much more.

The central government has used the Commerce Clause to usurp our freedoms over and over again.  MO State Senator Gary Nodler says the clause "has been interpreted so broadly as to literally affect every aspect and phase of American life.  That is the loophole that has been used to so dramatically broaden the application of federal power, far beyond the intent of the framers of the Constitution."  So, what can we do?

The new film's producer, Gary Franchi, says "The Feds are about to feel the wave in the upcoming election and the whole system is going to shift in favor of the people and along those same lines the States are continuing their push to be once again recognized under the 10th Amendment.  A perfect example is the new Oklahoma legislation we discuss in the film, along with a new bill that would provide the people in Oklahoma, via the 9th amendment, religious exemption from the federal databases."

Don't Tread On Me gives the viewer a long overdue civics lesson and empowers the viewer with knowledge of which the central government hopes the viewer remains ignorant.  Narrator and film director William Lewis boldly states that you cannot do anything about enforcing your protections if you do not know what they are.  In the film, Constitutional expert and author Dr Edwin Vieira explains to the viewer that "We-the-People have the authority; we are the ultimate law-givers..." something we, as citizens, seem to have forgotten.     

The guest list for Don't Tread On Me is a veritable Who's Who of true Patriots and guaranteed to light the fire of freedom with the viewers.  Along with Dr. Vieira, guests include Radio Host Alex Jones, Former AZ Sheriff Richard Mack, Former Presidential Candidate Michael Badnarick, American Policy Center's Tom DeWeese, and a host of other activists and state politicians.  You will not want to miss what these fine men and women have to say about the many rights afforded us by our Founding Fathers.

Franchi and Lewis are excited about the new Nationwide Simul-Screening.  Franchi says, "In just two days, we went from 39 screening locations to 135 locations, both public and private."  Those holding screenings are showing the film in libraries, school theaters, private homes, regular theaters, and one man is even showing the film in his front yard.  "It is amazing how the message is catching on."  For those holding screenings, screener packs are available at special discounts to sell, as a way to offset any costs.  There is also a free poster download for promotions.

Jones states, "In the last 20 years we've seen an acceleration away from our constitution and Bill of Rights and towards absolute despotism."  The latest Lewis/Franchi production makes known that, as "law-givers," it is time we step back in and take back our power.  While the incumbent losses continue to grow and those who are being systematically removed from office scratch their heads, the American people are waking up.  They have had enough and are drawing their lines in the sand.  Vieira reminds viewers "self Government is not a spectator sport."  It's time for all of us to take charge.

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