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April 13, 2006

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Global Warming; Crackerjack Science
Professor Bob Carter, a geologist at James Cook University, Queensland, Australia, has thrown cold water over the "global warming" theory, saying it is neither environmental nor scientific, but rather," a self-created political fiasco." Carter says the public has been brainwashed by politicians and bureaucrats into believing world industrialization has created "climate change" that will lead to widespread disaster. However, a period of similar warming occurred between 1918 and 1940 before industrialization really began followed by cooling between 1940 and 1965, a period during which human-caused emissions were accelerating. Credible scientists were silenced by governments that used "public relations experts to craft carefully tailored, frisbee-science press releases." Carter explains that "[C]limate changes occur naturally all the time, partly in predictable cycles and partly in unpredictable cycles." He acknowledges it is fortunate that modern societies have developed during the last 10,000 years of relatively warm climate. More scientists are coming forward to de-bunk global warming as over 60 leading international climate change experts have gone on record to urge Canada's new Conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, to carefully review global warming policies. "Much of the billions of dollars earmarked for implementation of the protocol in Canada will be squandered without a proper assessment of recent developments in climate science, they wrote in the Canadian Financial Post last week. "'Climate change is real' is a meaningless phrase used repeatedly by activists to convince the public that a climate catastrophe is looming and humanity is the cause."

Afraid to Speak
The voices of scientific reason have been largely silenced in the heated debate over global warming and those who try to quell alarmist propaganda have seen their grant funds dry up and their scientific integrity questioned. Federal spending on climate research has ballooned since the early 1990's from a few hundred million dollars to $1.7 billion today and scientists who don't adhere to the party line don't share the rewards. No protests were heard from the scientific community when, in 1992, then Sen. Al Gore held congressional hearings to intimidate scientists who disagreed with his "Earth in the Balance," global warming alarmism. They still said nothing when Vice President Gore tried unsuccessfully to persuade Ted Koppel to further discredit dissenting scientific voices. Scientific journals also contributed to the lie by refusing to publish articles by those who questioned fashionable climate change spin. In 2003, instead of following the recommendations of the draft U. S. National Climate Plan to improve knowledge of climate sensitivity, the National Research Council chose to emphasize impacts of warming - not whether it would actually happen. Richard Lindzen, MIT professor of atmospheric science says today, only the most senior scientists can defy the "iron triangle of climate scientists, advocates and policymakers."

"Balance of Nature" Doesn't Exist
"Nature is chaos and change. Disturbance and change are the only constants in nature," said Randy Simmons, director of the Institute of Political Economy at Utah State University. Simmons discussed biodiversity and conservation during the "State of the Rockies" conference at Colorado College on Monday. "The assumption that there's a 'balance of nature' at stake in the raging debate over endangered species is a myth, Simmons said. "As a result of this 'balance' mythology, money spent on species conservation has been misdirected, misguided and downright stupid," he said. The current push by environmentalists and government agencies to artificially create a pre-European Garden of Eden that probably never existed, "may even create harmful conditions," Simmons added. He cast doubt on the government's re-introduction of non-endangered wolves into Yellowstone as a revisionist view of conservation science and cited historic journals as evidence that there probably were only a few packs in the region, not the hundreds of government wolves that are currently wreaking havoc on game animals and domestic livestock. "Setting aside wilderness areas to protect species will not preserve some remnant of the past, but will lead to conditions that have not existed for the past 10,000 years," Simmons explained. Changes are needed to the Endangered Species Act to reflect the realities of nature, "[A] new [law] would recognize that a balance of nature; or nature undisturbed is an impossible goal."

No Consensus for ESA Reform in Senate
Not surprisingly, a "bipartisan" group of senators has failed to construct a suitable bill to reform the antiquated and unsuccessful Endangered Species Act. Four members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee have been trying to draft reform legislation to eliminate the House-passed provisions that mandate government compensation to private landowners whose property is rendered unusable by endangered species regulations. Rodger Schlicheisen, president of Defenders of Wildlife, welcomed the news. "It's hard to see, with an extremist piece of legislation like that, how anything acceptable (to radical environmentalists) could result." "Moderate Rhode Island Republican Lincoln Chaffee is very pessimistic about something happening this year," said his spokesman, Stephen Hourahan. Chaffee is facing re-election this year. To sign the letter urging repeal of the ESA, go to


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