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July 2, 2010

 Subject:  Jack’s comments regarding Ki= ng County Washington Department  of Development and Environm= ental “Service” (DDES)



My unsolicited comments follow regarding t= he state of property rights as it affects us locally.  I would like to reemphasize some property rights alerts mentioned at the meeting = and address comments brought up about property upkeep.  I have been in the property rights movement for near 6 years now.  You cannot believe the horror stories from rural property owners like us.  I have been to court several times supporting these innocent peop= le who get framed up by their neighbors. 


One contractor who stored his equipment on some 20 acres had all of his property seized by King County and was ta= ken to court and fined.  The county “lost” some of his expensi= ve tools and big equipment, i.e. they sold it before the case was resolved.  Another elderly 80ish, gentlemen a= nd long time residence in Cumberland was turned in and King County liened his property for some $40,000.  Our prope= rty rights group www.proprights.org&n= bsp;argued for a compromise, i.e. we offered to clean up his yard and pay half the fine.  You can see how ridiculous these environmental issues have beco= me.  Another rural property owner out of Gig Harbor spent 4 years of his l= ife defending himself in the local Tacoma District and Superior courts and State Supreme Court to NO avail. He could not afford an attorney.  He lost his job, served 90 days in= the Tacoma jail and had his house liened, all becau= se his neighbor called the county for burning slash and digging a ditch.  They  ruined him for life.  He has a record now= for this nonsense, believe it or not.  His name is Paul H.  and his story is on my site.   You can find all these horri= fic stories at my web site www.freedomforallseasons.org  under freedom to own property without tyranny - embattled property own= er stories. 


A growing grassroots group of rural and so= me urban property owners are organizing to fight this green insanity with the = help of Pacific Legal Foundation, Mountain States Legal Foundation and Institute of Justice and the Evergreen Freedom Foundation.  =


 If anyone in our community is turned= in to the state or county, that person will spend the rest of their life and savings defending themselves  in a court system that is intentionally rigged to destroy you.  Each one of us can be easily fin= ed, jailed, liened and destroyed by the county, sta= te or fed.  Have no doubt about this.  This keeps the state and county ve= ry busy, of course.  This is what= the green extreme has done to us.  Their agenda is to take away all of your private and public property rights via the state de facto codes which are t= otally unconstitutional and go against the founding and fundamental laws of the la= nd.


They are thoroughly convinced they can man= age your property much better than you along with THEIR courts, THEIR legislatu= res and THEIR executive offices. This is totally and absolute legal fiction out= side of the authority and jurisdiction of a limited Constitutional Republic type= of government we have.


King County DDES has developed a public training program complete with online assistance where they go out and train neighborhoods like ours to rat on each other when some neighbor gets upset = at the other.  The county uses us= to monitor their illegitimate and criminal codes which can only be applied on commercial corporate artificial legal fiction bodies NOT on the natural born state Citizens, like ourselves.


 We must protect and help each other, not the county.  We are a little country road community not a vindictive gulag.  Even calling King County DDES will log and flag a potential problem to them.&nbs= p; My advice is never call the county for anything. 


If you have a problem with the road or a neighbor call a road meeting and let’s discuss it.  Th= ere are other ways of dealing with the county. The county and the state are always hungry to justify themselves.  They are predatory and roam our = area looking for anything to ticket including burying your animals on your land.  I am sorry to sound this alarm but someone has too.


This situation is much more serious t= han I can relate herein.  I send out periodic reports on these issues= to hundreds of property rights folks including Washington and King County government Matrix and recently added  Montana .  Our own apathy, ignorance, anger a= nd fear are the tools the fed, state, and county use to bring us down.  It works every time.  Our road issues are the perfect st= orm to seriously hurt anyone of us.


To better believe the unbelievable I relate this story to you.  For a few = years while I was at Boeing I had a Vietnamese Software Engineer working for me.<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>  He also worked a short time for the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles upgrading data base.  He told me that some 95%+ of the d= rivers on all the history of the DMV records showed a violation.  In other words the state, counties= and cities in Oregon had orchestrated so many driving codes that over 95% of the driving public had been pulled over and ticketed.


The state has become a criminal enterprise= out of increasing greed and power.  Most people do not even realize they have been targeted and by the time they do,= it is too late.  The state (all government) will spend years developing an environmental or tax taking case against a targeted group of people and then spring it on them.  The state has infinite resource an= d we have relatively none.  Even th= ose few property owners with deep pockets will spend their fortune and life time fighting this green extreme.


Stephanie and I are ultimately leaving this state and county, however this insanity is clearly a growing deadly cancer across our nation, including Montana.  It is 90% emotion and 10% facts and 100% big revenue for the mainstr= eam political parties, media, government and benefiting non government green groups.


Few people are equipped with the back ground, experience and history to comprehend the massi= ve national and global over reach of these takings.  They are beautifully staged to believe.  It has taken me near= ly 6 years to wrap my mind and belief system around the myths they portray to the gullible public.



Jack Venrick

Enumclaw Washington



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