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Shocking Proof… Global Warming is a Hoax

December 9, 2009 by John Myers 

Shocking Proof… Global Warming is a Hoax

(Part three of a three-part series on energy.)

“We’re being asked to wage trillions of dollars and substantially curtail freedom on climate models that are imperfect and unproven. (With) the consensus far from being as solid as they say it is, and the debate as over as they say it is.”
George F. Will

In President Nixon’s day, dirty tricksters did things the old fashioned way—with black gloves and flashlights. The result was Watergate, the eventual legacy of which may be that anything corrupt contains a word ending with “gate.”

The latest incident is Climategate. It began about three weeks ago when a computer hacker broke through a server used by the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in England.

Unlike Watergate, which started a grand conspiracy, last month’s hacker-heist may unravel one. It appears as if the stolen e-mails reveal collusion by climate scientists to withhold scientific information. Some scientists don’t want the public to know the shocking truth—that the climate is NOT getting warmer.

The hacked e-mails from men and women of science include discussions on how to silence climate change skeptics. The e-mails also discussed how to censure scientists who dare to have contrary views on global warming and included derogatory remarks about climate skeptics. Finally, the e-mails discuss how to prevent actual data from being revealed under the Freedom of Information Act—an action that seems to have little to do with freedom and less to do with information.

For example, after learning that the scientific journal Climate Research had suggested that perhaps the world isn’t burning up, Penn State professor Michael Mann wrote in an e-mail: "I think we have to stop considering Climate Research as a legitimate peer-reviewed journal. Perhaps we should encourage our colleagues in the climate research community to no longer submit to, or cite papers in this journal."

Besides a seeming tendency to write people off in true Stalinist fashion, Mann has made a living writing about the dangers of global warming. He helped build the “hockey stick graph” shown below.

“Remember that this is not an academic exercise,” wrote The Atlantic. “We contemplate outlays of trillions of dollars to fix this supposed problem. Do the scientists involved deserve to be trusted? No. These people are willing to subvert the very methods—notably, peer review—that underwrite the integrity of their discipline.”

But the story gets even better. At the end of November the University of East Anglia admitted losing raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming are based.

It means that nobody can check basic calculations that supposedly show a long-term rise in temperature for the past 130 years.

With Watergate Nixon gave the old, “The dog ate my homework” excuse. (Actually Nixon’s secretary Rose Mary Woods said she accidentally erased the recording of the president’s meeting with H.R. Haldeman that took place three days after the break-in.)

With Climategate, the University of East Anglia is saying the computer ate the data.

According to the University’s Website: “We do not hold the original raw data but only the value-added (quality controlled and homogenized) data.”

Even if you accept that the University isn’t cooking the books, the environmentalists have a problem. They claim that world temperatures have risen one degree Fahrenheit in the past century. However the starting point—around 1880—was colder than average. Furthermore, the timing of temperature changes does not fit the theory of global warming. Most of the rise came before 1940, or before greenhouse gases were significant.

A Bright Future for this Old Resource

In the end I think global warming will turn out to be more myth than fact. If that’s the case then a lot of alternative energy investors will be tempted to jump-off the windmills they invested in. And as it is demonstrated that fossil fuels are not going to flood the world and kill off all the polar bears, core energy investors should do spectacularly well. In fact, the biggest profits might be in the oldest resource—coal.

Coal-fired power plants account for half of the U.S. electricity supply. More importantly, coal is also America’s most abundant natural resource.

We have seen in the first two parts of this series that we live in a dangerous age—a period where renewable energy technologies have not yet been realized and a time when America is becoming dangerously dependent on Arab oil.

This third part to the series focuses on a tangible solution—coal. In all of its abundance and its utility, coal will power America deep into the 21st Century.

Just last month The Wall Street Journal ran an article titled: Coal Warriors: Why U.S. Coal Producers Could Still Have a Bright Future.

The WSJ stated: “Coal is and will remain a huge part of the electricity mix in the U.S., despite—or perhaps because of—congressional action on energy and the climate.”

The United States — the Saudi Arabia of Coal

The heady days of petroleum in America are far behind us. Over the course of the past 30 years America’s oil imports have surged threefold—from 2.6 million barrels per day (mb/d) to 7.6 mb/d.

The fundamental fact is that the United States and the world are hungry for energy. Consider the following:

  • U.S. demand for all types of energy is expected to increase by 31 percent within 25 years.
  • Electricity demand in the U.S. will grow by at least 40 percent by 2032.

New power generation equal to nearly 300 1,000 megawatt power plants will be needed to meet electricity demand by 2030; as many as half of them will be coal.

Luckily, coal is the one resource the United States has plenty of. The U.S. has the largest coal reserves in the world, just short of 250 billion tons. That is almost the combined reserves of the next two largest reserve countries China and Russia.

In fact, the U.S. is one of the world’s leading exporters of coal, and is expected to ship 65 million tons this year. That total will grow as nations like India and China ramp up their industrial revolutions with King Coal.

Future world demand for electricity is expected to be so strong that Exxon-Mobil is planning on spending a record $25 billion to $30 billion annually over the next five years finding new hydrocarbon deposits.

“The global economy is experiencing a downturn but at Exxon-Mobil we are focused on the long-term,” said Rex Tillerson, the company’s chairman and CEO.

Power up Your Portfolio with Arch Coal

Any conversation about meeting future energy needs must include coal. Even the “greens” realize this. According to left-leaning CNET News, “Coal is a major source of air pollution, mining accidents, and environmental damage. Unfortunately, we can’t live without it.”

The International Energy Agency (IEA) agrees. In its World Energy Outlook, the IEA says global energy demand will surge by 45 percent between now and 2030. The number one resource to meet this demand will be coal.

That makes investing in coal a smart choice, especially when you consider how depressed coal company stock prices have been over the past 15 months.

My favorite blue-chip coal company is Arch Coal Inc (ACI, NYSE).

Arch mines and sells steam and metallurgical coal from surface and underground mines to power plants, steel mills and industrial facilities in the United States. Arch operates 20 active mines and owns some 2.8 billion tons of proven and probable recoverable reserves.

As you can see from this graph, Arch is selling for about $20 or just one-quarter of its 2008 high. The recession and the growing fears over “green” politics, starting inside the White House, make Arch an incredible bargain. Meanwhile the world is slowly learning the truth—that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the left-wing establishment and a liberal media.

And if that was not enough, the Federal Reserve and the Obama administration continue to expand the U.S. money supply at a shocking and unprecedented rate. You can read more details on this by going to my Nov. 11 column, Obama’s Bear Market: How to Survive and Prosper.

This surge of new money and continued easy credit is certain to lead to excessive inflation and continued dollar devaluation.

Taken as a whole, these factors could result in the doubling of Arch Coal’s price over the next 18 months. That’s something you don’t often get with a large market cap stock. Yet I think we are going to see with Arch.

Action to take: I urge you to buy Arch Coal (ACI, NYSE) at market. Call you stockbroker today.

Yours for real wealth and good health

John Myers
Myers’ Energy and Gold Report

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John Myers

John Myers is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  1. ASGreen says:

    I am simply outraged by this article. Man-made global warming is a fact. A few emails by some scientists don’t show otherwise. It’s a good thing people in power have a better understanding of the reality of the situation than Mr. Myers does with his right-wing knee jerk reaction to anything that is good for society

    • Ron says:

      You are full of it!

    • Curtis S says:

      ASGreen… I totally agree with you. I’ve been wondering what kind of mental gymnastics someone has to go through to deny climate change. But it’s classic media manipulation. Create doubt to push your agenda. You don’t really have to prove anything just confuse the issue. Throw in the laughable Rasmussen poll that adds up to 120% and it shows that people are sheep. If you can create doubt then you can justify burning coal. There’s no such thing as “clean” coal, but the US has 250 years worth of coal. Coincidence? The agenda of the climate deniers is so obvious. Screech that global warming is a hoax so you can justify burning coal. It’s just plain selfish, misguided, and greedy.

      • DaveH says:

        Liberals amaze me. They will rail that we need Big Government to protect us from those big bad corporateers, while being totally oblivious to the fact that there are no magic barriers barring evil from migrating to government. History is replete with governments gone awry. And unlike corporations which at worst can only lie to us to sell their products, Big Government can force us to buy their products (or the products of their favored corporations).
        The “selfish, misguided, and greedy” ones are you Liberals who want to force your way on the rest of us.

        • Sally says:

          Well said Dave. I don’t think anyone is denying climate change, but I do take issue with the idea that it is man-made and there is not consensus over the issue. Even scientists at NASA and the U.S. Army point to the Sun as having much more to do with it than humans. And how do you account for the fact that 8 out of the 9 planets in our solar system are experiencing global warming? Are the aliens running their washing machines too much perhaps?
          Preservation and recycling are great endeavors which I whole-heartedly support, but all we’re saying is let’s not hurt our economy with unnecessary legislation. And let’s certainly not allow the Obama Administration to BYPASS Congress. Excuse me but I thought our country was a Constitutional Republic – does this not upset anyone?? And if Obama and the EPA want to curb greenhouse gas emissions they better figure out how to tax our oceans since they emit over 98% of them!!!

          • BOE says:

            Why don`t they stop flying around in those great big jets?!? Just look at the action of those pushing the global warming hoax the loudest. That should tell you something.

          • denniso says:

            DaveH…w/o a gov’t large enough to protect you and your kind from corporate excesses,you would have lived a life enslaved totally by a corporate oligarchy. You say that the worst thing corporations can do is force us to buy their product?? Are you serious? You don’t remember the toxic disaster of Love Canal? How about the Exxon Valdez oil spill?? Lead poisoning, acid rain,asbestos killing people,mercury in all fish,DDT poisoning…There are countless other incidents of corporations damaging the planet and people. You are so obviously biased in favor of big biz over working people that it’s laughable. It has been imperfect gov’t’s that have fought to rid the world of some of the worst abuses wrought by corporations that exist only to make a profit,not to protect the environment or people.

        • Don says:

          So you never found a corporation that was greedy?

        • eyeswideopen says:

          Daveh, you obviously missed all the reports showing which Senators have been purchased by the healthcare industry haven’t you? Too much watching of the Fox network. Try the BBC, we even made them laugh as the amount of monies given were rather large, say 3 million to just one Senator. All of the Senators get donations from the corporations, who in turn expect said Senator to vote in the interests of said corporation. You can’t even try and deny that is what is happening. I know you want to ignore that little fact,but just follow the money and you will see how corrupt the corporations are.

          • Claire says:

            Eyes—Lieberman is one of them. I need to know all of the names involved in this. I will check this out because I know you are right. That is why I said they should forget Health Care Reform because it will turn out to be a nightmare after they get all their “perks” in. And you can bet the insurance companies will call in their “markers” and Senators will have to cough up. That is why Health Care reform will screw all of us.

        • kattie chg. says:

          and, there are parts of the globe that are getting cooler, year after year…this is such a farse, for socialized government. wake up people!

        • J C says:

          Government does not protect us from corporate excesses. It participates. Did you just get to this planet?

      • Rod James says:

        Burning coal is not new the US burns coal for the majority of its electricity now. The trains that carry the remaning solid waste every year would go from New York to LA and back three times. The biggest lie is Clean Coal as there is no such thing or no such plant working anywhere in the world.The THEORY of clean coal is to strip out the carbon dioxide before its burned and store it underground. The first proposed plant was to be in Illinois by 2013 but funding was terminated by Bush Energy Secretary Sam Bodman when costs doubled to 1.8 billion dollars.This info is from A Presidential Energy Policy by M.C Ruppert(a must read by everyone concerned with the environment, energy and the future.

        • denniso says:

          You’re right,there is no such thing as ‘clean coal’…but, like any energy source,it can be made cleaner. The process to clean it up while burning is so expensive that it becomes non competitive. If all the carbon based energy sources were made to ‘clean up’,they also would be less competitive against solar,wind,etc.

        • dell says:

          “strip the co2 before burning”… ahh I thought co2 is the bi product from burning!

    • Bill says:

      ASGreen, I bet if Obama or one of the so called green freaks told you to jump off a mountain and kill yourself for the “HOAX” results all the so called climate experts say is correct, because it would be good for the enviroment, you would in fact jump off a cliff. When are you radical left wing “Progressive Democratic Socialist” going to learn to think for yourself instead of listening to your elected Multi-Millionaire’s or Multi-Billionaire’s. You folks are nothing but sheep that are being lead to the slaughter.

      • DaveH says:

        That would save a lot of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. But all kidding aside, that would not happen. They are not trying to save the planet. They are trying to better their lives at our expense.

      • larry says:

        Right on Bill as Michael Savage say’s LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER !!!!

      • Don says:

        Bill, you would be jumping off another mountain, because Limbaugh has inspired you to do so. You are just a sheep following another shepherd.

        • Mike says:

          Hey Amigo, did you know that 50 percent of carbon dioxide comes from the ocean. How are you going to stop that?

          • denniso says:

            The Oceans are part of the natural balance of the global eco system. Our spewing crap into the atmosphere for the last 250 yrs is not and is the problem. We are tipping the system out of balance. Read some science.

          • J C says:

            And rotting forests provide a whole lot more. One volcano spewing for one day emits so much CO2 that all of our combined efforts to reduce “CO2″ would be rendered useless in just one day. Its a complete waste of time and money. Not to mention, no CO@, no life on earth. These liberal wackos seem hell bent on actually exterminating all human life.

    • Disgusted says:

      So a few emails from scientists debunking global warming being caused by man is not proof, however a few emails from scientists proving global warming is enough proof for you to believe it is true. Why? They say 50% of the scientists believe and 50% don’t. Obviously you have chosen your side, some of us have chosen the other side. If global warming were being caused by man I believe all scientists would confirm and agree that we need to do something, but with 50% of them against the idea I think I want to see some real proof. I am glad the emails came out. They prove once again that we are sheep ready to follow without any glance to the side.

      • Earlw says:

        I usually avoid posting anymore because of all the flaming going on, but I just have to say something today! The proportion of scientists that are pro-AGM (warming) are approximately 6000, while the number of those opposed is 31,000. In addition, a certain number of those are not even scientists, but are members of the IPCC which is NOT a scientific organization, but rather an organization to promote the warming theory. This whole thing is being promoted primarily as a vehicle for the trading of “carbon credits” which the big banks are gearing up to do business with. I suggest that the bleeding hearts do a little more research….There is ample SOLID evidence of solar activity being the precursor of CO2 rise, not the other way around..There other studies, such as tree rings, historical data, etc. to show there have been warmer periods than this, and that what is actually happening is the appearance of a new Ice age, however muted it may be. Temperature has not rise year-to-year for ten years now……..WAKE UP!!!!

        • Sally says:

          Very well-said EarlW!!!

        • Don says:

          Where did you get this information?

        • Jana says:

          Actually a lot more than 50% of the scientists do NOT believe in global warming. The problem is the ones who do not believe in this global warming lie have been shut up and shut out. They have not been allowed to speak up. A few have tried but again, follow the money and you will see who is shutting them up.

          Eventually the truth comes out, and it finally has.

          Obama stated during his campaign that he was going to close down coal mining. I wondered then if anyone was listening to him or just in the la la land of change change change.

          • DaveH says:

            Considering the fact that most scientists are paid either directly or indirectly by the government, you can imagine how much courage it takes for them to stand up and refute the Man-Made-Global-Warming Hoax.

          • denniso says:

            DaveH…you’re exactly right. The gov’t is pushing global warming because it wants to enslave YOU for their huge benefit. You are missing the fact though, that it is only you and some of your ‘friends’ here that are in danger of being enslaved. The rest of us don’t have to worry.

        • J C says:

          The owner of the Weather Channel along woth 30,000+ scientists have actually launched a law suit against Al Gore for fraud. Good on them too.

    • Jerry Semenick says:

      Your are nuts,so i suppose we should give the world a bunch of our(tax payers) money.
      so are you a socialist?

      • Don says:

        Jerry, I agree with you. The repub. want to give another trillion to Iraq. The Dem. want to give a trillion to Americans. Either way we don’t have it.

    • Raggs says:

      I’m sure you also believe in government ran health care…
      Or as I call it “wealth-care”.. Not to mention “cap-n-trade”.
      Brainwashed and can’t think for yourself?

    • RHSchumann says:

      Well said!

    • DMP says:

      This guy here has got it right on! Couldn’t agree more.
      Bill says:
      December 9, 2009 at 8:09 am
      Hey Franky Boy, I just happen to be one of the people your talking about. I spent over half my life defending this Country and it’s way of life. Hell yes I own guns and I also own Bibles. Yes I do believe in God, Country and Guns. Glenn Beck along with all the reporter on FOX and Beck’s radio program are all DEAD-ON. Yes, I use my weapons for self defense of myself and my family and I’m not afraid to use them. Will I take my guns and run around killing just for the hell of it, NO. PAL, in case you’ve never heard it “People Kill, Not Guns”, guns are only a tool just as a mechanic uses wrenches. Take naway the gun’s and what do you have then, people running around with a knife cutting people’s throat. Take away the knife what do you have, people running around bashing people’s skulls with rocks or choking them to death. Morale of the story is, if a person has it in their mind to kill, they don’t need a gun to do it.

      Furthermore, man will not destroy the earth with so-called GLOBAL WARMING. What a hoax. Here is your real global warming which will happen only in God’s timing!
      Zep 1:18 Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’S wrath; but the whole land shall be devoured by the fire of his jealousy: for he shall make even a speedy riddance of all them that dwell in the land.

      Zep 3:8 Therefore wait ye upon me, saith the LORD, until the day that I rise up to the prey: for my determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger: for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy.

      Rev 8:7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

      Rev 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

      Rev 16:8 And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.

      • Curtis S says:

        Yeah, let’s ignore modern science and rely on a 2000 year old book of mythology designed to control the commoners.

      • DaveH says:

        Speaking of Guns. Yet another anti-gun judge is up to be confirmed by the Senate. And he probably will be since 57 out of 100 senators are Democrats. Remember when Obama was campaigning? Here is one of his speeches. Watch the carefully spoken words on his gun stance. He gives the impression that he favors 2nd Amendment rights, yet he nominates judges that are anti 2nd Amendment. Don’t listen to their words people. Politicians lie. Listen to their actions.

      • denniso says:

        Equating guns w/ other tools is idiotic,though a common thing among the gun lovers. Give a knife or shovel or wrench to the killer at Ft Hood and see how many people he could have killed. 1,2 before being overpowered and stopped. Every weapon is designed to kill,actual tools are not. Bigger weapons and automatic ones kill quicker,obviously. Do you call an atomic bomb a tool?? All it does is kill more people than a knive…

        • DaveH says:

          They were unable to stop the attacker because Liberals like you have made it hard for the victims to arm and defend themselves.
          Mexico can’t even stop all the violence there, and you honestly believe the perp couldn’t/wouldn’t have acquired a weapon somewhere to do his dirty work?

        • J C says:

          OR you could just disarm everyone on a MILITARY base and turn them into instant victims. Go back to cloud nine.

    • jbird says:

      If the science is settled, as you say, explain this please:
      Is this a knee-jerk reaction?

      • DaveH says:

        Excellent post Jbird. But the Liberals will either not read the article or they will poo-poo it, as Global Warming is like a religion to them – something to be taken on faith.

        • libertytrain says:

          Dave H – couldn’t agree with you more -

          • denniso says:

            There is science and there is superstitution and there is plain the SCIENCE!!!

          • DaveH says:

            Science. Something Denniso knows nothing about. He/she can’t even figure out economics with a supposed Economics degree.

          • J C says:

            Do you mean the science with all the pretty pictures of ice bergs calving while the Reverend Gore explains that this is somehow new?Or the skewed (but very official looking) graph that shows the planet warming when it has been cooling for a decade?
            That’s not science…that’s hypnotism, and the very simple are highly susceptible to it. Poor you….

        • Dan-o says:

          So if all these people believe in global warming why aren’t they living in tents and riding bicycles. Bunch of hypocrites willing to preach it but not willing to go to the extreme they talk about. if you really believe in this global warming you will do your part, and I don’t mean recycling or buying one of those little death trap cars just so you could feel good that your doing something. go the distance and be an example. no one likes to be forced to do anything, so be a leader and sell your house and car, better yet dismanle them or blow them up because you don’t want anyone else using that bad mean energy and get a tent and bicycle, just think of all that fresh air and exersize, but no they aren’t willing to do that, they don’t want to jump into the cold water by their selfs, they want every one to go at the same time. Bunch of wimps

          • Fed Up Gal in NM says:

            Jbird, DaveH, Libertytrain, Dan-o:

            Oh my….you are all right on target! Dan-o, way to go….I totally agree with your assessment….they are a “bunch of wimps” that just want to control others’ lives…and to hell with what they do to their own lives…while desperately trying to pull the rest of us into their confused chaos…they call a good for mankind…..well…seems more like good for nothing!

            Fed Up Gal

          • Disgusted says:

            The biggest culprit is the self proclaimed shepard of the sheep that are blindly following him: Al Gore!
            If he was so worried about our foot prints on this planet and the effect they are having towards global warming why isn’t he personally setting the example. His home is one of the most non-green, energy inefficient homes (mansions) ever built and yet he is still up on his soap box preaching what he doesn’t practice to the masses! Not to mention the private jets he is using to fly him all over this planet to preach his bull.
            Lead by example.

      • Curtis S says:

        If you look at the final graph, the raw temperature data from NZ, the one without the “fudge factor” there is a very obvious increase in the temperature anomaly at the “present” end of the chart. The increase in temperature at the right side of the graph is also the biggest.

        • Sally says:

          And it is caused by man because…..?

          • Curtis S says:

            It’s caused by emissions from the exhaust pipes of millions of cars and trucks worldwide. Cars and trucks in driven by people who can’t afford to maintain their vehicles and made in countries that have NO emission controls. It’s caused by burning coal to power electric generators and it’s raised by industrial farming of methane producing animals. Climate change is created by clear cutting forests, especially tropical rain forests which further hinders the planet’s ability to process CO2. Have you ever looked at the pollution in LA? The permanent haze trapped in the valley is similar to the green house gas effect. Ever heard of a temperature inversion caused by pollution? It’s the same thing. You can bury your head in the sand and call it a hoax. You can work your beads and hope some imaginary “guy in the sky” rescues you. Or you can call people liberals, but none of that helps. You have to come up with something better. Taxation sucks. Taxation without representation through some UN agreement definitely sucks. But if you don’t like the solution you have to find a better one and we better think of something better quick.

          • DaveH says:

            Quick Curtis? They’ve been warning of impending catastrophy from Global Warming since about 1980 (not long after many were anguishing about Global Cooling).
            It is well-known by anybody who does some reading that the Government needs from time to time to come up with scares to panic the citizens so they will accept more government funding of scientific studies and greater government growth.

          • denniso says:

            DaveH….We are already in trouble w/ warming. If we stopped all CO2 emissions now, warming will continue for 50 or so yrs due to what we have already done to the atmosphere and the time it takes for the excess CO2 to dissipate. That’s why we need to act now.
            And I guess your reference to the gov’t using fear to control people was like what Bush/Cheny did for 8yrs w/ the terrorist issue. Raising the threat level at crucial political times for their benefit??

        • J C says:

          This just in! Our planet is warmed by a strange and very bright ball in the sky….some call it “The Sun”. And apparently it has been having some higher than average “solar activity” for the last while.
          This is a phenomenon whereby “The Sun” shoots great tongues of flame across something called “Space” towards the “Earth”. This flame is very warm. So denniso try this…go stand near a fire, then move away. Now move back towards it….you might begin to see the effect and a light might turn on for you.

      • Don says:

        jbird – on one of DaveH suggested reading, it said the oceans keep on warming. In certain areas polar bears are dying and in other areas they are thriving. It is something we should continue to investigate, if someone has the money to do so.

        • DaveH says:

          You put your finger on the real problem. It is involuntary money that is being spent on these studies. If investors want to freely donate their own money for such studies that is great.

      • Earlw says:

        And This! Here is the website of the 31,000 plus scientists who say the AGW theory is BS……..IF you can stand to see the truth!!!!!

    • Ex-Dem says:

      I was a Democrat for 35 years and I got sick of the left-right battle, so I got away from both parties. When are you going to realize that the “powers” pit us against one another so that we’ll be so busy fighting that we’re oblivious to all the dirty tricks they’re up to? Also, Google this: 31,000 scientists sign petition disputing global warming. That proves that there is NO consensus. Take the time to research instead of your constant bickering. I followed party line without question and finally woke up. I will vote according to my beliefs and not a particular party. Also, who do you think is going to run the new global government? According to the Danish draft of the Copenhagen Treaty, none other than the IMF and World Bank. They will be self-appointed, self-perpetuated. The words “election, vote or ballot” do not appear in the treaty – just as the EU was not elected by the people. There will be NO WAY to call them into account or question or remove them. Once the treaty binds the nation (Obama signs it) we will NOT be able to remove ourselves from it unless by unanimous vote by all other nations to let us leave. You are literally going to be taxed on breathing… as anyone with any sense at all knows the oxygen-co2 cycle of LIFE. Global warming police will be able to inspect your home without warrants. If you’re not in compliance, you’ll be fined for each day you’re not compliant. Developed countries will pay a tax of, up to, 2% of their GDP to fund the new government. There will also be a uniform global levy of $2 p/ton of co2 for all fossil fuel emissions. All airfares will carry a “green levy,” except for journeys in and out of 3rd world countries. And all the panels, boards, and technical funds will come out of taxpayer’s pockets ABOVE the previous financial provisions. There will be 700+ new bureaucracies created. In just a few days, the US Constitution will be nothing more than an historical document, as this treaty will trump it. The president and congress will be nothing more than their puppets, and you will be their slaves. Please, don’t take ANYONE’S word for what’s transpiring… not even mine. THINK FOR YOURSELF, before it’s too late. Do any of you trust the government and the globalists so completely as to follow their lead on this without so much as reading the treaty they’re shoving down your throats? Think about that. How much do you trust them? How much do you REALLY know? If all you know is what the government and corporate media reports, you’ve been led astray. Find the document – find the treaty and read it for yourself while there’s still a chance to save to OUR REPUBLIC. Our allegiance, first and foremost, is to our country – NOT a party – and certainly not the UN or the World Bank.

      • Earlw says:

        This man speaks the truth! Earlier in this blog I posted essentially the same Information, not having seen this one yet.

        This whole thing is a HUGE scam!!!!

      • Don says:

        Russia, China, European countries, and the US would not go for what and how you stated this.

        • Brian O says:

          Oh, they will sign it. The people who control their money will pull their strings to make sure they do. 145 TRILLION dollars at stake they will sign.
          Obama has already said he will sign and we will be the biggest Loser in this plan. Once America falls the rest of the World will fall in line.
          FOLLOW THE MONEY! Point of intrest did you know there are only 5 major countries left in the world who do not use a CENTRAL BANK?
          Iran,North Korea,Cuba,

          • Brian O says:

            Oops I just found out these countries now have Central Banks also.

          • denniso says:

            If any single entity controls things it’s big business. Gov’t’s are often pitted against them for the betterment of society or the planet. Gov’t’s don’t make money on policy positions like corps do selling stuff. The only reason that most(though not all)big biz is against almost all gov’t initiatives that don’t directly benefit them, is money. Any restriction or regulation on what biz wants to do costs them money in the short term,though those policies may ensure their long term viability. They are opposed to action on global warming because of that.

          • Rod James says:

            Yea Brian O, Thats why the wester nations have labled them Rogue Nations. They don’t want to seem to play ball with the IMF,WTO etc.
            Gee I wonder why with the financial mess they have stuck us with.

      • Brian O says:


      • Rod James says:

        Ex Dem, Excellent post you hit the nail on the head with it. We can argue forever about Global Warming but the real threat is with Global Elite who will squeeze every cent they have out of the Global Citizen.

    • JT says:

      Keep drinking the coolaide.

      • Ex-Dem says:

        Keep dissing your fellow citizens and the truth then – that’s much more logical (and easier) than being a critical thinker and researching it for yourself. Immature, inflexible, uninformed, apathetic, name-callers that actually believe (LOL) the spoon-fed, government propaganda (like you) are why we will be run by Globalists in less than 2 weeks. They know that most Americans are too LAZY to research the truth. They’ve got you where they want you – on a leash. That’s why I quit toeing either party line. I’m independent enough to think for myself and question anything and everything they try to feed me. When will you realize THEY CARE NOTHING ABOUT YOU or anything else but their pocketbooks, power and agenda? Global warming is ALL ABOUT THEIR BOTTOM LINES, period. They could give a rat’s butt about anything other than THEIR ECONOMY. BTW – these ARE the same people that brought us TARP. Two parties under one united MASK of the Central Bankers. How naive can Americans be?

        Bye-bye US Constitution — hello eugenics / FEMA camps. If you want to really be useful to your country, question everything. Do a search on David Rockefeller + eugenics. Or Ted Turner, Rothschild, Kissinger. They’ve all released statements on cutting the population Do a search on Obama’s Director of the Office of Science and Technology, John Holdren and see what they’re vision of the new world is. He co-authored “Ecoscience” in 1977 which proves he is a strong proponent of eugenics. And when they say cull the population, they aren’t just talking about 3rd world countries.

        Do yourself a favor. Break free from the Dem or GOP label and become an American. Hold their feet to the fire – that’s your job and your constitutional responsibility.

        • Brian O says:

          Ex- Dem

          You have done your homework! BRAVO!
          Listen to this person go research it for yourselves! If we stand together
          we can defeat the truly few who are behind this EVIL scheme!

        • American Citizen says:

          I just wish all voters would wake up and become Independent. I’m thinking, why do we need political parties? Why can’t we just vote in people who say what they mean and mean what they say? After all, our founders did not belong to any political party. They each one thought for themselves. And look what they gave us, our constitutional republic, the greatest political system in the world. There are far too many politicians out to destroy it.

          • DaveH says:

            The Party candidates are generally representative of their Party Platforms. It gives us a starting foundation. Then we must carefully listen to their words and study their past record to really know what they stand for. A non-party candidate would require much more scrutiny.

          • Claire says:

            American Citizen–I don’t know why people vote for parties either! It is just more of the same. Another thing, our founding fathers had a different world to deal with. It was a simpler life back then and they didn’t have all the troubles we have now. It would be interesting to know how they would deal with the world today.

      • Rod James says:

        JT, What the hell does drinking coolade mean. That seems to be your most often seen post can’t you think of something more interesting to say?

    • Kevin says:

      My guess is that you went through our public education system and never had a teacher that taught the Communist Program of 1928, which calls for a worldwide environmental program to bring about their Communist New World government. I actually had a ninth grade teacher that taught us about communism and their methods.

      Whether it’s the Fabian Socialists, the Fascists, Communists, any totalitarian scheme, they use the “enslave them as we save them” mechanism, taking a crisis, whether real or imagined, to get their preconceived totalitarian solutions accepted by the public–it’s the solutions, not the crisis that you have to watch out for.

    • AZ Rifleman says:

      Sooooo… If it’s legitimate, explain to me why the consprititorial compulsion to hide data…Why the paranoid determination not to engage legitimate scientists in legimitate debate… Why the expectation that we should all just follow along without question….Why a few decades ago were you guys pushing “Global Cooling”…Then “Global Warming”…Now it’s “Climate Change”…At least try to make up your mind…

      • J C says:

        AZ Rifleman…that’s the new government policy. Ignore the peons and their stupid questions. We don’t have to subject ourselves to any investigations, and if the peons get restless, we’ll make a little show of investigating ourselves. That should hold those stupid sheep for a while…now throw another panic attack at them and they’ll forget all about the scandal of the day.
        Such is the regard our elected officials have for us.

    • dog says:

      Global warming has always been a Hoax, worse than watergate. It has cost us citizens jobs and money and has added trillions to the deficiet all beacuse of a lie from a bunch of communists trying to take over the world by making us poor. Every time Al GOre opened his pie hole, with another lie, our oil and gas prices went up therefor crippling our economy. SHAME ON THE LEFT, GET SOME COMMON SENSE!!!!!

    • MJ says:

      AS Green,
      I have read probably one hundred or so of the e-mails and fully half of them show one type of non-scientific behavior or another. The people in question are recognized as the world’s authorities on global warming and their behaviors look to be ideologically oriented and focused on money. You say man-made global warming is a fact. Although this is true it is not to the extend you ambulance chasers say. You say a few e-mails. Don’t insult my ability to read and comprehend as I have read over one hundred of them and am amazed at their content. You talk about those in power having a “better understanding.” That “better understanding” can easily be translated as ideological agreement. Finally, taking 12 tree trunks out of the total sample of 34 and using them to determine the hockey stick is bad a statisical approach. There are many other things that can affect the tree rings including, moisture, nutrients, weather, etc.
      Man-made global warming that is dangerous to the earth is born out of establishment science. This is the same science that has been promulgated over the last one hundred years that does not use the scientific method.

    • Carol says:

      This article makes me ill as well because if they keeping saying this we will lose everything that God gave to us for free much sooner than later and that is fact.
      Look at the poor Polar Bears they are dying off a such rapid rate that soon there will be none left what is scarey we can’t turn off this damage in some cases it is way to late and some cases it was to late so many years ago.
      If man thinks that we are better than every animal that God put on earth soon there will be nothing left to eat but ourselves and I bet nobody have thought that way but I have and I hope everybody thinks that way before it is to late.

      • Sally says:

        Carol, the number of polar bears have actually increased. You seem like a very sweet and caring person and I hate the way that people like me, who try to convince folks that global climate change is not man-made are somehow uncaring. I care VERY much about my fellow humans and I don’t want to see them enslaved by big government. Please take time to read all the controls and taxes which will come out of this Copenhagen Treaty. Believe me the polar bears will not be affected at all by the Treaty, but YOU will!

        • American Citizen says:

          The polar bear population is actually increasing. Don’t buy the lies of the left. As for the ice shrinking forcing them to swim, they always swim. It’s what they do. The polar ice is actually thidkening. The bergs are getting so heavy, they shed. That’s what you see falling, not do to warming/melting. Geological scientists are debunking the global warming theories. They do actual on-site tests instead of using computer models. Those are only as good as the info fed into them.

      • jbird says:

        Here’s some truth about the polar bears:

        • Claire says:

          Someone said a person couldn’t believe everything they read on the internet either.

        • J C says:

          The people of Churchill Manitoba are walking their kids to school with rifles. That would be because of the higher than average Polar Bear population.

      • Dan-o says:

        You talk about God like he’s pretty small, either your God is man made or it’s just a word you use, but my God is are creator of all things and is incontrol of all things. injoy the life on earth he gave you but it is not your home.

        • Curtis S says:

          Well DUH! All God’s are man-made. All gods are created to control the sheep, isn’t that why you all parrot “the lord is my shephard” every Sunday? lol.

          • Dan-o says:

            When death seeks you I’m sure you will be questioning weather you’ve made the right decision, and vary scared of what awaits you.

          • DaveH says:

            Scientists fill the role that churches used to fill.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM says:

            Curtis S,

            Hmmmm…..maybe in that quagmire you call “your” brain! Too bad that it may really be too late (for you), when you finally get a clue. How sad for you.

            Fed Up Gal

      • J C says:

        People in northern Canada are now walking their children to school with rifles because of the threat caused by the increased number of Polar Bears. This has also happened in the past for brief periods.
        Remember, if you heard it from the Main Stream Media, its probably “spin”. Do your own research.

    • Greg says:

      “Man-made ‘global-warming’ is a ‘fact.’”

      While we’re spouting off useless assertions of “fact,” let’s add in “Darwinian-Evolution is a scientific-fact,” “homosexuality is genetically-determined,” “All, and only, whites are racist,” “Islam is a religion of ‘peace,’” “Obama is not a liar nor a socialist-marxist” .. .. .. Gee, I know I’ll think of more if I had more time.

      However, all of these socialist-liberal assertions, like yours about phony “man-made global-warming” is contrary to all documented facts, scientifically, sociological, biologically, philosophically, historically, or otherwise.

      But what are facts, anyway? Just things, like the U.S. Constitution and TRUTH, that get in the way of the liberal-socialist delusional agenda.

      • Don says:

        Greg, the way you stated your response is that the US Constitution is only for a few.

      • Curtis S says:

        Greg do you wake-up every single day and decide to be heterosexual? You see the rest of us just know. We are genetically programmed to be straight or gay. Sounds like you’re conflicted. Darwinian evolution has been proven to be true (read-up on the fascinating story about the nerve that runs to a giraffe’s vocal cords) and PBS documented the fraud that the Intelligent Design lunacy was all along. However, I agree with your opinion on Islam being the religion of peace. How does a religion of peace endorse jihad?

        • coal miner says:


          I am agnostic,I came from a red neck pentecostal background,all religions are based on frauds and myths.I stated earlier that my mother came up with all kinds of absurdies about other people and religions,it would put Archie Bunker to shame.If it was a T.V. show,people still being watching it.She had tongue like viper a brutal out look towards any one that wasn’t pentecostal.A catholc family moved into our neighborhood. They soon became victims because of this silly bigotry and ignorance.They soon moved out.This happen when I was about fourteen or fifteen years old.I am seventy-eight now,it seems like it happen yesterday.Here are some of her religious insanities and bigotries.

          1:Jews can’t spit,because they spat on Christ.
          2: When a Catholic girl gets married;she had to sleep with the priest the first night in order to purified the marriage.
          3:All churches that weren’t Pentecostal,she call them infidels.
          4:Blacks were children of Cain:She said ,when Cain killed his brother Abel.God put the curse of black and put him on all fours,send him to the land of Nod,therefore he would know his wife.She wasn’t the only religious nut at that time,there were others.She passed away at the age of 105.

          • libertytrain says:

            Your mom was more than likely taught by her parents or some other authority – sadly, there’s always been a whole of lot of misinformation about so many issues – I know I’ve fought one silly gal a couple of times on Catholic issues that I do have a good grasp on – yet she continued to push whatever her peculiar mind chose to believe – she claims to be a Baptist and born again – so she would know more than me about the Catholic doctrine, etc. – at least in her mind – I’m sure someone had showed her the way she chooses to expound doctrine on religions different than hers – forgive your mom – she didn’t know what she was saying -

          • coal miner says:


            My mother’s parents were also pentecostal,they were a good and kind people.They how ever were set in their ways,they never believe in television or electricity.They had Coal oil lamps in which they read their bible.I had never hear either one of my grandparents said anything bad about anyone.My mother might a got her bigotry and racial hatred from other pentecostal churches. She drove my father to have a heart attack,he was seventy-two.She told the preacher it wouln’t do him any good to preach over him he is already in hell.I couldn’t get over how cold and cruel she was. Dad and I were both coalminers and devout unions members.I miss my father very much,as for my mother,I think no one,including me is going to miss her.All this woman has ever brought, is nothing but pain and misery

          • libertytrain says:

            coal miner – sorry – it’s tough to have those kind of memories – My best to you -

          • Claire says:

            Coal Miner- my heart goes out to you too. Childhood should be happy memories. I try to never think about mine. Occasionally I do if I am at a weak moment. But I try to think of the good times I had with my dog and at school. Like libertytrain said–forgive her.

    • Robertaa Bogner says:

      A couple things:

      1. Please google the name of the astrophysicist “Piers Corbyn.”
      2. When I was in high school in the 1970’s, global cooling was the big fear.
      3. A little-noticed article in a newspaper in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s stated that the US National Atmospheric Lab was raided by the feds, and data taken. Why?
      4. Another article (within a year of #3) told the story that the government was removing climate articles from libraries across the US. Why?
      5. The ozone hole pre-dates the invention of the automobile. And NOAA weather frequently gives the record hi or low temps, and they frequently are before the widespread use of the automobile.

      I think we are just in the midst of a bad 60-year cycle, and have lived long enough to see it in action.

      • Disgusted says:

        Robertaa. I would be interested in reading those articles, do you have more information on what papers they were published in? I remember the ozone being depleted because of arisol cans way before the automobile took their place since companies spent billions of dollars revamping their products to eliminate them. Did it help? Now we are on to other things being the cause.
        I too believe this is a natural cycle of the planet.

    • Daffodilly says:

      The geologic history of our planet has revealed that the climate as well as the land masses on the face of the planet have been constantly changed ever since the planet began.
      Once upon a time the entire planet was covered with snow and ice.
      That has been followed by a continual cycle of global warming and cooling right up to today.
      None of those cycles have been caused by human activity.
      This is part of the geological history of this planet.
      It is a natural occurrence.
      Earlier in the planet’s history, there was no atmosphere or climate.
      Much later on after our time on this planet is over, there will no longer be an atmosphere or a climate.
      In the meantime, the planet will continue on its busy way no matter what any of us human do or don’t do.
      Relax and enjoy life as we know it on the planet now and don’t try to do the impossible.
      Attempting to control the climate would be just as foolhardy as trying to empty out the ocean with a thimble.

      • Dan-o says:

        Now who could read that with out saying it make total logical sence.
        It appears alot of people lack comon sence and logic plus add the ability to be easily brain washed and bam! you get a Liberal Democrat.

    • Tim says:

      Amazing what the untrain public believes. Being a professional Geologist the rest of the world has no comprehension into the complexities of the geologic cycle. Wake up world, there is no global warming and according to libraries of data we are actually heading towards the next ice age. Global warming is the biggest money making scam in the history of the planet.

    • Michael says:

      You sir, are simply a moron. To debate you-someone who has already made up their mind, which is the antithesis of true scientific investigation, is like arguing with an idiot.
      I recomend you take a deep breath, leave your bias at home, and reexamine this subect before condeming yourself, your family, and the rest of us to the enormous costs of this proposal.
      Just think about it for a minute, virtually everything your buy at the store-any store will have this cost added to it-EVERYTHING.
      I say no, HELL NO!

    • American Citizen says:

      There is no such thing as a consensus of scientists as to global warming. There are thousands who say we are actually entering a cooling period. In the 1970’s we were supposed to be in a cooling period, then in the 80’s they started talking about global warming. The climate is always in flux as those of us who are senior citizens can tell you. We’ve had warm winters as well as very cold winters during our lifetimes. We have had one of the coolest summers on record this year. What they’ve found is that those scientists who say “global warming” will not enter any data that contradicts their theories.

    • TC Patriot says:

      ASGreen You and Big Al should go live somewhere else. Better yet why don’t you two go get married you LIERS AND FRAUDS. Go get a real life !

    • J C says:

      Garbage! And quit tring to dictate what is good for society. In that regard your opinion is as valid as the IPCC….which is to say worthless.

    • John says:

      Over the last 2,000 years the earth has been cooling with regular fluctuations of temperature around the declining trend line. The recent warming period is well within the normal range AND there has been actual global cooling for the past 10 years which Michael Mann could not explain, called a “travesty” and tried to erase. So much for science. :-( The whole thing is a politically-motivated scam to frighten the people into giving up their freedoms and property while a few elite profit from the hoped-for coming policies and regulations. This is a confidence game and we are the intended suckers.

    • BUZZ in the bunker says:

      FACT: Since 1998 the Earth has been cooling. This cooling has been rapid and significant. buy some extra longjohns ASGreen, you’re going to need them

  2. Johnnyrite says:

    I agree with ASM. It’s the radicals on the right and their Ludite opposition to new and “clean” technologies which threaten all of us.

    Myers needs to be strapped into a chair and forced to watch Al Gore’s brilliant film, An Inconvenient Truth. Maybe that would sobre him up!

    • Bob says:

      Have you totally lost the ability to think? It is “science” not speculation. If the scientific data demonstrates global warming caused by man – I accept it and we should be responding appropriately. If, however, the scientists are manipulating the data – it cannot be trusted. What is hard to understand about this?

    • Disgusted says:

      You Johnnyrite have fallen hook, line and sinker. If Al Gore is so right then why does he live in a home that uses no clean energy? He is in this for the money and notariety (they should take back his nobel peace prize). He couldn’t win the election so he is trying to make a soap box for himself and boy did he find a box and a following! Just proves how gullible we American’s are! Look how many fell for Obama’s bull!

      • Raggs says:

        Yeah Al Gore the millionaire behind all of this BS..
        Acorn / SEIU behind “wealth-care”.

        Over 10% of this country is unemployed, There is another 15-20% retired.. and yet another 15% too young to work..
        Do the math… That leaves only around 50% of this population to pay for this senceless hoax.

      • Carol says:

        I don’t care where Al Gore lives or doesn’t live all I care about he brought things up that everyone should listen to not that he is 100% correct but now we see what is going on and that all that is important and now we are going to have to help every animal and by the way we are animals and require food to live and at the rate we are going killing off the animals we depend upon for life are dying off we are going to have nothing to eat but ourselves think about it.

        • Dan-o says:

          Try some vegies Carol

        • Pat R says:


          Why did God put animals here? For Food!!

          Get your head out of the sand and read your BIBLE; instead of just

          • Curtis S says:

            Why is it that the average eight year old can figure out that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, but grown adults still spew their religious nonsense? Your parents lied about Santa, but you’ll accept the same concept when its dressed-up as god. It shows how indoctrination (Sunday schools, madrassas,etc )at a young age can subvert even intelligent people.

          • Dan-o says:

            So Curtis you think when you die it’s just over, done, finished. your inner soul isn’t telling you theirs more to it than this vary short life here on earth, but yet on this earth is a intricite, delicate, and orchestrated system that Darwin couldn’t even explain.

          • DaveH says:

            You know Curtis, I am Athiest. But I would rather be with religious people any day over being with Liberals. At least the religious people are striving to respect their fellow human being. The Liberals just want to steal our money and force us to follow them over a cliff. No Thanks.

          • Rod James says:

            Ya! Get your head out of the bible and eat a puffer fish.

          • Curtis S says:

            Dan-O – Yes I believe death is final. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust and all that stuff. Or call it recycling. Of course, I might opt to be cremated just to up the CO2 levels a little bit. I believe life is finite and the best and only way to an afterlife is to be remembered. An afterlife is a false promise, it’s wishful thinking sold to serfs and vassals in the middle ages (and the poor throughout the ages) to give their miserable lives a little hope and keep them under control.

          • Claire says:

            I believe in food for the table, however, I do not believe in killing animals for the fun of it.

          • J C says:

            I agree, I hunt for the meat, never for trophies or fun. And guess what? My cholesterol is very low. It’s a healthier alternative.

        • Claire says:

          Carol–Thank you for your post. I am a believer in protecting America’s land, her wildlife, and all the beautiful parks, forests, rivers, etc. A lot of our lakes and rivers are polluted due to the carelessness of some industrial companies. I also believe we do have climate change. Tornado alley has become a much wider path. Tornadoes in January, February, March? We were hit in March 2006. We had bad storms in the past but now they are tornadoes. As I have told others, you have a right to your opinion, do not be afraid to voice them and stand up for what you believe.

          • American Citizen says:

            Some of this is due to cutting in the rain forests. Cut down too many trees and you change the paths of storms. It’s time for the governments to do some preservations of the forests all over the world. That also takes care of the so-called CO2 problems.

          • Claire says:

            American Citizen–thank you for your post. It is good to know there are some people out there with comments like yours. I believe you care about our earth.

          • J C says:

            Claire, my feeling is that more responsible stewardship is necessary. That includes preserving rainforest’s. They are absolutely necessary to our well being. I do NOT believe in any of what the Reverend and multi millionnaire Al Gore is saying though. Considering all he says is more than debatable I believe its a scam and a hoax. Not to mention its been done before.

      • Greg says:

        “Disgusted”: I agree with you. One added note: did you ever think that THE reason Gore fought so hard to overthrown the legal outcome of the 2000 Presidential Election is because he would be in a better position to push this hoax on us and rake in his potential billions of dollars he is poised to make via his structured investment portfolio if this “man-made global warming” HOAX is ever funded by the United States at taxpayer expense?

        • Fed Up Gal in NM says:


          Good point! I never thought of it that way, but in hindsight….the dots sure seem to connect now! He’s such a hypocrit; not to mention a smilin’ cat……never trust smilin’ cats!

          Fed Up Gal

          • American Citizen says:

            You’re right gal, just like smilin’ alligators. Don’t be takin’ n by the smlin’ grin, they’re imagining how well you’d fit within their skin.

      • Don says:

        Gore changed over to Solar on his house. I got this from the Hannity show.

      • Fed Up Gal in NM says:


        Um huh! You said it… very well! Hard to argue with the truth, but I’m sure they’ll still try. Thanks for your thoughts!

        Fed Up Gal

      • J C says:

        Disgusted, you’ve mistaken responsible stewardship for radical communist ideas. One we can believe in, the other is a hoax.

    • DaveH says:

      “Myers needs to be strapped into a chair and forced to watch Al Gore’s brilliant film, An Inconvenient Truth. Maybe that would sobre him up!”
      You are truly evil Johnnyrite. LOL. That would be a fate worse than the death sentence. By the way, would you be supplying the barf bags?

      • Don says:

        Myers said to buy Arch coal which pollutes the air, so he is for CO2. You guys should be praising him.

      • Joe H. says:

        Ah yes, Al Gore of the famous GoreBull warming!!! The man that has made 300,000,000 since leaving office. Nope he wouldn’t cause a hoax, what reason would he have?? Maybe good ole’ money????

    • Earlw says:

      Excuse Me???? Al gore spends $30,000 a year for utilities on his non-green house, excuse me, mansion, while Bush, as reprehensible as he may be, Just built a new completely green,i.e. solar/high-efficient furnace/geothermal/ etc. house in Texas….So who is the windbag and who isn’t??? Eh?? Gore is a complete FRAUD, and a communist, just like his father, not to mention the friend of the family, Armand Hammer, who had a factory in the Soviet Union decades ago….Might explain why he decided to be a no-show at the Copenhagen conference…just can risk media exposure..

    • Kevin says:

      Who doesn’t love the environment? Who doesn’t want clean air? This isn’t about saving the environment or finding cleaner energy sources. Do yourself a favor and find a copy of the Communist Program of 1928, or watch General Parton’s video, “The Program”, and find out why the Communists wanted a worldwide environmental program to bring about their New World Government.

      • Greg says:

        YOU ARE SPOT ON. THIS is what is really going on: The Tryannical One World Global Government. If you understand this Elitist agenda, then most of world history for the past 200 years makes perfect sense. How and why the World Wars started, why the U.S. was involved, by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was signed into law, how the Great Depressions was orchestrated, as well as this current “economic meltdown.”

        As David Rockefeller, principal of the Elites from the Bilderberg Group and Tri-Lateral Commission (World Governmence Conspirators), once stated: create a crisis big enough and the masses will surely hand over their privacy, liberties and money for the false promise of fake peace and fake security. Basically, the U.S. is doing business with the devil by participating in these Global conferences and “electing” these One World Communists as President.

      • J C says:

        Dead on! Like all subliminal and covert agenda’s this one is wrapped in an emotional and bullet proof vehicle. Really simple people are overwhelmed by a really good picture show. Can you say “An inconvenient pack of lies”?

    • Lena says:

      Oh Johnnyrite, you silly silly man. Don’t believe everything Al Gore tells you. That man may recommend that we treat the planet with respect, when in fact his energy bill exceeds the US average. Must be from all the smoke he is blowing up your a$$.

      Global warming? I don’t know if it is true, partially true or an all out lie. I think perhaps if anything the weather gets more extreme in both climates. Colder winters and hotter summers. That seems to be the trend I have experienced living in Canada for the past ten years. Record lows and record highs. But that also mean balance. Therefore lets not start a panic about the oceans rising just yet. There are other steps people can take to help out the planet… which it definitely needs. Respect the environment, recycle as much as possible, and do your best not to overuse the gifts the planet allows us. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Destroying the planet will have an outcome. May not be the ones people predict but something will come of it.

    • Brian O says:

      Hey johnnyrite;
      You might want to re-think your position on this “great” film.
      There are at least 6 Big Lies in it. That is why 30,000. plus scientists
      say it’s false and many are sueing him over it all over the world.

      1- Polar Bears are not dying off they are thriving.
      2- The “hockey stick” graph has been proven to have been manipulated.
      3-That big ammount of ice that was melting… oops it was a glitch in the satellite transmission.
      4- the very way Gore says C02 is warming the earth the top climatologists in the world say it dosen’t work that way.
      I could go on but if you truly do have an open mind you will research and find the rest. Just for a laugh why don’t you try it.

      Happy hunting!

  3. MJ Montana says:

    I think Myers should try reading the news out of Copenhagen.

    The decade of 2000 to 2009 will be the warmest one since records began in 1850! That is what the World Meteorological Organization says.

    In fact 2009 was also the fifth-warmest year on record! Myers needs to forget the Email junk — try and read a thermometer.

    Furthermore coal is the very worst solution. Investors should be morally outraged about buying such a toxic energy source.

    • Joe H. says:

      Yeah, but it is based on information that is “skewed” to give the results they want to try to tear the U.S. down. The majority of the second rate governments wants the U.S. to be in the same boat that they are in and they’ve got you drinkin’ the drink and talkin’ the talk!!! Which, by the way, is bull!!!! And I don’t care what our resident German thinks!!!!

    • DaveH says:

      The World Meteorological Organization is an agency of the UN. The same organization that has been trying to assert themselves as our one world government for the last 30 years. We can trust them to be honest. NOT!
      Here in Northern Arizona, we have had extraordinarily cool temperatures for the last 3 summers.
      I guess these guys are just liars:

      • Don says:

        Dave, I went to your article and one of the links said that 8 out of the last 10 years have been the warmest since the 1920’s. Again, I question your source. I don’t think you even agree with it. You love misinformation.

        • DaveH says:

          You’re funny Don. Been reading Saul Alinsky lately?
          So, Duh, there is controversy. Real science doesn’t have controversy because their results are predictable and repeatable.

    • Greg says:

      MJ: as stated by the other responders, this is all part of their hoax and skewed data.

      But think about it: let’s PRETEND that it’s true, that the globe is getting warmer (which it is not–it’s getting cooler). The question is: what part of it is MAN-MADE. There is no science behind that part even if you buy into the hoax that we’re getting warmer. So PRETENDING that it was true, THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT.

      So why are we discussing spending TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS on it? Oh, perhaps THAT’S the reason: THE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Mabye? Could be? Just might be a wee little teenie-weenie aspect of their motivation to hoodwink us with this hoax? Can we stretch our imaginations and possibly consider how TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS might motivate a few key Elites poised to rake in that money to cast a wee-little hoax on the rest of us?

    • jim says:

      Hi MJ, How acurate were 1850 thermometers and how diligent were the record keepers?

  4. Robin from Indiana says:

    The only people who push this fantasy are the ones who will profit from it. It’s a hoax; nothing more; nothing less!

    • Curtis S says:

      You mean the coal industry?

      • DaveH says:

        The coal industry and other such natural resource companies have made many peoples’ lives better and safer (from winter deaths, etc.). People buy their products willingly. People don’t buy government products willingly; they are forced by law. I will take the voluntary purchases from the Corporations over the forced purchases (taxes) by Big Government any day.

    • Joe H. says:

      yeah like Gorebull who has made over 300,000,000 dollars since leaving office on this bull!!!

  5. Marauder says:

    The preposterous idea that we can impact the natural temperature cycles of this planet is man’s ultimate conceit, and the global warming hoax is just another left wingnut scam. Man-made global warming is anything BUT a fact. Instead of reading the tripe to emanate from Copenhagen, one should study geology.

  6. Bill Fox says:

    The simple solution for most of the US would be to build solar/thermal generating plants in the deserts and coast in the West. The cost for the plants and new transmission grid, which use existing technology, would be far less than either the cost of the Iraq/Afgan wars or the soon-to-come cap-and-trade emission taxes. We could jump the windmill and natural gas technology phase, saving $trillions. The energy source is FREE and produces an average of 18kwh on every square meter of the planet, every day of the year. This would definitely reduce all that global warming by converting it into more useful forms energy.

    • Joe H. says:

      Bill Fox,
      They tried to build the biggest solar plant in the world in California and the tree huggers stopped them because of 11 desert turtles and two flat tailed lizards. Two freakin’ lizards!!!!!

      • Sally says:

        HAHAHAHA. I live in CA now and this totally sounds like the nuts that live here! Too funny – and poignant.
        If liberals think humans are all so bad I personally have no problem if they’d all like to do themselves in. I’m so sick of trying to get them to turn off their TVs and actually read. I give up!

    • DaveH says:

      Free? Wow, I like free. Could you send those guys over to my house to install those free Solar Panels?

    • Fred says:

      Bill, you’ve apparently drunk the coolaid.

      Solar power is at best an adjunct to regular power sources. No large solar plant has yet to be found cost effective. It’s also much more expensive to maintain, plus solar panels deteriorate and must be replaced at regular intervals. Distributed systems (such as panels on homes) could power a TV or two and some lights and a fan on good days, but not much else.

      Natural Gas — that’s a decent source. How is it significantly different than oil or coal? These are all basically geologically sequestered carbon based energy sources based upon dead life forms from eons ago — times when there was more C02 and life was apparently very abundant… It’s also possible (although an energy waste) for oil and perhaps coal to be refined into natural gas… So hows that work for you? Perhaps it would be more cost effective to just repackage this energy sources as ‘natural oil’ and ‘natural coal’? They’re from nature after all.

      Recycling Nuclear — there’s a real solution. Get rid of the 1970s nutroots restriction on public nuclear plants recycling fuel rods back into more fuel (like military energy plants have always done) and you’ve really got something going. This would eliminate many of the problems of storage of waste, which could be recycled back into energy uses. Plus one could recycle decommissioned weapons material into useful power. I’m surprized the nutroots haven’t figured this out — the way to get rid of nuclear bombs is to put all the bomb material into energy. The energy market would make it increasing difficult to financially justify sequestering energy material into bombs.

      • DaveH says:

        Yes, free markets would be the answer to a lot of our problems. We just need to get government out of the way.

      • AnhydrousBob says:


        Good input on the Nuclear fuel recycle.

        I think they have figured it out, Carter was the one to ban recycling fuel. So why a ban?

        France does it, although I think I have read that the French use one type of recycle setup and there may be an even better one.

  7. Doug says:

    The only global warming going on is between these left leaning terriost butt checks!

    • Joe H. says:

      If man is causing global warming, I’ll bet 98% is caused by all the hot air coming from Washington D.C.!!!!

  8. T-bone Radical says:

    Wow, I thought this was a right winged site. It appears the left has invaded. I don’t think anyone knows the facts about Global warming…..there simply isn’t enough data. Add the billions of dollars to be made by those with investments in Green Tech (Al Gore)and all of a sudden there’s a urgent demand. Scientists have also revealed Mother Earth has had a history of being much warmer in the past. How do you Green geeks explain that. I’m guessing dinosaur passing gas and contaminating the atmosphere with Methane. There’s a whole lot of that in Washington. Trusting the political Right or Left and their rhetoric is stupid. None of them listen to what the people want. Global warming is just another way to raise taxes.

    • RHSchumann says:

      The money to be made by those who advocate Green technology is peanuts compared to the billions made by oil and coal companies. Billions in profit which they stand to lose if Green technology takes over. In addition, much of the coal remaining in the USA can be extracted only by mountain top removal (which in reality is a criminal act) and mining oil shale and oil sands out West and a horrendous cost to the environment. Fact is, we will eventually run out of fossil fuels and oil is much too valuable to burn. Future generations will condemn us for it.

      • DaveH says:

        Eventually we will. But why pay more before that happens? The difference is that consumers have a choice now. They won’t have a choice when Big Government takes over.

        • Don says:

          Dave you are correct. Dick Cheney had the big oil companies set our energy policies for our big government.

          • DaveH says:

            I live in the present. Politicians from both parties have contributed to our government’s growth. But right now the Democrat leaders are totally out of control. That’s okay with me, because they unintentionally are waking up the citizens. It’s about time.

      • R Jenkins says:

        You don’t have a clue. In the first place, you have to know how much profit an oil company makes? For how many oil companies do you have that information? Do you know which oil companies have made a profit and how much they made? Do you know which ones have not made a profit and how much they lost? In the second place you need to know how much investement was required to make those profits. Tell me, what is ExxonMobil’s total investment? Surely you know the answer. How are you able to suggest that any oil company makes too much profit if you don’t know how much they have invested. I suggest you do not use that approach with your own investments. If you are so smart, and your arrogant statements would suggest that you consider yourself very smart indeed, tell me why so many refineries have closed over the past couple of years if they are so profitable. Do you know why? Surely you know the answer.

        • Don says:

          I’m a part time investor, and I don’t have the answers to all your questions. Yes, they do invest a lot of money, but they do make billions. They make more money than any other company. This is what is reported, and they have never denied it. One of their biggest problem is buying rigs. Other countries have been in the position to order these rigs and the companies that deliver oil to us are playing the waiting game on getting their rigs. It is not about exploring right now, it is about getting rigs to explore. My source is Crammer and magazines that deal with investing.

          • DaveH says:

            The oil companies struggled for a couple of decades. Yes, they are making money now, but why not? That’s what they are in business for. I’m semi-retired now, but in my prime I was paying over $20,000 a year just on Income Taxes. I maybe at most paid $2000 a year on my energy expenditures and a large part of that bill is due to numerous hidden energy taxes. Let’s see, who should I admire, the government or the energy companies. Not a hard question for me.

        • Curtis S says:

          R Jenkins – You ask “tell me why so many refineries have closed over the past couple of years if they are so profitable” that’ simple, basic supply and demand economics. Reduction of the supply automatically increases demand. Increase demand = increase in price = increase in profits. Not really a big mystery or nor a conspiracy.

      • Joe H. says:

        RH Shumann,
        since when is 300,000,000 dollars made by one person peanuts? I hope you don’t buy groceries for your house!!!!

      • Rod James says:

        RH. Some good points but we are really in trouble as Peak Oil passed in 1988 and oil production and discovery have fallen steadily since.With the increased demand (China,India many other countries)in the future we will not have enough oil for demand SOON.Alternative energies are not being developed fast enough to fill the need of a new infastructure.Oil companies are not willing (after the financial meltdown) to lay out eploration costs if there is a chance of a dry hole.If the government doesn’t stop spending (bailouts,wars etc.)it will be of no help in finding a solution to this grave problem (lack of fuel to transport food, heating oil for example. The past examples of government be it Dem or Rep make it pretty clear that they are failing the US citizens on many levels and it will be the “same old same old” keep the carbon based energy system chugging along and God help us if The Copenhagen Treaty is passed with us all basically paying carbon taxes up the whazoo!

        • DaveH says:

          Energy markets unfettered by the heavy hand of government would solve these issues the best they can be solved. Due to the desire of investors to make money on their capital (a good thing) money pours into promising projects in free markets. Since it is their skin in the game, they will be much more likely to carefully scrutinize those investments than would be the government with the same amount of money. As oil production declines, money would be moving to promising alternative energy projects. The best chance we have for energy success is to get the government out of the energy markets.

          • Rod James says:

            HaveH, I agree just like they should be out of alot of other areas but how do you do that when they have a whole system of laws,media,finance,
            politics etc at their disposal.Oh Ya! and lots of guys with guns,bombs, missles etc.

  9. John Gault says:

    These are the “Same” fool’s that clamed that the next Comin gof the ICE AGE back in the mid 60’s. Follow the Money you fool’s!!! If we rolled back all of our “Foot Print” like you want we would be back in the mid 1800’s. Maybe even more with the amount of NEW People we have added over thelast few yewr’s. So, should we START KILLING PEOPLE FOR THIS ALSO???? FOOL’S!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • American Citizen says:

      And if we go backwards, which we are, what did they use for fuel and energy? Mostly coal and wood. A lot of people are using wood now as the air at night around here is hardly to be breathed, it’s so full of smoke. People are resorting to fireplaces and wood stoves as fuel for hear is already expensive. We just had a raise in our electric bill.

  10. LucifersHammer says:

    To those who are maligning the article. I agree that we all must do something to reasonably keep out local environments clean. However, in regards to coal, much advance has been made over the years in clean coal-fired technology. A FACT which many choose to ignore. It is easy to ride the wave of supposed intellectual guidance from politicians and celebrities who espouse the anthropogenic effect upon the worlds climate. I agree that GLOBAL WARMING, non-anthropogenic, was a fact. If you research the data effectively, you will find that we are now at a level of AVERAGE GLOBAL temperature circa 1979 when the pundits screamed, “we’re going into an ice age”. The average global temp has been steadily dropping since 2000. Why do you think it is now called “climate change”??? As to an anthropogenic cause, get a life! Our planet puts out more pollutants in a year than mankind does in less than 1/2 a day! Studies of ice cores, seafloor sediments, even lake sediments indicate that the climate has reversed in a cyclic manner over and over again long before we “enlightend” humans began our rampage upon earth. And since, by such data aforementioned, we know that 800-1200 A.D.(not C.E. as political correctness itself is a fraud), was several degrees warmer than we achieved this time around. Do your research, quit listening to the pundits and gain a bit of knowledge outside the biased and politically driven media and associated scientists. But be careful, knowing the other sides data may be harmful to your ego.

    • Disgusted says:

      Couldn’t have said it better and couldn’t agree more.

    • Joe H. says:

      There are scrubbers they can put on coal plants that will make them burn almost as clean as nuke plants!!!

    • RHSchumann says:

      If so much advancement has been made in clean-coal technology, then why are those who push coal fighting it tooth and nail?
      Yes, it was warmer a thousand years ago but then vast stretches of currently arable land were too dry to sustain human civilization. But there were no borders in Africa and Australia and people could move on to greener pastures. Now everybody is caught up in national boundaries and mass migrations are destabilizing entire continents.

  11. Frank Verrall says:

    I wonder when the American people will wake up to the fact that Glen Beck is as fake as a $4 dollar note and, is virtually calling the American listeners to the Fox negative network fools ,as I cannot see anyone with an ounce of intelligence believing the twaddle he turns out at times while pandering to the paranoia built up by scare mongering.

    I will just mention his attitude to the Global Warming/ Climate Control, debate and meeting in Copenhagen, of course there are people that will refer to it as “A junket” and yes there will be some waste but proportionately no more that is wasted elsewhere and there could be good that comes out of it as there is nobody that believes that human interference has not had detrimental effect on the planetary conditions and, those that are taken in by people like Beck must be at least one short of a six pack.

    We now have the idea that there is a ground swell of opinion that there is a “Tea party” in the making and again, if anyone thinks that the two old parties will allow that they too must be a bit short of grey matter .

    Does America NEED a third party ? Of course they do, but this is not the time for a “Tea Party” that is like forming a party by default, because in today’s political climate, parties are voted OUT not in”

    Just as Sarah Palin is a political opportunist we have Glen Beck trying to prove that as a person whose country of origin was Marxist, can act and be a better American than the originals, well, not the real originals, I mean “The Pilgrims,” those poor persecuted people from the “Old country “ that followed the British penchant for genocide, in their eagerness to subjugate the conquered, and now through their stupid amendment which allows the citizenry to carry guns, ostensibly to protect themselves,

    The we hear bleating about “Why do we have these mass shootings here, we are peace loving people.” when they send men to war overseas and trained to kill then wonder why there are some that cannot kick the habit, because they are often not given the recognition or the help needed, when they return,

    In his newsletter which I get he touches on “Glen’s Hate mail ‘ well I am not a hating person and feel only disappointment that he and a few others seek to undermine the American public.

    • Bill says:

      Hey Franky Boy, I just happen to be one of the people your talking about. I spent over half my life defending this Country and it’s way of life. Hell yes I own guns and I also own Bibles. Yes I do believe in God, Country and Guns. Glenn Beck along with all the reporter on FOX and Beck’s radio program are all DEAD-ON. Yes, I use my weapons for self defense of myself and my family and I’m not afraid to use them. Will I take my guns and run around killing just for the hell of it, NO. PAL, in case you’ve never heard it “People Kill, Not Guns”, guns are only a tool just as a mechanic uses wrenches. Take naway the gun’s and what do you have then, people running around with a knife cutting people’s throat. Take away the knife what do you have, people running around bashing people’s skulls with rocks or choking them to death. Morale of the story is, if a person has it in their mind to kill, they don’t need a gun to do it.

      • DMP says:

        RIGHT ON!!!!

      • Joe H. says:

        you need to remember Cain killed Able with the jaw bone of an ass!!!

      • Don says:

        Bill, are you for legalizing drugs? The reason I asked is because I followed Glen Beck in his earier days when he always talked about taking drugs and alcohol every day for years until his doctor told him he will die if he continues this life pattern. If you think he makes sense, then he would be proof that drugs do not affect our minds. He occasionally talks about his past, but not as much.

        • DaveH says:

          I haven’t taken any kind of drug my entire life. I very rarely have even taken aspirin. And I’m sure you would agree that I’m a little crazy, LOL.
          I believe that it is dumb to do drugs, but that is the individual’s choice. The government has no business protecting us from ourselves. The controls don’t work anyway. On the other hand, if the individual does harm to somebody else they should be fully prosecuted whether they are on drugs or not.

    • Disgusted says:

      I am a Beck fan, I watch him every day. I don’t appreciate your insulting my intelligence because I choose to listen to someone you don’t agree with. Your attitude towards a certain group of people because of who they choose to listen to is a prime example of why this country is in the trouble it is in today. You are short sited. Glen Beck speaks it like it is and has been doing so for a very long time. He is not party specific and only wants everyone to see that we need to come together as Americans, not Democrats or Republicans. He will point out someones lies and corruption no matter what party they fall under and to tell you the truth I want to know when one of my government representatives is lying to me!

      • usmadgirl says:

        Amen, Disgusted!

        I’ve watched Glenn since day one! If I miss him at 5:00pm, I watch him at 2:00am! Until Glenn, I knew our country was going to H#*@ in a hand basket, but I didn’t know exactly how all the radicals (Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Van Jones, Bill Ayers, Cass Sunstein, Mark Lloyd, Carol Browner, Valerie Jarrett, Anita Dunn, Andy Stearn & SEIU & ACORN, Jeff Jones & the Apollo Alliance (& on & on) were connected! People can smear Glenn all they like, but he has no agenda except to inform “the people” of what’s taking place with this radical administration to destroy our economy, our dollar, our Constitution & every aspect of the country that MOST of us LOVE! He NEVER touches on any issue without PROOF. I don’t know anyone who’s more passionate about where our country is headed or loves this country & our Constitution more than Glenn. Progressives are just afraid of him because he’s informing US of THEIR agenda to bring us into a One World Government!

        I’m a very conservative Republican & don’t agree with his thinking that Republicans have caused as many problems as the Progressive, Marxist, Saul Alinsky-Mao-loving Democrats (I’m not talking about old moderate Democrats like Zell Miller), but other than that, he’s right on the money! He is the ONLY person in the media who GETS IT! If people rely on the “MessiahStreamMedia” for their news, they are uninformed or misinformed & dumber than a box of rocks. They tell you only what their “Savior” wants you to hear! You’ll never hear ANYTHING against the “Health Care”, “saved or created jobs”, or the “Climate Change” hoaxes!

        The climate has been changing since the beginning of time & the Creator has taken care of it ever since. What gives goofy Al Gore & all the other “climate change” liars the right to play “God”? Let God have control of the “thermostat” & we’ll be just fine. How many people do you think this administration will require to be eliminated in order to keep the air we exhale from “destroying the planet”? Has anyone thought about that? I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past this so-called president & his evil “elves’!

        Merry Christmas (not happy holidays nor happy winter – it’s Christ’s birthday)!

        • Curtis S says:

          Yawn. Comparing Glenn Beck to a credible journalist is like comparing Barrack Obama to a member of the Libertarian Party. The Glenn Beck show is a daily lesson in false journalism. Running false crowd footage, rampant speculation, skewed reporting, half truths and things that were illegal until the FCC was neutered in the 90s.

      • American Citizen says:

        I first caught Glenn on the radio years ago. He said then about his problems he had overcome with alcohol. He also has a special needs child. But what impressed me about him was that he is more about right and wrong than taking a political side. If you really are a regular listener to Fox, you’ll find those guys give both sides hell.

    • RHSchumann says:

      I can’t agree with you more!

    • DaveH says:

      I have read your comment, and I have listened to Glenn Beck. Sorry, but he is a lot more real than you are.

    • AnhydrousBob says:

      So what are you advocating, Frank? We stop our ears and don’t listen to any idea we don’t like?

      Remember when the authorities tried to shut down that guy Galileo for his heretical ideas? Remember how that silly guy, Albert, was talking all that relativity stuff? None of the Experts of the day agreed with either of them, or Kepler, or Copernicus …
      Either we shut off all ideas, or we let them flow. Personally, I’d like to hear them. I’ll take my time and figure out which ones fit, and which ones don’t. And if you sit down with all those pieces of the puzzle, you’ll find that, when it comes to the climate, those AGW pieces just don’t fit.
      If you aren’t capable of processing the info, you better be damn sure that people you believe in are correct.
      Ask yourself, which side of the aisle would you have been on? Would you have been on the side of Galileo, or would you have kept to the consensus.

  12. DOUG from OK says:

    Natural Gas is the Logical choice. We have an abundant supply…it has a low carbon footprint… and the Jobs created to build vehicles and infastructure would be a “stimulous Package” in and of itself not to mention the trickle down from the success of the Energy Companies back into the economy.

    • Joe H. says:

      Yup and I need you to go out and replace my gas cars with natural gas cars. O.K.? Do you know what it would cost this nation to switch every car over to natural gas?

    • Fred says:

      Natural gas has about the same carbon footprint as gasoline which comes from natural oil. In fact, cracking plants (oil refineries that crack large natural oil molecules into smaller gasoline molecules) can and do crack natural oil into natural gas and other light natural gases as an end-product (such as methane and propane).

      These volatile gases used to be considered byproducts that were flamed (burned) at the refinery. Now they are being ‘capped’ and sold.

      Cracking technology could be used to crack natural crude oil into mostly natural gas or gases, if one wished. FYI, cracking large natural hydrocarbons into smaller natural hydrocarbons is a relatively energy efficient process that pretty near runs on it’s own energy. It’s just a matter of how far one wishes to crack the crude down what the products end up being. From natural crude cracking comes tars, waxes, soaps, plastics, oils, gasoline, propane, ethane, methane and many other ‘natural’ hydrocarbons.

      In gasoline, the carbons are all in chains instead of all by themselves. And yes, there are various ‘pollutants’ in both natural gas and natural oil. That’s because all these natural energy sources (including natural coal) come from dead life forms of some sort. Life forms have P, S, N, and other molecules besides C, H, & O.

  13. John says:

    Man made global warming is ridiculous. Unfortunately the scientist who promote this hoax no longer practice good science. Instead of simply examining the data before them, they look for data that will support their belief. And they really reach. This is a dangerous practice which causes scientist to be blinded to the truth. Scientific research should be an open forum with free debate and both sides committed to discovering the truth, however that is not the case when it comes to the topic of “global warming”. Or is the term now climate change because the term global warming didn’t scare people enough. Any opposition to the concept is CRUSHED! This should be the first clue. Grants are withheld, people fired, the opposing voice is silenced. That is not science, that is politics. In the 60’s the movement was all about the impending ICE AGE. There are always some nuts out there. Just ignore them.

    • DaveH says:

      I wish we could “just ignore them”. But the fact is that they are trying to take over our lives with their Hoax.

      • usmadgirl says:

        Amen, DaveH! Ignoring them is what they WANT us to do so we won’t try to shove a stick in their spokes (as if they would notice or care anyway)! Why is it so complicated (for particularly the “left”)to see the hoax (or hoaxes)? All you have to have is a little common sense to know when people are blowing smoke up your butt!

  14. Ron says:

    All the liberals posting here remind me of the idiots in the White House and Democratic Congress who don’t have a legimate argument about anything, like the healthcare debacle, its just “we are smarter and know more than anyone else in the world about everything, and you should just blindly follow us”.

  15. Disgusted says:

    Global Warming is true. Is it being caused by man? I don’t think so. Watch the History channel sometime, they have specials on all the time about how the earth’s temperatures have fluctuated warmer and colder over millions of years.
    Do I believe we should work towards greener energies….yes. I think we are exhausting the earths resources and we need to utilize the free energies that are available to us (wind, water, sun), but, we could have and should have done it years ago. There is just too much money in the oil and coal business for our government to really step back from it. They are certainly putting on a good show and spending a ton of money, but if they were really serious about it they would have made the changes long ago.

    • LucifersHammer says:

      Disgusted’s thought processes are logical. Green technologies are needed as we exhaust those carbon based energy supplies so thoughtfully provided by nature. And yes, big money and government have stood in the way for too many years. Think of what we could have had if Tesla’s ideas had been fully brought to fruition. Alternate sources are needed for our future survival. But to shut down our current economies because a few believe that we humans are presently doing enough to seriously alter the climate, is as has been said, the height of human ignorance and arrogance.

    • Joe H. says:

      And if we get away from petroleum completely, where do you think they are going to get the lubricants to keep those wind mills and such running?

      • Disgusted says:

        Joe H.: Now you are just nit-pickin the points! Use a little common sense. The amount used to “lubricate” the wind turbines wil be miniscule. We will never get completely away from needing lubricants as most engines will need some sort to run on. You are being absolutely rediculous with this comment.

        • DaveH says:

          “Use a little common sense”? Like the common sense you use when you say that “we need to utilize the free energies that are available to us (wind, water, sun)”. If they were “free”, we would have no problem, would we? Consumers would readily purchase the alternate energies if they were free. They aren’t free.
          I only point out your inconsistencies because you chose to condescend Joe. Please don’t stoop to personal attacks like the board Zombies.

          • Disgusted says:

            You are right and I apologize. “FREE” is not the proper term. How is the term “Cheaper”, or “Economically Sound” or “Sustainable” energy. Nothing in this world is free! I just assumed we were all on the same page that “FREE” actually meant we didn’t need to rob the earth of its precious resources to fulfill our needs.

          • DaveH says:

            You are a class act (sincerely). I appreciate that.

            The thing is that whenever government gets involved in the market place, there are inevitable distortions: Subsidies, regulatory obstacles, fines. It makes a balanced assessment of costs very difficult. Take Wind Energy. It costs money and energy to build the generators. It also costs the environment – who wants to live near a wind farm? And then perhaps one of the greatest problems is the fact that wind is not consistent.
            With a free market most consumers will buy the cheapest energy. Those who want to be Green could voluntarily spend more and feel good. If somebody discovers an alternate energy that can be competitively priced, you can be sure consumers would buy it. And there would be a lot more capital to invest in those endeavors if Government wasn’t growing and consuming so much of our natural resources.


          • Disgusted says:

            Dave. Thanks mucho. I hate to see these posts resort to name calling and such.
            We have a lot of wind farms in Wisconsin and if you ever have the opportunity to see Lake Winnebago there are quit a few now and plans for about 400 wind turbines on the east shore, it doesn’t look bad. I don’t know how loud they are if you are close to them, but from what I have heard the locals want more and don’t seem to mind them.

          • jim says:

            How can the Dems tax sunshine and wind? Once we fiure that out it will be availiable.

          • Joe H. says:

            Those wind turbines that you tout so loudly are twenty years away at best!!! slim pickens( or is that T bone Pickens) type of system has have land confiscated ( yes I do mean confiscated) which means law suits,The turbines have to be built, the power grid built, and then when they are on line you will have extremely high up keep costs. Then you have the west coast that always says ” not in my back yard”! Twenty years is a very low estimate!!!

          • Disgusted says:

            Joe, They could be a reality now, if people like Al Gore would stop preaching and actually do something. Global Warming has been a topic of concern in the media since the 1980’s and yet here we are 20 years later still talking about it. I personally think the earth is just being the earth and going through a normal cycle that it has been going through for billions of years, but if these activists are so passionate about it why has it taken 20 years to act and now you are saying at least 20 more. Even though I don’t believe man is causing global warming I do believe we should move towards sustainable/clean energy sources and these wind turbines are a good solution, as is solar energy and water energy. We need to stop dragging our feet and do something about it.

  16. Sarel Rossouw says:

    Start at the beginning. Overpopulation is the problem. Global warming is the result. Ask the scientists to go back one step and then try to explain the term “‘Global Warming” again.

    • DaveH says:

      Anybody who is aghast at the population size is free to reduce the population by one. Of course, they don’t mean their life, just the lives of others.
      This doesn’t mean I disagree with you on population size. I also would like to see fewer people, but I want that to be a personal choice, not the choice of the powers-that-be. One simple method to reduce population size without treading on peoples’ freedom would be simply to bestow responsibility on the citizens for their own families. In other words, there would be no special breaks based on family size like there are now in Income Tax Code, etc.

    • jim says:

      Hi Sarel, If our planet is so overpopulated why don’t you help out by volenteering to go somewhere else?

      • Joe H. says:

        Like all good liberals that want to help the downtrodden with others money, sarel only believes in population shrinkage if it involves somebody else’s life!!!!

  17. MSG says:

    Well I see Obama”s zar has now declaired CO2 a hazard. Do any of you know why? Here is what I think, this fool has spent so much money and evan china has told him to stop. Well this will give him the chance to tax your breathing so you better learn to hold your breath or just give up breathing, This is where the largest co2 outlets come from in the world people and animals their breath. Sure maybe we need to clean up the air but not when the economy is in the shape it is in freeze goverment spending. forget health care cut taxes and pay the money back Obama has wasted first

    • LucifersHammer says:

      Declared to be hazardous so as to circumvent the potential demise of the “cap & trade” legislation. Rather than “legally(?????)” tax us into the ground, fine us or throw us in jail to get the same end!

    • DaveH says:

      Obama isn’t going to be happy until he has alienated every support group he has. The Democrat Party had better wake up soon or they are going to be in real danger of needing the protection of the Endangered Species Act.

  18. bigotae says:

    Frank is in love with his own ignorance and as far as the data being refered to by the liberal lemmings,IT HAS BEEN PROVEN FRAUDULENT.

  19. koz says:

    global warming. big deal.i drive a big pick-up, use wood and coal for heat, and burn my garbage dialy. i also ski over 100 days out of the year. global warming. i could’nt care less.

  20. Pubulis says:

    From roughly 800 to 1300 A.D., known as the Medievel Warming Period (MWP), wine grapes were grown in Great Britain and Greenland. During the MWP, worldwide temperatures were higher than today’s. Of course, this occured long before the industrial revolution, which upsets the “manmade-global-warming” world government control schemes. So, Copenhagen and the “climate scientists” must ignore and hide these things, along with measurements in the present decade, which has shown flat to downward temperatures.

    For anyone interested in the facts, The MWP has been confirmed with ice cores, stalagmites, sediments, and isotopes, which agree with 6,144 boreholes around the world. Temperatures were about 0.5øC warmer
    worldwide. See: John Myers is correct.

    • Disgusted says:

      Pubulis. You are spot on. Science has proven that the earth has gone through Warming Periods and Cooling Periods (mini ice ages) over and over again throughout time. This is nothing different. In their desparate attempt to fix something that isn’t happening what kind of consequences are we going to have? Man’s interference is wrong!

    • Paula Shene says:

      If people actually read all the data instead of only listening to the ‘talking heads’, the furor would die but indoctrination is a powerful mind clouding devise.

  21. rcast714 says:

    Any 6th or 7th grade middle school student know about the “Scientific Method” of proving scientific theories and natural laws. There are seven steps:

    State the problem
    State a hypothesis
    Perform an experiment using a variable and a control
    Analyze the date
    State the conclusion based on facts and data
    Write a scientific report

    To the very best of my knowledge this has not been done by the so called “scientists” who support the notion of human caused global warming. Instead they use syllogistic reasoning, conjecture, and consensus to make their claims none of which is supported by what even middle school students know is not true scientific evidence.

    Now we have those same crooked scientists “cooking the books”, so to speak, simply to support a particular political agenda.

  22. Elizabeth says:

    hummmm, if there is no Global Warming why is the arctic melting? Also it should occur to men that perhaps The Creator put things, called natural resources by man, into the earth for another reason than for man to play with. Perhaps helium is there to keep the earth in it’s orbit, not inflate balloons for a parade, and so forth. I suggest that these matters be look at more closely, because once these so called resources are used, there will be no more. Solar energy is one that will always be there, unless of course The Creator gets upset with mans stupidity and turns off the sun. The human race has become spoilt and weak in the last hundred years. An old proverb below sums it up well, from real Americans.

    Cherokee Prophecy
    When all the trees have been cut down,when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, when the soil no longer gives grain,only then will you discover you cannot eat money.

    • LucifersHammer says:

      A wise and thoughful comment indeed. I do miss the old environmental commercials of the seventies. The tear on the check of our Native American Brother says much as to the carelessness with which we do use the resources, and discard their remains. Though I am a petroleum geologist, I feel it is incumbent that all things we do with nature, and each other, be done with respect and balanced dignity. Take as needed, when finished, return as much as possible to what was before.

    • Joe H. says:

      yup and when we use all that helium the earth will sink like a rock!!! Have you ever come into contact with a thing called gravity? How about Orbit?? I don’t mean the site where you get lower room rates here.

  23. Forrest says:

    Al Gore’s income increased exponentially since he left the vice president position. He was reportedly worth 2 million now in the 100 millions. That shold make you at least question his motives. Global warming is a hoax and the movie inconvenient truth is being shown all over the world to convince useful idiots to sell their birth rights to the global warming power conglomerate. As a matter of fact the polar bear population is increasing in number and Al baby 6 outright lies in his movie.

  24. Tom Cropp says:

    No rational person would claim that man-made global warming is an indisputable fact. The earth is perfectly capable of warming and cooling itself without mankind’s feeble efforts to interfere, as it has done countless times over the past several billion years. If the so-called science behind the alarmist’s claims is so good, why do they need to fudge or hide certain data that doesn’t fit their conclusions, and then smear fellow scientists that express concerns that those conclusions may be wrong. Any scientist worth their salt always starts with the discaimer, “I could be wrong, but I believe that this is what the data shows”.

  25. James says:

    There are about equal advocates of global warming and cooling now. The reason is because weather isn’t constant, it varies because the sun isn’t thermostatically controlled, it has flareups. (I complained about that to God and He said He would fix it.)
    In the top chart, between 1750 and 1800, there’s a peak that coincides with the 1787 Constitutional Convention. That summer was the hottest on record, until recently. It was so hot that attendees had great trouble, even breathing, everyone there complained about it.
    Around 12,000 BC, North America was covered with one to two miles of ice down to about where the Ohio River is now. Since the polar ice caps are now melting rapidly, I would suggest that we are near the end of global warming, a period now of about 14,000 years. Then, as the sun loses its fuel, we will again experience a global cooling trend. Suns do burn out. Not to fear though, we still have the thousand-year of christ, here, which is yet future.

  26. Mac Boy says:

    Warming – Schwarming !!

    Watch your nightly Weather report – you’ll see the High Temps
    were 25 to 70 YEARS AGO !!

    … in the PAST! –

    Just more of Obama’s “The Sky Is Falling!” – B.S.!

  27. Kim says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how many gobal waring religion nuts are on here. Let us for a second believe that Global Warming oops, I mean Climate Change is true. Why would any American want to give the UN power over our country? The tax for “Cap and Trade” is going to destroy America. Just your heating and gas bill will go up a couple thousand a year. Search for a Cap and Trade calculator. Some of the calculators do just the heating and gas, others will add in groceries… Americans will see an increase in everything they purchase. How many Americans can afford paying thousand more out of their paychecks?
    Africa leaders said that Cap and Trade is their bread basket. If you want to see Amercans freeze, starve, become homeless then I guess you are sicker than I thought. All for what? The evidence is out there to debunk “Global Warming”. Read! Don’t just listen to the television! Research both sides.
    Stop Washington from selling our country out to the UN! If you still want to believe in global warming, great! But tell Washington we can fix it on our own! This crap is unconstitutional and will be Americas end to freedom.

    • James says:

      Kim, Since the Ice Age peaked around 12,000 BC, the ice has been gradually melting off, we’re just seeing the end of it. If that isn’t global warming, what is? There’s an island off the southeast coast of India that was once a penisula. Several years back, deepsea divers discovered the remains of a temple out on the end of it, that was 250-300 feet under water. That is clear evidence of global warming. Also, off the southeast coast of South America, there are still the remains of stone highways extending out on the Atlantic’s floor.
      Global warming is nearing its end. Galveston, Texas is 8 feet above sea level, and has been from its beginning. The ocean levels are not coming up, in spite of Al Gore’s fear-mongering.

  28. Former_Democrat says:

    To ASGreen and all of you other mental midgets. Man Made Global Warming is nothing more than a fraud and you are too ignorant to understand the facts. How do you explain that the ground core that they pulled from Greenland, from under the snow and ice, had human tools and dinnerware. If these fraudulent scientists are to be believed, then if there was no ice and snow in Greenland, then it would be under water according to their data, but it wasn’t. How do explain all the cooling in the last 10 years and the fact that solar activity has been at an all time low? Also, beside the thrown away data, what did they use to calibrate the instruments used to make these measurements. Calibrated measurement devices have only been around since mid last century, so you used non-calibrated equipment to measure with, with unkown tolerances, not to mention that in the last 40 years a lot of the measuring devices they put in places non-conducive to getting an accurate reading and these devices were not maintained properly. Try doing some research and learning before showing your ignorance. Over 39,000 scientists signed off on a report last year out of Oregon that showed there was NO SUCH THING AS MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING. Over 12,000 had doctorates. So leave science to those of us who are truly scientists and not bought off by idiot politicians and even more so, ignorant people like you.

  29. Carol Broussard says:

    One of the hardest things for human beings to do it admit they have been fooled and fell for it. Facts don’t matter to fools. So if anyone is waiting for these global warming alarmists to admit that there is credible contradictory information that might disprove global warming, it just ain’t gonna happen. They would have to admit they were played like a bunch of fiddles.

  30. Teresa says:

    I too love Glenn Beck, are you trying to tell us that that Obama is not a communist? He has no love for America and neither do any of his so called Czars. His Czars have either been in Jail or not paid taxes along with some of his administration. They all have said they are Marxist, and they all love Saul Alinsky. They are using the Cloward -Piven Strategy to tear down America and to rebuild it in to a Communist nation. This global warming is crap. I do think having electric cars and solar pannels is a great idea. I do think we should be drilling off shore. There is other countries drilling right off Key West in our area, soooooo what are we waiting for? I think most of America is sick and tired of being a sap for other countries and then this guy in the White House goes around the world appoligizing. For what? Helping everytime a country has a disaster? we are always there to HELP!!!!IF YOU believe in global warming we do not have to cap and tax tax tax…. get yourself a electric car, buy your solar pannels and don’t cut down all the trees, and be a damn vegetarian like I have been all my life.Is Al Gore? No and don’t say I am prejudice, I have a black father and a hispanic mom. I have the best of everything, and I love America. You are all wrong. Now that I’m getting older and having my first child I see how the government just wastes our hard earned money, Obama is a one termer thank God. I have been and independent voter, I do not believe in Parties, thank you very much. Have you seen the weather today? snow, minus degree weather today, check out the weather. You just can not admit your voted for the wrong person.

    • Joe H. says:

      Liked the heck out of your post, just one thing. Don’t depend on O-man being a one termer. If the vote gets divided too much, it will return him to the White House and we are screwed up!!!

      • DaveH says:

        Please quit worrying about dividing the vote. We are at a point now where people have finally been shocked into awareness. We need to use that new-found awareness to elect representatives who promise to cut back the size of government. If we don’t we will just get more Government growth until it is absolutely too late to reverse. It is a known fact that people receiving largesse from the government vote for bigger government. Why wouldn’t they? We have almost reached that critical size of trough-feeders where it will be too late.
        If the Republicans can’t field those push-back candidates then we can’t afford to vote for them.
        Please read the Libertarian Party Platform:

  31. Has anyone ever thought that if the planet is getting warmer then there is less need for energy since winter cold periods are reduced. I am a very strong conservative person 68 years of age. I can recall my father telling stories of driving across a frozen river in Indiana back during the 1930s. Back then it froze over every year. Then it stopped being so cold. Now our world is planning on shipping lanes through the Artic Ocean which may mean the Panama Canal will not even be needed. Whether it is natural or whether it is man made makes little difference if we simply stand around stupidly and argue about it. No one can claim that it is getting colder–at least not yet.

    So what is the big fear if our world continues to get warmer? It all comes down to the rise in sea level. We have two alternatives either force the increase in colder weather to cause a freeze of the worlds remaining glaciers or find ways to accomodate the increase in sea level. Some propose eliminating as much harmful green house gases as possible to cause a cool down. Then won’t that simply drive up the demand for more heating energy? When would we know how cold to set the temperature to make sure we don’t send our planet back into the ice age? Some conclude that exploding volcanoes have been less in recent years and that has allowed greater sun light. How many atomic bombs dropped into inactive volcanic craters would it take to reverse global warming? Oops, that might also make it too cold for just one could even set off a domino effect.

    It seems that controlling the ocean depth is maybe the saftest approach to global warming. Fill up those underground mines that are not used. Put water into the voids where crude has been pumped out. Build some huge mountain lakes. Are these things possible? I don’t know, but I do know we need to look at alternatives instead of beating our brains out on the rock of stupidity.

  32. RHSchumann says:

    Who is paying you to publish these lies? The last decade was the warmest since records were kept. All indications are that the climate is getting hotter. Ice shields are disappearing at an alarming rate. Mount Kilimanjaro will likely lose the last snow field within decades. The same thing is happening in the Himalayas, the Andes and the Alps. Many of these glaciers and snow fields provide year round water to the people living at the foot of the mountains. Desertification in Africa and elsewhere is already driving millions from their ancestral homes and is almost certainly a driving force behind ethnic strife there. Coastal areas in the Pacific are already being flooded on a regular basis and much more frequently and severely than in the past. Fact is that man-released CO2 that had been safely tucked away for millions of years and other man-made gases are trapping sunlight. That is a scientific fact and no denial will wish it away. Until now the oceans have sequestered much of the released CO2. As a result, ocean water is getting more acid. At some point the oceans will be saturated. When that happens, the climate may get out of control as has happened several times in the history of the earth. Back then, the catastrophes wiped out most life but life always recovered within a few million years. Life will recover after the next catastrophe but we will no longer be around.
    Is that certain to happen? Perhaps not but there is a very good chance that it will. Would it not be prudent to change our ways and learn to do with less fossil fuels? Why play Russian roulette? But that would require thinking past the end of our own life times and that apparently is too difficult for most people.
    Concerning the purloined E-Mails from the British think tank, all I can say is that those who use them as evidence that warnings of global warming and the consequences therefrom are a hoax are either smoking dope or are outright lying. Those people don’t understand the scientific mind. True scientists are forever questioning their own results and the results of other scientists. That’s the scientific method. Before anything is published, findings are subjected to close scrutiny. Many reports don’t pass muster and land in a file or in some pseudo-scientific publication. That’s what they were discussing in England.
    So get with it already and stop reinforcing the opinions of those who just want to carry on in their own irresponsible way.

    • sp russell says:

      Hogwash. The leading scientist at MIT who also is the nations foremost expert on global warming studied and documented his findings that 20 years reveals that when several others estimated that the CO2 would increase global warming due to manmade causes his documented evidence revealed the exact opposite. Conclusion the evidence proves the hypothesis of the scientists who tell us that we are the culprits who are causing our planet to lose it’s ozone is a fallacy and our so called carbon footprint has little to do with the ozone period. We should be investing our dollars and time into more constructive projects and creating real jobs not these short term green jobs. We should be investing more money into the energies that we have here in America including oil of both coasts, natural gas, the very safe nuclear power plants and other sources of energy would be a much better use of our time, money, and resources. We could create thousands of jobs through our harvesting the oil safely off our coast and Alaska.
      And we could use the money to better serve God and further the spreading of the Gospel the whole reason we are here on this planet.

    • DaveH says:

      Quit publishing these lies? So it’s alright if the lies come from your side only? I and/or my children have lived near the Pacific Coast for 30 years now, and I can tell you for a fact there has been no decrease in the shoreline other than that caused by the tides.
      Have you read any anti-Global-Warming books? I doubt it. There are many to choose from. Here’s one:

    • Joe H. says:

      If what you say is true, why did they destroy the information before anyone could confer on their results?? either they are afraid that people would find fault with their results or they are so big headed as to think they are the only ones brilliant enough to do the work!!! Pig headed is more likely!!!

    • Dan-o says:

      Dang! you need to live on the moon, al bet your afraid to leave your house.

  33. Jack R. says:

    I just read every comment above. Very insightful stuff. Some people are a little looney when it comes to this issue. The gathering in Copenhagen has failed to invite the one person with the smallest carbon footprint: GOD Himself. This Global Warming has become our Tower of Babal. But since the world divorces itself in believing this is His creation, we deserve to squander our money, intellectual capital and human energy wrestling with a issue that God is in control of. I cling to my Bible and my assortment of guns…to protect my family from the impending onslaught of self-righteous idiots. But we can all expect our Lord Obama to lead us out of the wilderness…straight into a swamp of our own making.

    • Raggs says:

      Your post hit it on the head!!!!

      The only man-made diaster is mans own greed and selfishness and stray from the true King of this land…

    • Don says:

      How do you know they didn’t bring God? I guess you don’t believe in silent prayer. My silent prayers have been answered.

  34. James says:

    Re: MJ Montana

    SO? You provided NO proof that mankind causes this. May just be the cycles the Sun has been going through since the begining of time. That is THE problem that the “Climate Warming Because of Mankind” crowd has – NO PROOF! Just a grand gamble – bet red or black and put all your money on it. Crazey!

  35. Richard says:

    I believe that the global warming is a hoax. I also believe the earth is flat. It says so in the bible. It must be so, despite the Copenhagen crowd of scientists who would have us believe the earth is round.

    • sp russell says:

      The Bible in the Hebrew refers to the eartn as a sphere. And a sphere is round not flat.

    • DaveH says:

      The flat-earth beliefs were based on opinion, not science – Just like the Anthropogenic Global Warming beliefs. Real scientists are not afraid of scrutiny. Only those that have something to hide are afraid of scrutiny.

  36. Dennis says:

    If it was only about global warming!!!!
    read these SICK quotes from alarmist doom and gloom delegates to

    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” – Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environment Programme

    “No matter if the science of global warming is all phony… climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.” – Christine Stewart, former Canadian Minister of the Environment

    The delegation from Bolivia will be pushing for a Universal Declaration of Mother Earth Rights, which the country’s President Evo Morales says “supersede the rights of human beings.”

    • DaveH says:

      Good post Dennis. People need to wake up to the kind of nut-jobs that are promoting the Man-Made-Global-Warming agenda.

  37. BRiley says:

    Emperical evidence, the absolute observed and recorded facts, are the only accurate record. Selected datapoints to feed someone’s computer program, producing results that are pre-determined, is the fear of many regarding the outcome of the whistleblower at East Anglia’s CRU.

    Let’s see….Amundsen went through the Northwest Passage about 1907. The small RCMP boat St. Roch went through in 1943. Can’t easily do that today. Satellite photos only began in 1979. Is it possible these are roughly 40 year climatic cycles, part of the larger cycles witnessed by the proven Mediaeval Warming Period and the subsequent Little Ice Age, which ended ~1830?

    Oceans rising? Always have, always will. Deal with it. The first Roman port in England over 2,000 years ago, in Kent, is now 1/2 mile inland. Brouage, a walled commercial seaport in France on the Bay of Biscay that flourished in the 1500’s, is now 2 miles inland. Tarsus in Turkey the same.

    The AGW ’scientists’ should apply their inquisitive nature (still there?) to looking at history – which alway seems ro have a way of repeating itself. Everybody forget the ‘dustbowl’ years of the 1930’s, which coincides with the true peak of warming in this current cycle?

    • Lindy says:

      Hey BRiley… you’re close on the Satellite imagery date. I remember working with my dad in the mid 70s on a project with the Landsat program. So I checked and wikipedia says the Landsat project began in 1972. Just thought you’d like to know (and for your arguments sake, it doesn’t really matter if it was ‘72 or ‘78.) Cheers!

  38. DAVE SODEN says:


  39. Dick Welty says:

    God created the Universe and all that is within it. The world is a good example of his handywork. Man has accidentally and at times foolishly caused pollution.
    The Valdez Oil spill is a good example. Scientists said that it would be 50 years before the area would return to normal. In 3 years they had a hard time finding any evidence of the spill. God’s Natural balance had healed the disaster.
    My oldest son and I have had a discussion about how long it would take the entire U.S. population to putting all of our resources, excluding Nucliar power, into to filling up the Grand Canyon. We figure it would take about 100 years.
    If mankind decided to raise the temperature of the earth 10 degrees how long would it take. Some would say we are already doing that even though the true full data doesn’t support that view. In fact if we were to try to accomplish that we would find that Nature would resist our efforts.
    In truth nature has more to do with global weather patterns than anything man can do whether on purpose or accidentally. In the past global temperatures have been greatly and rapidly changed by natural disasters such as meteorites and volcanic eruptions.
    Note that Greenland was named Greenland not to fool Vikings into settling there but because it was green in the 12th century. Vikings lived there for several hundred years untill the little ice age drove them out. Note also that when in the middle ages when the tempretures dropped many degrees mankind survived without the technology we have today. The fact is that we have been comming out of the Little Ice Age for 160 years.
    If the earths temperature were to somehow raise a few degrees the 150 trillion dollars the global warming fiasco would cost the world economy would be better spent helping third world countries catch up technologically. That way they could also adapt to the changes in climate. If ancient man could adapt to sudden drastic climate changes so can modern man adapt to a mild climate change that takes 100 years.
    The reason that the liberals are demanding that we do something now is because they know that long term data will show that it isn’t mankind that is changing nature. Nature and Man will survive reguardless.
    Liberals are Humanists who believe That Humans hold all of the power. They do not believe in God nor in his word.
    God says that man has dominion over the animals. Liberals put animals above man with the endangered species act. Running farmers out of business by cutting off water to save a smelt and using the Endangered Species Act to take away our personal and property rights. Liberals fail to realize that while 99.999999% of all species are allready extinct nature always fills the gap and continues just as God designed it to.
    The bottom line is that Liberals use so called climate change crisis, endangered species crisis, the healthcare crisis the energy crisis and all of their other crisis to pass laws that enable them to controll every aspect of our lives, the economy and our liberty.
    I have touched on enough of my thoughts for now. Remember whether we believe in God or not HE IS IN CONTROL.
    May God Bless America

    • RHSchumann says:

      Yeah, and when did God create the earth and all living things on it? Was it at 10 o’clock the 23rd of October 5327 BC? But was it AM or PM?

  40. Thomas says:

    As a retired earth scientist, I am appalled at the responses of persons who have no experience in the field but have become firm advocates of a fictional position on “climate change”.
    Climate change is part of the geologic history and has been well documented in many professional geologic journals. Climate change is part of the history of the earth, has been repeated many times and is well documented in in publications which are available to persons not schooled in earth history. In fact, the cause of climate change is presented in journals dating to 19th century as they documented earths obital changes, angle of polar rotation relative to the sun.
    I suggest interested persons read the works of Milutin Milankovitch to get an understanding of climate changes throughout geologic history. Climate change is NOT new.

    • libertytrain says:

      Thank you for an excellent comment -

    • eyeswideopen says:

      Thomas, enjoyed your post. I do have a few questions for you. Do you think that all the pollutants that we put into the atomsphere cause any harm to the climate? When massive amounts of trees are removed from the landscape, what percentage of oxygen exchange is stopped? Is it directly proportionate to the amount removed or is it greater due to the cummalative effect? If our water ways are being polluted and the oceans are warming, thus killing the coral reefs, isn’t that contributing to the warming, which will also effect the food sources? Isn’t the whole eco system tied together, so when one fails it produces a domino effect? Are you saying that the pollutants do not contribute to eco-system failure or climate change?

    • jim says:

      Hi thomas, In northern Illimios we have formations called kames and moranes. the are formed by glaciers forming and receeding. We have also found focilized remains of tropical plants in the same area. this area has been covered by tropical forests at one time and glaciers in another. All before the S.U.V. A large volcanic eruption will cause a big release of gasses to all with out our help. Maybe after an iceage we’re just returning to where we should be.

      • Curtis S says:

        Jim, you are “kind of” correct. The moraines in Illinois were caused by glaciers in the last ice age. The fossilized tropical remains are from a time when the North American continent was situated in a more tropical latitude. You’re talking about a fairly recent event (the Ice Age about 10,000 years ago) and continental drift (Pangea) which is 100s of millions ago.

  41. ONTIME says:

    Those of us with a decent high school education and a ounce of integrity have been more than convinced that the liars of the world who have gained the pulpit are trying to do nothing more than scam on anyone who will listen to the lies coming from that snake oil mouth.

    This is the lessons that P.T. Barnum’s “There is a sucker born every minute” and the lessons learned of our country’s heritage, why they are so important, if you cannot pay attention to either of those things then you are a patsy for what is coming and Never have so few been so intent on stealing from so much from so many….Axiom

  42. Jeff says:

    The data from various JPL & NASA space probes have confirmed that global warming has been happening on every single planet in our solar system for some time now. Sunspot activity is the main predictor of weather on the planets in our solar system. Galileo was imprisoned by the Pope for divulging that the sun creates the weather on earth. The effect of humans on the weather is negligible. Regardless, the earth will seek homeostasis. The earth will cool itself, hence ice ages & minimums of the past & future. There is revolutionary technology available now, but the current power structure refuses to allow this because it threatens their control model. Peace, Jeff

  43. jim says:

    If I had to sit down and say now let’s see, how can I get control of all the governments and all the wealth on earth, I wouldn’t have to think too long about it. I’d say, of course, I just have to own, restrict and meter all energy resources on earth, while meanwhile swatting any attempt to develop new sources of energy. That way I could make everyone beholden to me, through the simple expedient of shutting off the energy where necessary to force compliance, and I then I could tax everyone on earth to near destitution, once they were all beholden to me. Those of us who were not born yesterday think we see this being attempted now in Copenhagen.

  44. Arkham Grundy says:

    Denying global warming is like denying the holocaust. All you have to do is look at the satellite photos of melting glaciers and ice packs all over the world… HELLO!

    This truth is indeed “inconvenient” for corporate interests and right wind head-in-the-sand types as it interferes with profit goals. Our planet’s climate varies naturally but it is undenialble that human activity plays a large part in rushing the process.

    Sorry, people, but GLOBAL WARMING IS NOT A HOAX.

    • Fred says:

      You mean like the expanding glaciers in the Himalayas? Or Antarctica? Or Greenland? and many other places around the globe?

      Seems like you’re cherry picking to conclude they are all disappearing. Glaciers come and go as does C02 and warmth and cold spells. A couple hundred years ago, there was a little ice age when many glaciers expanded hearily. It’s natural for many to now recede.

      FYI, research on the glaciers on Kilimanjaro has determined the ice to be vanishing because of natural processes stretching back to the l0,000 years ago, not recent global warming. You apparently conveniently missed this research, didn’t you? Didn’t fit your mold…

      • LucifersHammer says:

        Well put, Fred. The world will balance itself. While icefields in one area shrink, those elsewhere will grow. East Antartica, as I recall, is experiencing increasingly colder temps, while west Antartica seems to be warming a bit. Natures balance!?! Our climate is complex and no one location, though many attempt to “prove” AGW based on one location, can be used to state how the climate was, or will be, even a 100 miles away. Such is the vast variation global climate encompasses. So complex that models on our best super computers are still a guess at best. I bet the Creator is getting a grand chuckle over this lunacy!

    • DaveH says:

      “This truth is indeed “inconvenient” for corporate interests and right wind head-in-the-sand types as it interferes with profit goals”.

      Oh you mean like the profits of GE or Exelon or any of the alternative energy companies that will benefit if the Cap and Trade bill passes?

      • DaveH says:

        As Government Grows, Corruption Flows.

        • eyeswideopen says:

          As corporate subsidies flow so goes the vote. Corporations receiving subsidies are using those same monies to purchase the legislators votes for the benefit of the corporation. We are paying with our tax dollars to have the corporations interests implimented instead of the interests of the working class.

          • Dan-o says:

            Without most of the corporation the middle glass would be without a job

          • DaveH says:

            No doubt Eyes. Then why do you support Big Government which by nature enables that kind of chicanery? With free markets the Corporations have to please the consumer or go out of business. With regulated markets the consumer comes second (if at all).

          • eyeswideopen says:

            DaveH, I don’t support big government, you accuse me of that, but low and behold you are wrong. Bush grew this government that’s why I am so against those that are still in office from his reign. I want to stop the flow of Federal monies to the corporations, which would reduce the government agencies that have to monitor that flow. Never once have you stated that you think that government subsidies to corporations should be halted. 92 Billion in 2006 went to Big Corporations in subsidies. You don’t see anything wrong with that? I am tired of corporations running this country.Private business should not be governing, as they can’t do that without predjuice towards themselves. Follow the money is a mantra which shows that corporate America purchases the legislators vote and dictates an uneven playing field for the working class. I voted twice for Ron Paul, however he no longer embodies his previous platforms, so I am waiting for someone who doesn’t dictate a religious platform, doesn’t believe in earmarks, thinks all business’ and individuals should pay fair share of taxes, doesn’t think that some should be allowed to hide money in off shore accounts, making the rest of us pick up their share of infrastructure costs, believes in campaign reform, follows the Constitution, doesn’t try to weight the Supreme Court with only one party, truly believes in personal freedoms for all, regardless of age, color, race or sex.

          • DaveH says:

            Free Markets would solve those problems. Free economies are robust economies. Yes, some people get rich. I have no problem with that as long as we have volutary contracts. They have to do something with all their money, and I would be happy to earn some from them. Government should exist only to protect us from the force of others, and to litigate fraudulant activities. As big as it is now, they not only don’t protect us from fraud, but the fraud seems more rampant than ever before in my life.
            I owned stock in one company, for example, whose CFO admitted to cooking the books. He was fired with pay. I doubt seriously that the CEO wasn’t aware of the book cooking. Why would the CFO do that unless pressured by upper management?
            The company reorganized, the shareholders were screwed, and the CEO wound up as the CEO of the newly organized company.

          • eyeswideopen says:

            Daveh, still no comment on the big corporations subsidies?

    • ScottB says:

      In a petition, more than 30,000 American scientists are urging the U.S. government to reject the Kyoto treaty. Thus, there is hardly the unanimity among scientists about global warming or mankind’s role in producing it.

    • BRiley says:

      Well, Arkham et al, you base your retreating ice on satellite photos that have only been around for 30 years (see my post above). BTW, these same satellites show Arctic ocean ice increasing in area for the past 2 years.

      Read up on information that is easily available. Another example of many, the Discovery Channel recently showed a high-altitude WWI battlefield in northern italy – it has been ‘re-discovered’ beacuse it has been hidden under snow and ice (yet it was completely open and vegetative 90 years ago. Cycles maybe?

      Ten climate/weather people have been following the retreating snow-cap on Canada’s northern Baffin Island for many years. At the higher altitude now exposed, they find the remains of vegetation cover that they lab-dated to ~1500AD. Give your collective heads a shake.

  45. BrianO says:

    Wether you believe in man made global warming or not. Basedon the very research these sceintist
    Are using. Shows that if we were to stop all cars trucks planes trains factories for the next 100 years. It might lower the global temperature 1 degree. Seems some mathematicians ran the numbers. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up. This comes directly from the assistant to the former Prime Minister of England. Who happens to be a lord himself. Google it.

  46. charles says:

    it is the SUN.However,there is no money in that and it is too simple for the experts that come up with the usual crap.Remember the China Syndrome of Hollywood fame?

  47. BrianO says:

    Google Lord Monckton.

  48. ScottB says:

    In a petition, more than 30,000 American scientists are urging the U.S. government to reject the Kyoto treaty. Thus, there is hardly the unanimity among scientists about global warming or mankind’s role in producing it. But the GENIUSES, Al Gore and Congressman Ed Markey both have said there is consensus, and no need for further discussion regarding the Science. Meaning shut up already, because they both know better. Typical liberal elitism. Gore and Markey are the new poster boys for Environmental Fascism.

  49. Bhealy says:

    Man is the problem with the so called globle warming, or shall I say globle weather manipulation, if government pushes an agenda they have to keep the lie going,have you looked up lately ,check all the chem trails in the ski,its going on all around the world spraying of chemicals in the atmospher,its called weather wars.

  50. uponroof says:

    You can’t make this stuff up!


    while 140 PRIVATE JETS compete for taxi space.

    Talk about a carbon footprint!

    Bravo to Dave who earlier said:

    Liberals amaze me. They will rail that we need Big Government to protect us from those big bad corporateers, while being totally oblivious to the fact that there are no magic barriers barring evil from migrating into government. History is replete with governments gone awry. And unlike corporations which at worst can only lie to us to sell their products, Big Government can force us to buy their products (or the products of their favored corporations). The “selfish, misguided, and greedy” ones are you Liberals who want to force your way via government on the rest of us.

    • Joe H. says:

      I wonder how many of those poor uninsured that O-man pretends to be so concerned with could have been insured with the money from his last four unneeded trips he and the missus with Oprah the tubbo took!!!

    • jim says:

      Hi Uponroof, Are you saying the participants of this meeting didn’t ride there bikes to the port to get on the sailboat to land in Copenhagen to go by horseback to the meeting? Oh wait the horses may produce some methane.

  51. uponroof says:

    “Copenhagen climate summit: 1,200 limos, 140 private planes and caviar wedges”

  52. Bob says:

    AL Gore’s professor who gave him the idea on man-made global warming turned against the idea before he dies. Al said the old professor was losing his mind. Fact is the science is faulty and based upon bias data to support radical change in world economies. As always happens with the left they have an idea based upon lies and start calling people bad names, and then make threats against who opposes their views by wanting honest research and answers. Now the truth may come out, but based upon what the MSM covers and the arrogance of the supporters of this hoax the truth is being surprised, but it will be told for certain. Most people are not as stupid as the left thinks. Soild research has been done and it will clearly show that man-made global warming is a scare tactic of the left to gain greater power.

    • American Citizen says:

      Those faux scientists ignored any data that did not fit in with their theories. There are far too many geological scientists who are saying we are actually in a cooling period. It all depends upon the sun as to how warm or cool we get. Man is not God and can do nothing to control nature. He can hold back flood water for even so long as New Orleans found out.

  53. Kirk says:

    Just finished shoving 19 inches of snow for myself my neighbor, my mother, my mother in law and dug & pushed out a stuck care with people from 3 different generations all helping. Can’t stand this global warming. It will be below 0 before morning and these are all facts.

  54. Kirk says:

    Sorry I meant car.

  55. Kirk says:

    By the way I was shoveling not shoving. Must be too tired to write. Also I’d like to add in 1969 the Dean of the college I attended gave an entrance speach in which he let us all know that the Oceans were 90% dead at that time and there would be no living creatures in the seas in 10 years. I saw Whales in Mexico 2 years ago. Must of really cleaned things up since then.

    • denniso says:

      Kirk…you’re right, we did take some action globally and clean up some of the crap out of the oceans…though the they are still in dire straights. Concerned scientists raised the alarm yrs ago on ocean pollution and over fishing, so there was some progress in taking better care of the oceans so now,of course,they are not dead. Would you have preferred that we do nothing and see if we can actually kill the oceans off?? Fun little experiment that would be!!

  56. Chuck says:

    It’s all about control and the implementation of their One World Government. If you think that’s a “conspiracy theory,” reply in 10 yrs.

  57. Kirk says:

    My point was they were wrong then and they’re wrong now.

  58. Little Timmy says:

    The Bottom line is WE DON’T KNOW!!
    1. If it is really warming
    2. If it is being caused by us
    3. If we can make it stop
    Hell… our global warming may be buying us a few extra years before the next ice age! We don’t know!
    We do know that people will mislead us, to benefit there own agenda, This I know absolutely, without doubt.

    • Mike says:

      Dear Friend, I used to believe no one can exhaust a study on a certain topic, but I have found that out not to be true. When studying science there are steps and methods. When investigating a crime scene there is a chain of evidence to make the case. In technical writing there are numbered steps so the reader can deduce a logical decision.
      I have traveled to 45 countries. I have served in unique organizations in the military. I was a cop. I have multiple degrees. The more I have learned the more my knowledge has humbled me to the point of realizing I know so little.
      However, when studying languages and translations there can be little room for error. Sources are an absolute to convince logical truth to anyone. The problem at hand is that the evidence is not anywhere documented in the original raw data form for anyone else to consider. This is very disturbing, but rest assure people will deceive as you have considered in your comment. But, still, there is not original raw data to prove global warming.

  59. jazzcat says:

    No matter what we do or don’t do, everything in the universe is constantly changing. No matter what. Takes me back to science class. This thing is a farce.

  60. Marilyn says:

    Global Warming is a hoax and I have said so from the first time that I heard about it! Why?
    Because I took a lot of science classes in high school and college because I became a nurse,
    and most of all because I am a healthy, still fairly sharp middle 70’s person! CO2 is a one
    molecule low-on-the-scale gas that makes it possible for all things green to grow and
    flourish! It has NO relationship whatsoever to temperature, PLEASE LOOK IT UP! Also PLEASE
    google Global Warming and read how the REAL scientists explain how there IS NO SUCH
    THING! Also, reports from the Arctic from real scientists report that the ice is OVER 3 inches thick and that the polar bears are multiplying way beyond normal! The sky is NOT falling and
    the weather will continue to BE as it always has! They are telling huge lies to push this idea to
    enforce taxes that will further cause loss of jobs and reducing us to a 3d world country! The
    name of the game is control! Look up Hitler and see how he started out controlling Germany!
    Al Gore got into trouble when vice-president by taking money from Buddhists and the Clintons
    had to give it to charity and called it a “mistake!” He is a liar and a cheat, has a house that uses
    more electricity than the small town down the road from him, has 8 vehicles in his oversized
    garage, and flies around in his airplane that is about the size of a C-47! He has made millions
    out of his really tall stories about “Global Warming!” Why in heaven’s name would anyone pay any attention to him whatsoever??? The left-wing in this country has found it an easy tool to get what
    they want and also by totally ignoring millions of objections from “the people” for whom they are SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING! Cap and Trade may come into being prior to next year and if it does
    at all, it will be the complete destruction of this wonderful FREE country that we have all known!
    You may look up everything that I have said here and find it documented!

    • jim says:

      Hi Everybody, good news. Coppenhanen is a sucsess. I just came in from shoveling snow and I’m freezing my tail off. A big THANKYOU!!!!!!!

      • Joe H. says:

        It must be true!!! Cleveland is down to 20* tonight in the middle of December!!! Oh wait, that’s where it usually is this time of the year!!!

      • Disgusted says:

        Jim you are right. Here in Wisconsin we had one of the coolest summers on record. We just had a snow storm drop 14-16inches of snow on us and the high temperature for today was a whopping – are you ready for it – 9 degrees F. Man – that global warming is really effecting us here in WI. I might just wear my shorts to work tomorrow!

        • eyeswideopen says:

          Disguted, global warming doesn’t mean that it gets warmer, it means exactly what you stated, the normal mean temps are higher or lower than the normal. Meaning, you are having cooler summers than you normally do. They are changing the name to climate change, because people think that it must be getting hotter in their own specific area. It is the warming of the poles, creating loss of glaciers at one pole and increasing glaciers at the other. Which will cause an increase of the water levels. This will also effect the temps of the oceans which causes the temp changes over the entire planet. I am reserving my opinion on if man’s contribution is accelerating the change, but just reading comments here show that temps are not what is considered normal for each poster’s area of the country.

          • Claire says:

            Eyes–I have to agree with you again. I have numerous relatives and friends in Wisconsin and they believe the climate has changed and not for the best.

    • Curtis S says:

      Thank you Nurse Ratched!

  61. J C says:

    The Church of Global Warming is being exposed for the tool of control that it truly is. The goal of course is to tax us into the stone age and empty our pockets into the third world. The American middle class is under attack by the Globalist criminals and they’d better get their act together quick or else get used to the term “Kamrade”.

  62. J H Sofa says:

    Very difficult to accept Global Warming.

    Although, it would seem to be just plain common sense not to take a crap in one’s water supply. Also, it is nice to walk into a casino with air scrubbers. I love some of the really good restaurants but hate to have to inhale cigarette smoke on the way.

  63. uponroof says:



    “…Holdren is a globalist who has endorsed “surrender of sovereignty” to “a comprehensive Planetary Regime” that would control all the world’s resources, direct global redistribution of wealth, oversee the “de-development” of the West, control a World Army and taxation regime, and enforce world population limits. He has castigated the United States as “the meanest of wealthy countries,” written a justification of compulsory abortion for American women, advocated drastically lowering the U.S. standard of living, and left the door open to trying global warming “deniers” for crimes against humanity. Such is Barack Obama’s idea of a clear-headed adviser on matters of scientific policy…”


  64. Jim Schroff Sr. says:

    What ever happened to Global Freezing that we were going to go through in the early 1970’s?? Utah, Navada and several other states were going to have 300 days a year of rain. I guess no one could figure out how to make billions on freezing, but Glpbal Warming, now there’s a money maker!!! (Since Al Gore can never get elected President)

  65. Jim says:

    I think iit is funny, Our president sucks up to a bunch of socialists while here at home we are in an icebox.

  66. Mike D says:

    This is yet another episode of the “Socialist Bum/Hippie-Ignoramus Club” takeover playing out in our world today.

    Just make sure you remember ALL those who betrayed freedom and trampled on the constitution come this election year.

    As Donald would say,”YOUR FIRED!”

  67. Brjll says:

    I wonder if anyone can explain to me how it is that cars and trucks in the United States causes the atmosphere on Mars as well as the Jovian moons to rise? Whenever there has been a measurable trend on the Earth, the tempereature of the Sun, Mars and the moons of Jupiter also go up. Could it be that the warmth of Earth and Mars and the Jovian moons comes perhaps from the Sun and not the I. C. Engines?

    Greenland was green when it was discovered. The Vikings had 23 Colonoes there UNTIL it started to get cold. The Earth’s Temperature has fluctuated throughout history, IT HAS NEVER BEEN CONSTANT!! I remember hearing on EARTH DAY 1970 that if we did not stop using gas engines that the USA would be under 20 feet of ice all the way down to Florida by the year 2,000. WHEN DID THA HAPPEN?

    Warm air can carry more moisture than cold air. There are more plants growing during the warm decades than the cold decades. The # “Greenhouse Gas” is not CO2! It is H2O. Are we going to outlaw the use of water? Must we cover all of the lakes, rivers and oceans so that water cannot get into the air and kill us all? If Global Warming is still ongoing, WHY HAVE THE TEMPERATURE BEEN DECREASING SINCE 1998?

    It is very egotistical to think that Man is the GREAT CONTROLLER of the UNIVERSE! The Prophet Ezekiel said it best, ” Man cometh and Man goeth, But the Earth abideth.”

  68. Allan says:

    My question is: What would it take for those of you who are sold on catastrophic man-made global warming to seriously question your position? A certain number of Ph.D’s who oppose it? The U.N. changing its position? President Obama changing his? Al Gore? Admission of fraud by preeminent global warming researchers? I would sincerely like to hear your responses.

    My comment: Those who think that businesspeople are more selfish than scientists, bureaucrats, environmentalists, or the media are deluding themselves. Each contains those who seek advantages and empires. Each is made from the same raw material…people. If you want to find the altruists among them, look for people who don’t seek publicity for their good deeds.

    • DaveH says:

      Good comment Allan.

    • denniso says:

      Allan…you clearly don’t know what science is,judging by your comment. Sure,human nature is involved in all things human..obvious!!That doesnt mean that all human endeavor is equally valid and good.Elementary,my fellow human.

      • DaveH says:

        Elementary? Is that the highest you got in school?

      • American Citizen says:

        Dennis, people start up a business to earn a living. Other people invest in it to make money to earn a living. You must not have any investments. If you do, why did you invest? if you don’t, why not? You’ll need supplemental income to SS when you retire, believe me.

      • Allan says:

        You clearly didn’t answer my question.

        • denniso says:

 is my sincere answer to your question,’what would it take to change my opinion on global warming’? If most of the scientists who actually study the issue and work in the field changed their conclusions because of new evidence…if all the scientific institutions around the world changed their position on warming..then I would defer to them and agree there is no warming. I’m only a simple engineer,I don’t claim to know all the science..I’ve only read and paid attention to the issue for 20 yrs. I happen to think that most climate scientists are busting their butts doing this work and actually know more than the lay people who think they know enough about it to condemn the science. It also seems very logical that we can’t pour billions of tons of crap into a naturally balanced system over 250 yrs and have no adverse effect. That position defies all logic.

  69. DaveH says:

    This is the direction our country is headed:

    • DaveH says:

      Surprise, surprise – they are ranked 81 on the Economic Freedom scale:

      This is where the Liberals want to take us with their dreams of an even-more regulated economy than we have now.

      • eyeswideopen says:

        Daveh, if the Heritage Foundation, the Wash. Post, the Cato Institute, are all accurate and correct in their ideologies, why didn’t they predict the horrible fiscal mess that we experienced from 2007 thru today? Where were these beacons of knowledge? Why weren’t they beating the Republican door down to prevent this type of crash? Hindsight can make even the stupid appear smart, if they change their point of view to agree with history, claiming that was their stance the whole time. You can’t blame the Dem’s for the conservative think tanks not taking actions to prevent the debacle we are recovering from. Do you believe that the major banks should have not controls or rules to govern them? Do you believe that the market place should not have any rules either? How would any investor be protected from fraud and corruption?

        • DaveH says:

          I knew the housing bubble was going to burst. Steve Forbes knew it was going to burst. I’m betting that Cato, Reason, Mises, and others were warning that. You didn’t even know about these organizations before my comments. How do you know what they warned about or didn’t warn about?
          Are the Democrats heeding the shrill warnings about the Healthcare Bill, or the Cap and Trade Bill? NO.
          My own daughter didn’t listen to my pleadings not to buy a house in 2006.

    • Rod James says:

      DaveH, Maybe total world bankruptcy would be a good thing as it would be an opportunity for us to invent a new system not based on fractional banking. I don’t mean a good thing that people will suffer from this financial melt down but there are other methods of currency systems that should be tried. The best example is a resource based economy that would allow the freedom of man kind to grow in areas of technology,energy delvelopment science and culture. If you research The Venus Foundation(producers of Zeitgeist) you will get a better idea of what I am talking about.There is not enough room here to relay the whole idea and its late and I have to get my beauty rest now.
      Please don’t savage me with a sarchastic comment.

  70. DaveH says:

    This is classic. Liberals at work:

    • denniso says:

      Get a job,or do something productive and positive for your community,DaveH..

      • DaveH says:


        • Claire says:

          Well, I guess I am a donkey too since I believe there is climate change, a lot of our rivers and lakes are polluted, we have raped the earth in numerous locations, I could go on and on but then someone would call me a name worse than a donkey.
          I believe we should take care of our earth.

          • eyeswideopen says:

            Claire, let’s both be jackasses and get on board the beat down train. I also believe that the way we have and are polluting the earth has to have some dramatic effects. We have problems keeping our rivers and lakes clean in Fl. as for years companies where allowed to dump chemicals and no restrictions or penalities were imposed. We allowed cattle and muck farmers to kill one of the larger lakes in the Orlando area. Fertilizer run off, along with manure killed a 64,000 acre lake, which now has deformed gators and birds after 20 years of clean up. Man treats the earth as though it is his own personal garbage dump. Just look at the trash along the highways and you can see that Americans don’t respect the beautiful country we have. The last 20 years, we have become more alert to the hazards of polluting, but we are in denial that it could be effecting the climate. We have a hard time thinking beyond our own borders, and that others treat the land and water as badly as we do, which impacts the environment sometimes doing harm that cannot recover, even with time. The arguement that makes me think that Climate Change is occurring, is that 184 nations agree that something is happening. It is difficult to get the Republicans to agree with the Dems on anything,in this Nation, so the fact that 184 nations agree with each other is pretty impressive. I am reading a little each day, trying to absorb the data and examples.

          • DaveH says:

            I call Denniso a Donkey because he is a nasty trouble-maker most of whose comments include ridicule, name-calling, condescension, or some other annoying tactics. Not for his beliefs.

          • DaveH says:

            It is a well-known fact that the cleanest countries are the wealthiest countries. If you truly do want to preserve our clean environments then you need to start learning about the impoverishment that the alarmist Democrats are going to create.

          • Claire says:

            Here in my town, you don’t dare eat the fish in our lake. It is so polluted. We have battled e-coli, and then when people swam in the lake, they got legionaires disease. There are a lot of clubs on the lake, we went to a party at one of the clubs once, we were on a pontoon boat, people were drunk, they urinated and defecated in the water. I was so mad, we left and we never went back. I realize that not all people act like this, but these people were nuts. I cannot believe people do not have respect for our lakes, rivers, oceans. I cannot believe that some people do not treasure this wonderful land that God gave us.

          • denniso says:

            Eyes and Claire…both good,thoughtful comments. It does amaze me that there are people who don’t seem to be concerned at all about how we have treated the planet for the past 250 yrs and are still abusing every day. Even if global warming doesn’t present future disaster for the world,doesn’t it make sense to err on the side of caution now and take prudent steps like conservation and greener energy,rather than waiting until we are 100% positive and possibly suffering huge consequences? That seems like real conservatism to me.

        • Rod James says:

          DaveH, Don’t let Donkey suck you down to his level of maturity your too smart for that.

  71. George says:

    1. Global warming and cooling have occurred since creation. The biggest culprits are the sun, the earth’s wobble, volcanic eruptions and perhaps the ocean. One major volcanic eruption causes more pollution than all of mankind’s historical actions. So, yes, mankind’s causing global warming is a hoax.
    But that doesn’t mean we should ruin our environment with unneeded pollution. It is a fact that we have polluted our air and water which results is all kind of disease. That pollution could eventually kill off most life and global warming would become a moot problem.
    2. That 2000 year document isn’t quite that old (in print), but includes a much longer time span. Some of it is basically the history of the Hebrew people (as well as Arab people). The part of the document that is called the New Testament describes events, many of which have been scientifically historically verified. There is no longer any question about the man, Jesus of Nazareth, being an actual historical figure. His closest followers (Apostles) were not gung-ho advocates of the religion he preached after his death and resurrection even though they ate and conversed with the resurrected Christ. They were frightened men who tried to hide from society until the Holy Spirit descended on them. They were transformed into a dynamic force that changed history and the Biblical writtings are somewhat flawed recordings of those events. But the flaws do not diminish their importance and the truth they contain.
    3. Creation was an occurance for which NO ONE has a scientifically proven answer. The most knowledgeable scientist has no clue as to how it happened. Before the beginning there was nothing – no matter or energy – I know that sounds impossible, but realize that is where the true beginning had to be.
    Since nothing preceeded something, everyone has to make a leap of faith to whatever explanation of creation they accept. The scients make the leap of faith that matter and energy was pre-existant. The athiest makes the same leap of faith because they do not want to admit the supernatual exists. The person of faith makes the leap of faith that God existed and brougt it all into being. There is simply no way anyone will ever answer that question on this side of death. As some famous historical philosopher said centries ago, “Because I am, God is.” So, the person who glibly dismisses a higher power is simply not thinking or wants nothing to do with the supernatural and the moral and ethical order any true God demands.

  72. dell says:

    People one good volcanic eruption will release more co2 than the US will produce in a year. Lets see you stop one of them

  73. hunter says:

    600 years ago the scientists were having people tortured and killed that thought the earth was round. Only 150 years ago doctors were putting leeches on people and bleeding them to let out the ‘bad blood’ this was taught in the universities at the time. These modern day scientists are so inbred (being taught by the polly parrot style ed) and stirred up by the greedy, depressed, hateful, spiteful, revengful fat,overbearing, sour grapes politicians they are like Charles Manson on steroids. The climate is always changing. It has always changed. It will always continue to change. Get the hell over it, take up a hobby do somethin like basket weaving, they should see their doctor about upping dosage, get a life! I sure the hell am glad I didn’t waste my money and years of my life on no shit college to get my brain raped by no inbred professor burned out on dope.

    • denniso says:

      Hunter, I hate to tell you this,but it sounds and looks like college could have helped you. You could have learned some history there…like the fact that it was the church aided by conpliant gov’ts that tortured scientists for writing or teaching what was considered heresy against church policy. For instance,that the earth goes around the sun. Scientists don’t torture anyone.

      • DaveH says:

        You don’t have a clue what went on back then (neither do I). All we have are history books compiled by people, some of whom had axes to grind. You honestly don’t think there were people in those days who considered themselves scientists, yet believed the earth was flat?

        And your statement “the church aided by conpliant gov’ts” has it backward. The church aided the government to placate the population. Government “Scientists” fill that role in modern times.

        • coal miner says:


          What about Galileo,Coperincus and other scientist?They were victims of the The Church Inquistion.It wasn’t too long ago the Roman Catholic Church admitted they wrong Galileo.

    • coal miner says:


      It was the religions not the scienbtist,they were the victims.

  74. DaveH says:

    This shouldn’t surprise most of you. Global Warming brings prosperity:

  75. Claire says:

    Geez, if I have learned anything from this site, it is the fact that if people do not agree with each other, they freak out.

    • eyeswideopen says:

      Claire, laughing out loud, girl you certainly nailed it. It used to be that differing opinions were welcomed to any discussion, as they made you think and sometimes you actually changed your point of view. Brow beating people doesn’t achieve anything except resistance. The Conservative right doesn’t allow for free thinkers and conformation is required. Talking points have taken over the party.

      • Claire says:

        Eyes–I know!! The more people rant and rave, the less a person wants to vote for their party! A person doesn’t want to go anywhere near them! I appreciate differing opinions. And yes, sometimes it does change a point of view. At this point in time, I am certainly steering clear of the Republican and Democratic parties.

      • DaveH says:

        Don’t act so innocent. You haven’t been. I can’t deny that you are capable of turning over a new leaf. Good for you if you have.
        As far as conservatives not allowing free thinkers – the Liberals are much worse. They give lip-service to open minds, but get ready for the intense social pressure if you dare to say things contrary to their beliefs. I might add that human beings in general are resistant to hearing things that are contrary to their own belief systems.

  76. Claire says:

    Regarding global warming–one thing for sure is that some of us may find out all about global warming when Jesus comes, and the world as we know it ends. It may get a little hot.

    • DaveH says:

      If you want to learn, pick up one of these books at the Library:
      “Climate of Extremes: Global Warming Science They Don’t Want You to Know” by Patrick Michaels and Robert Balling.
      “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming” by Christopher Horner.

      • Claire says:

        I will do this. I have to go to the Library Saturday to return some books. I will try to get them then.

        • denniso says:

          Claire…beware,there is propoganda out there and there is science and then opinion. Be sure you know what it is you read. The most effective propoganda often sounds the most true,though it’s not.

          • Claire says:

            You can bet I watch what I read. I always form my own opinion about things. But the more knowledge a person has, the better off we are. And right now, Denniso, I have problems with both parties.

          • DaveH says:

            Yes, especially watch out for that propaganda that “sounds the most true”. Instead you should listen to that which doesn’t make sense like the propaganda Denniso spews.

  77. Claire says:

    Earlier this evening, I made the comment that I did not approve of killing animals for the fun of it. It made me think about something that happened years ago near Chicago. We were on the interstate, traffic was going rather slow. A deer came from out of nowhere and a lady hit the deer, and several other cars hit it too. It died of course, and the lady that hit it first, got out of her car, ran to the deer and held its head in her arms! The lady cried and cried. A picture of this lady holding the deer and crying was in the newspapers. I will never forget this.

    • denniso says:

      Claire, i’ve heard similar stories,always sad. If anything is innocent and helpless before man,it’s animals.

      • Claire says:

        Animals are at our mercy for the most part. The dangerous ones you just don’t mess with. You stay away from them. I think I go a little overboard concerning animals at times. I try to analyze why and I think I found the answer. Even though I loved my Mother dearly and she was a terrific person, she did not have a good relationship with my stepfather. I can remember when my stepfather would get drunk, he would come home and the fighting would begin. I would sit on top of the hill behind our house until the fighting stopped, and guess who my best friend was? Brownie, my dog. He was my comfort. He stood by me through thick and thin. When it was bad weather, I would sit in an old shed with Brownie and go back into the house when “it was safe.” Back then I had made up my mind I would never live like that and I haven’t. My husband is good to me, he is kind, patient, and a very nice person. Sometimes I don’t see why he has put up with me all these years. I am fortunate. And I still and always will have a soft spot in my heart for animals.

        • DaveH says:

          Those kind of experiences are all to common. Sorry you had to suffer that. One of my girlfriends was repeatedly molested by her real dad (who was also an alcoholic). She has had emotional problems her whole life as a result. Sad.

          • Claire says:

            Our stepfather was not mean to us three girls. Thank God!!! In fact he ignored us. It was like we weren’t even there. He concentrated on bullying my Mother. She had 3 girls to feed, and I believe this is why she stayed with him. Finally she left him, we went back to Wisconsin. I remember leaving the farm house, our neighbor took us to the bus depot. Brownie was running behind the car, and I was screaming and crying. I was about 6 years old at the time. We dumped him. I know this is silly but it really hurt me, I betrayed my best friend.
            On a better note–I have a good life. I cannot complain now. A person has choices- and I made a choice years and years ago that I would never live in a situation like my Mother did. She did not deserve the havoc she went through.

        • denniso says:

          Claire…most of the world,including us,treats most animals terribly…it’s a universal tragedy and if we ever evolve to a higher level of civilization, people will look back in horror at the ongoing hollocaust. I don’t think Jesus would approve.

          • Claire says:

            A few weeks ago, India had some sort of celebration and they were sacrificing 200,000 animals. It was in the newpaper.

        • denniso says:

          Claire…It’s not surprising that anyone has a problem w/ both or all parties…our country is a mess and unfortunately major issues like global warming or healthcare or war and peace have been made into political issues by people w/ vested interests and that’s a tragedy.

  78. American Citizen says:

    The only reason man should kill an animal is for food or if the animal poses a danger such as rabies.

    Global warming is not the same thing as pollution of our rivers and lakes. I agree people need to be educated about that.

  79. Rod James says:

    I don’t know if there is Man Made Global Warming or it’s Natural Fluctuations in Nature but I have a concern about all the bickering and no action. I am reminded of the Atlantic region in the not too distant past and the collapse of the fisheries in that region. Experts and scientists on both sides argued about the diminishing catches for years weather it was Natural Fluctuations or Over Fishing. Then all of a sudden no more cod. The end of employment for many in the industry, moving from your home to find work,financial burdens on families and government and suicide. I hope we don’t get some kind of rude awakening on this (other than Copenhagen Carbon Taxes)

    • DaveH says:

      Rod, I thank goodness for all the “bickering and no action”. If not for that, we would be even closer to tyranny in this country. That is why individual freedom is so important. One size does not fit all. And it never will. Under Limited Government, people would decide their own courses in life, and there would be a lot less turmoil in society.

      • Rod James says:

        DaveH, It doesn’t look like your Limited Government will happen soon.
        Doesn’t every now have the freedom to live their own life and decide their own course in life? Thank goodness for the freedom to bicker but don’t you think something has to be done by humanity to clean up this mud ball we live on and prevent more and worse pollution from damaging our environment?

        • denniso says:

          DaveH wants a gov’t so small that it has no power to do anything except fund the police and military. He thinks that corporations left to their ‘free market’ system will be good and moral citizens and not harm anyone w/ toxins,poisons or deadly products. DaveH believes in ‘pie in the sky’.

          • DaveH says:

            Don’t even pretend to speak for me Donkey. You haven’t got the slightest clue what freedom entails.
            Someone so naive that he doesn’t realize evil has no boundaries shouldn’t be ridiculing others.

          • denniso says:

            DaveH…rather than get huffy,why not tell us how large a gov’t you want and what,specifically,you think gov’t should do?

          • DaveH says:

            Us? Like you represent anything other than a small percentage of zealots who think ridicule and unfounded statements are a sign of intelligence? For people who have open minds and want to really learn (not you Denniso) here is an example of free enterprise at work:

          • American Citizen says:

            The Federal Government is taking over states’ rights, just as the czars are now taking over the powers of Congress. I’m tired of the Feds telling us what’s good for us.

          • denniso says:

            Did you complain about the feds under Bush or Reagan??Just wondering. You think the feds have all of a sudden gained more power over your life in just 10 months?? Are you enslaved already?

    • American Citizen says:

      Cod must be flourishing somewhere as there is an awful lot of it in the stores and on restaurant menus.

      • Rod James says:

        Thirty years of a fishing ban can bring a species back but not the lost livleyhoods,money and lives of the people originally affected.

  80. Nick says:

    Exactly no one is denting climate change. As Sally said The question is it man made. I am sure there is no doubt everyone realizes that burnign of all the fuels and waste are doing harm. Its just how fast do you think we can destory the earth 130 plus years i dont think so.

  81. Billy Ray says:

    I don’t know what is causing climate change. I was a boy during the Dust Bowl. That wasn’t from carbon emissions.

    Sometimes the climate simply does change.

    Science is not exact, but you don’t see Emails from Darwinists saying that the Intellignt Design people should be shut-up and cut out of the loop. They don’t do that because their arguments are overwhelming.

    I don’t thing the global warming is the least bit overwhelming, at least not yet. But politicans know it is good to be Green.

  82. Oh! So, the melting of the poles is an ilusion….

    • DaveH says:

      Yes, the ice at the poles melt, in the summer. Duh. For every glacier that is receeding there are others that are growing. The dreaded warming has mainly been occuring in the Northern Hemisphere. I guess the “greenhouse gases” don’t diffuse to the Southern Hemisphere.

      • denniso says:

        DaveH…that’s some exquisite scientific treatise you’ve labored over.Though you accidentally hit on something right…the northern and southern atmosphere don’t mix quickly and most of the greenhouse gas emissions do happen to be in the northern hemisphere. Time is one of the functions in the complex relationship of climate science…pretty magical, this science stuff, isn’t it DaveH??

        • DaveH says:

          Oh yeah, a Donkey wants to make an intelligent debate. Ok, Donkey, tell me what keeps molecules from diffusing freely throughout the Northern and Southern atmospheres?
          And you don’t know anything about science. You would have fit in quite well in the Dark Ages where flapping lips passed as knowledge. I rarely see you make any statements that come even close to factual. Mostly your comments are like those an adolescent might make to get attention.

  83. G.W says:

    Just one question, is climate involved in the creation of a single world goverment?

    • DaveH says:

      That is the main goal.

    • denniso says:

      DaveH and others are just paranoid…there never has been and never will be any ‘one world gov’t’. You people hate the U.N. You have accused it in yrs past of being the beginning of ‘one world gov’t’. Then you turn around and say that the U.N. is worthless and impotent. SO, how in hell could any one world gov’t ever actually control the world? This is such an absurdity and so ridiculous that it’s laughable. The idea is put out there as a scare tatic to benefit a political view. Ignore it and think for yourself!

      • Rod James says:

        Denniso, One world gov was preposed by bankers (Rockefller started the UN by the way). Bankers already control the world money supply and with that they have more power than you think (don’t you?).You are the one that is ridiculously absurd and laughable!
        OK now you can call call me some bad names like you do to others who don’t hold your point of view!!

        • denniso says:

          Calling someone paranoid is not calling them names. It is a real psychological condition. I said the idea that there will be a one world gov’t is laughable and ridiculous..that is not calling people names. That is calling a position or thought ridiculous. That is fair game,especially when people are spouting pure nonsense. Bankers have controlled many aspects of life for’s not new and has absolutely NOTHING to do w/ Obama or liberals. Most bankers are in fact, repubs.

      • DaveH says:

        What are “ridiculous and laughable” are your ignorant pronouncements, The Federal Government is also mostly ineffective (in accomplishing the things they promise) yet they drain our financial resources and control the lives of the people who aren’t scofflaws. The criminals don’t care about laws, that’s why they’re called Criminals. Only the good people get saddled with the laws which are supposedly bettering society.
        So ineffectiveness does not mean we should turn a blind eye to the growth of the United Nations. We would be ignorant to do so. We would be like Denniso.

        • American Citizen says:

          As Glenn said last evening, Congress is now passe as the czars are making the laws and rules. He talked last evening as to how the water czar wants to control all water, not just navigable waters. As he said, the only thing they won’t regulate is your bird bath.

  84. LARRY S. says:

    I have questions, one, what is the ideal temperature for the planet?
    Two, what are the benefits of global warming?
    Three, what are the benefits of having an ice age set in on us?
    Four, how is it that the USA had the coolest summer in over a 100 years while the rest of the planet is warming?
    Five, I go sailing in the Caribbean and the place where we dock has not
    had a rise in sea level, yet, some places claim they have already experienced rising sea levels?
    Six, if a liberal is in favor of killing babies, why is he not in favor of committing suicide as a good patriot of the planet?
    I have more, but let’s see if I get some answers to these.

    • DaveH says:

      I’m sure you know this, but Global Cooling would be much more catasthropic than Global Warming. In fact, the radicals started out with Global Cooling Alarmism in the 60s and 70s, but nature would not cooperate, so they had to switch to the Global Warming Mantra.
      The dangers of Warming are just a means to their true goal of power and control.

    • jim says:

      Hi Larry, I have question 7. How do these carbon offsets that Al Gore wants to sell us work? I bought 5 million calory offsets and I’m still fat.

    • American Citizen says:

      You know you’ll never get an answer from Dems or Liberals as the answers don’t fit with their agenda.

  85. American Soldier says:

    we will all see soon enough. the NWO is using climate concers to implement a glowbal ONE CHILD policy. and a global government for enforcement of that and NEW TAXES on EVERYTHING that produce CO2…which plants resperate by the way. see you on the train to the FEMA camps.. Dummies

  86. American Soldier says:

    BAA BAA BAA shepeople.

  87. Stan B says:

    If you believe that Al GORE did not deserve the ‘NOBEL PEACE Prize’ then look up IRENA SENDLER and read her story.

    The CFR will not allow Al Gore to humiliate himself by accepting the challenge from Lord Christopher Monckton to debate The Global Warming theory on national television.

    Pull up the videos of the ‘1998 Bush Rally’ at the Du Ponte facility in Texas. Alex Jones was arrested for asking (the then) Govenor G.W.Bush ” what do you have to say about the CFR and the FEDERAL RESERVE, they are the real problems the nation is facing!” Bush was
    speechless, turned to the side and nodded to security.
    Although Alex Jones sometimes comes across as a little coarse or boisterous, his questions were civil and without colorful metaphors. Once more I say…. the CFR controls Government. Do the research.

    My thanks go to Personal Liberty Digest for having the courage to allow these articles to remain posted. I have encountered several ‘comments’ deletions from other Internet entities for addressing similar issues.

  88. Thomas Anthony says:

    Jacques Yves Cousteau researched Ocean Warming years ago. He claimed that if the ocean WITHHELD only one degree of heat from the sun each day, then in thirty days our oceans would be 30 degrees warmer. But then it would accelerate due to the dying off of the plankton, which would form a scum on the surface. This scum acting like an insulating blanket, would help hold even more heat, which would cause a further plankton death, and so on. In less than 6 months our oceans would be over the boiling point of 212 degrees. BUT GUESS WHAT? It hasn’t happened. Because of cool evenings and ocean breezes give off every degree of heat each and every day… in accordance with the latitude and seasonal changes. So I highly reccommend that every idiot who reads these words, pop your head out of your butt, and smell the coffee.

  89. W. H. Martin says:

    First, it would be nice if all those in this conversation could start acting like adults and stop the name-calling of anyone who disagrees with you. (If we were all sitting around a table, especially if we were all armed, would we find it easier to be civil?)
    What do we know about the causes of climate? As pointed out by the retired earth scientist, there are a number of influences; they are exceedingly complex and there are numerous feedback loops impossible to calculate. There are orbital influences (angle of tilt, wobble that produces precession of the equinoxes, and shape of the orbit) coupled with the solar cycles, all of which can be calculated (Milankovitch cycles). The wildcard is the atmosphere. Nobody really knows what the result of increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other gases from either burning of fossil fuels or from volcanoes will be. The great majority of climate scientists believe that changing the composition of the atmosphere will affect the climate. A small percentage of climate scientists disagree. Of those who believe in man-influenced or volcano-influenced atmospheric changes, the majority believe that these gases will hold in heat and cause global warming. This is the well-known “greenhouse effect”. A minority believe that an increase in these gases will cause a global cooling by a process known as “dimming” in which the gases prevent sunlight from reaching earth’s surface.
    The idea that there is a conspiracy among climate scientists is just silly and paranoid. A climate scientist would have just as much incentive, and probably more, if he could prove that the burning of fossil fuels will not influence climate. Coal companies would be falling over each other to hire him.
    The earth has been going through climate change since its beginning. Climate reconstructions based on ice cores suggest that the earth has enjoyed unusually mild and stable conditions the past 10,000 years or so, compared to the balance of the 800 thousand years represented by these ice cores. Civilization arose during the past 10 thousand years and population increased from maybe a million or so, to 3 thousand times that amount. The climate will change. Any change in the climate is going to be disaster for a lot of people and probably a boon for a few. Is there anything that humans could do to prevent or stall climate change? We will probably never find that out. The bickering and name-calling we see here suggests there will never be enough agreement to even attempt any change. Nobody and no nation wants to give up anything. Who will volunteer first to shiver in the dark?

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